9 homes with exhilarating views we’d love to live in!

DEC 29, 2020 | By Meghna Meduri
William McIntosh's glamorous spin on the 1940s with a staggering view; Photograph by Richard Powers
Pietro Corcione and The Great Living Estate's fusion of nature and design; Photograph by Alessandro Ciampi
Pietro Corcione and The Great Living Estate's fusion of nature and design; Photograph by Silvia Brambilla
Pietro Corcione and The Great Living Estate's fusion of nature and design; Photograph by Alessandro Ciampi
Puran Kumar's stylistic ideation of landscaping; Photograph by Amit Pasricha
Shonan Purie Trehan’s The Little Much Farm; Photograph by Jignesh Jhaveri
Dev & Kaushik Architects' tranquil abode looks out to the city; Photograph by Ricken Desai
GA Design's picturesque rendition of minimalistic housing; Photograph by Prashant Bhat
GA Design's picturesque rendition of minimalistic housing; Photograph by Prashant Bhat

Dream homes come in all shapes and sizes but we’re all suckers for those that make the most of their surroundings. Here are our picks of homes from around the world, which reveal spaces that maximise breathtaking views from within.

William McIntosh’s glamorous spin on the 1940s with a staggering view 
This 432 Park Avenue apartment designed by William McIntosh Design is fashioned as an abode that blends glamour with comfort without taking away from its unparalleled views of Manhattan’s skyline.

Photograph by Richard Powers

A key aspect in the home is that each room is fitted with panoramic windows to take in the enviable views of Central Park. The apartment features white walls, curved corners and a makeshift cloud for the ceiling. It breaks away from mundane trends and instead opts for pale colouration with a warm and luxe theme, inspired by New York City of the 1940s and 1950s.

BNK Group’s apartment by the bay

Photograph by Prashant Bhat

Located in Mumbai and developed by BNK Group, this abode is crafted as a symbol of the amalgamation of luxury and serenity. The lounging area with a view of the vibrant city serves as the ideal space to unwind in. The corner seating by the window exudes minimalism with its muted colour and material palette. It is equipped with a curated light from Serip immediately above the seating, creating a functional yet sculptural zone within.

Jason Wadhwani Design’s bachelor pad with panoramic overviews

Photograph by Suleiman Merchant

This bachelor pad conceptualised by Mumbai-based designer Jason Wadhwani offers unobstructed, 360-degree views of the maximum city. The abode infuses motifs from a typical luxury New York penthouse with pops of equestrian-themed art and works the themes of timeless, contemporary spaces with a bit of quirk. 

Photograph by Suleiman Merchant

Wadhwani’s minimal design allows unrestricted movement through distinct units of the home while retaining the panoramic view of the city from this 38th storey as the charm. The use of floor-to-ceiling windows and a neutral and monochromatic palette of colours and materials balance the visual themes perfectly. With a subdued and minimal approach of design, the stunning view stands out as the highlight. 

Pietro Corcione and The Great Living Estate’s fusion of nature and design

Photograph by Alessandro Ciampi

Making the most of the view of Lake Lugano, this Swiss abode is developed by Pietro Corcione in collaboration with The Great Living Estate. The magnificent panorama from the windows fills the house with a varying spectrum of light and colours, depending on the hour of the day and the season. The design places a strong emphasis on the creation of a relaxing and natural space, which functions as the fulcrum of the social life of the house. The idea of shaping volumes, drawing geometries and playing with rhythms of the natural light to illuminate the house is central to the theme.

Archidomo’s architectural cascade with environmental integration

Photograph by Studio Erick Saillet

For their home, Archidomo founders Carole and Fabrice Gibert embraced an exceptional environment of Lake Annecy. Widely glazed to give itself to the landscape, this French residence affirms the couple’s architectural predilections. The architecture is structured to escort the viewer, seamlessly, from one living space to another. 

Photograph by Studio Erick Saillet

With a panache for everything timeless and classic, this home makes functional and simple choices in both the architectural structure as well as in the decor for the interiors. This villa is testament to the couple’s mastery of interior design with its peaceful and airy ambience.

Puran Kumar’s stylistic ideation of landscaping

Photograph by Amit Pasricha

Inspired by nature trails, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s home-after-from-home is designed by Puran Kumar of Studio PKA. It allows seamless interaction between the indoors and outdoors without hampering individual privacy. Adorned with multiple vantage points that showcase the breathtaking views of the locale, it’s easy to forget where the house ends and the outdoors begins. The magnificent views of Lake Pavana synchronised with a masterful play on the natural and varying heights of the site adds to the crafty landscapes. 

Shonan Purie Trehan’s The Little Much Farm

Photograph by Jignesh Jhaveri

Designed by Shonan Purie Trehan and located in the Sahyadris, this property is curated to be the perfect weekend getaway. It is defined by its dramatic landscaping and lush hillscape. Conceptualised with the central themes of shelter in an extreme landscape, the house is designed to mimic modern aesthetics with a touch of whimsy. The enclosed areas are a composition of angles that are informed by the various draws of the site and also by the designer’s eccentricities.

Dev & Kaushik Architects’ tranquil abode looks out to the city

Photograph by Ricken Desai

Dev & Kaushik Architects have crafted this beautiful home in Hyderabad with a mindful approach to incorporate the cityscape into the design. It captures most of the eastern view making it a lovely place to spend mornings in. The sights are ideal for sore eyes since the view changes as the hours and seasons go by. This home encapsulates themes of relaxation and cosiness with a special focus on creating healthy and positive spaces. 

GA Design’s picturesque rendition of minimalistic housing

Photograph by Prashant Bhat

Channelling contemporary and minimal themes with a striking view of the Khandala valley is this home by GA Design. The language of the house built in a white-grey palette and the glass screens signal a virtually open and infinitely illuminated space. Each area—whether it’s the living room, cantilevered bedroom or the swimming pool outside—is designed to enjoy different vistas of the valley.