Vivek Kadecha paints a melodious symphony of colourful and natural elements in this Ahmedabad house

JUL 20, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Vibrant custom art by Bhoomi Vyas adorns the neutral walls all around the house; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
The west facing room basks in sunlight throughout the day and lights up in warm accent lights at night; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
In the reading space, custom made seating and a small study table with integrated storage near the study table has been thoughtfully provided. This space has been made in a way where the clients can work and read, while still being visually connected with their kids in the kid’s room; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Vivek tactfully incorporated the couple’s request for a low dining table where they would sit on the floor with their kids. The other end of the table, with chairs for the grandparents, enables the family to dine together; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Classic black and white Stockholm rug from Ikea and teak wood furniture served as the base of the colour and material palette of the room. The west facing room basks in sunlight throughout the day and lights up in warm accent lights at night; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Kadecha admits that this was one of the most challenging spaces to design. Making structural changes and adding careful design details transformed this living and dining space and eventually turned out to be everyone’s favourite space of the house; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Strategically placed lights transform this contemporary space into a perfect entertaining room by the night. The lamps in the living room by Fabindia Home and the pendant lamp in the dining room by Oorjaa Design add polished details to the space. The warm lights also complement the vibrant colour details in the living room; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
A close bond between the family inspired the architects to keep the living and dining spaces open and free flowing; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Fabrics by Drape Shoppe compliment the palette of the room which is intentionally kept subtle. Vibrant red painting by Bhoomi Vyas adds a pop of colour to the room; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
The eclectic blue sofa, custom made by Studio Amdavad, is the highlight of the living room. Generous use of teak wood holds the diverse material and colour palette together; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
West facing windows facilitate stunning sunset views from the main bedroom. Custom made chair by Studio Amdavad adds elements of fun to the design. Warm sunlight paints this room in hues of oranges and yellows; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Structural changes make way for a glass and teak wood partition between the parents’ and kids room, a design detail specifically catering to the family’s needs. Tear Drop planters from Studio Palasa break the vibrant colour palette and add warmth to the space; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Having an open storage for the toys and books creates an inviting room for the couple’s young kids. The bright colours on the storage transform it into the statement piece of the room; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla
Pinewood bunk bed, dressed in beddings by Fabindia Home, has been designed keeping in mind the energetic toddlers and encourages them to play and sleep in this room. The walls are painted in bright, cheerful hues by Bhoomi Vyas; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla

Nestled in one of the upmarket neighbourhoods of new Ahmedabad—The Sky City Floris, a 2,700 sq ft four storeyed house, is constructed primarily on the client’s belief of a home. Vivek Kadecha, principal Designer and founder of Vivek Kadecha Interiors, Lifestyle & Design, built the foundation of this home entirely based on his extensive conversations with the client. 

Spanning across four floors, the house caters to a couple, their parents and two young kids. Styled by Chintan Dhaduk, the house establishes a beautiful connection through tranquil and transparent spaces. It constitutes a basement and a ground floor that hosts common areas like living and dining along with the parent’s room. The primary bedroom, kids room and a reading space are on the first floor while a guest room and terrace constitute the third floor. 

Keeping the colour palette simple yet bold, the white walls act as a blank canvas for colours used in furniture pieces, artworks, tabletops, and metal structure in common areas. “My design philosophy is simple—a design that reflects my clients, their personalities and lifestyle. I think that is what matters over everything else, be it signature style, trends, materialism and so on,” shares Kadecha.

As natural light penetrates the living room, it offers a splendid view of the garden. Tailor made furniture by Studio Amdavad encompassing the sofa, chair and centre table connect the interiors beautifully. Chair and sofa fabric by Drape Shoppe along with cushions and table lamp from Fabindia Home add a regal touch; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla

Inspired by the painting style of Le Corbusier, a combination of primary colours have been used in the living room. A Blue sofa and painting by Bhoomi Vyas in bold colours strikes a compelling narrative. To balance some of it, a classic old school Stockholm rug, reclaimed old Burma teak wood and florals on the fabric of custom made chairs have been used. Black Indian marble with leather finish on furniture pieces and magenta painted metal sections—used to break the entire material palette of the space, adds a vibrant charm.

Planters by Studio Palasa and the pendant lamp on the dining table by Oorjaa Design help create a serene living area; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla

However, the most remarkable feature of this space is the pop-up balcony, made specially for the kids. Connected through the adjacent staircase, this small protruding element is like a cub’s den where the kids love to peep out and play. 

Pendant lamp on the dining table by Oorjaa Design, paintings on the wall by Bhoomi Vyas, planters by Studio Palasa, custom made furniture pieces by Studio Amdavad tie the space together in an unusual yet modern design language; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla

Another striking element of this abode is the dining space with a raised platform. “There were a lot of intangible and basic discussions with the clients where they told me how they wanted a low height dining space in their new home—a space where they along with the kids can enjoy their meals traditionally while sitting on the floor. Considering easy access of the grandparents, we customised the dining space where the parents can sit on chairs while the rest of them can dine together, sitting on a raised platform,” reveals Kadecha. 

Offering a resplendent view from the entrance, a raised dining space in classic reclaimed teak wood greets the visitors. Planters by Studio Palasa, pendant light by Oorjaa Design, floor cushion fabric from Drape Shoppe add pizzazz; Photographs by Dhrupad Shukla

Barrier free, the dining space is built on black Indian marble in leather finish which is complemented by two indoor plants in the corner and a huge light fixture. Beautiful frames between plants painted by Bhoomi add a regal touch to the area. 

Moving up, a library unit doubles up as reading as well as a workspace for the couple. It is supplemented with custom made seating for reading with integrated storage near the study table. This space has been made in a way where the couple can work and read, yet stay connected visually with the kids in their room. For the same reason, the primary bedroom sits right across the kid’s room. Due to its westward location, the primary bedroom gets ample evening sunlight, painting the walls of the room with spectacular colours. A platform bed facing right towards the french window also offers an amazing view of the sunset.

Modern, eclectic and striving to make its own mark, this family home is free and functional. With barrier-free, connecting spaces, it breaks away from the mundane while facilitating the needs of every individual that inhabits it.

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