Witness the confluence of art and home decor in a penthouse extension designed by Sandesh Prabhu

JUL 12, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Sandesh Prabhu meticulously crafts this bedroom for an animal lover, celebrating its authentic beauty to create a cosy, beautiful space; Photographs by Prachi Damle
A quaint work from home space adjacent to the open terrace offers a splendid view. The work desk is procured from Ellementry while the grey seater was crafted on site; Photographs by Prachi Damle
Soothing tones of spring are evident in this living area especially through the hand painted art wall. Tables from Good Earth, brass lamp from Fabindia, cottons and satin fabrics from C. Chunnilal weaves the space together in perfect harmony; Photographs by Prachi Damle
The kitchen is specially designed for the daughter who is a baking aficionado and is equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia; Photographs by Prachi Damle
The terrace features an art infused wall backdrop featuring antique plates from the client’s old collection. Outdoor round table from Abacca adds a bit of playfulness to the surroundings; Photographs by Prachi Damle
This table from Good Earth strikes the perfect balance between grace and function; Photographs by Prachi Damle
The daughter’s bedroom is the perfect mix of old and new, homespun and contemporary, creating an exciting and eclectic interior; Photographs by Prachi Damle
Unpretentious and effortlessly sophisticated, the kitchen is a fusion of elements that has produced a surprisingly cohesive result; Photographs by Prachi Damle

Art quietly shuffles in to make its own space within Tropical Teals through exquisite flora and fauna imprinted on its walls and passageways. Designed by Sandesh Prabhu—principal designer of Sandesh Prabhu Design Studio, the 1,000 sq ft area is an extension to an existing penthouse. Based in Bandra, Mumbai, the space was overhauled with structural changes to create spaces for their teenage daughters’ personalities and hobbies. One who is a lover of animals and the other, is a passionate baker. The extension also encompasses an entertainment room and an attached terrace for their father. 

Each space in this residence has its own stylistic glory which is accentuated by tailor made furniture; Photographs by Prachi Damle

Engulfed in soft, pastel tones with a few accent colours, the extension opens up to a lot of natural light and greenery. A passage from the entrance of the existing penthouse leads us into the newly crafted extension.  Treated with wall art, it leads to the recreation pad that entails a study cum work desk and terrace. The same space also hosts the daughter’s bedroom washed in shades of teal. 

There is a sense of innate whimsy and joyfulness that welcomes you into the daughter’s bedroom; Photographs by Prachi Damle

What’s remarkable about this house is its visual connection with the open terrace owing to MS glass folding doors. With a wall decked in art, the seating overlooks lush greenery allowing its inhabitants to comfortably enjoy with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 

The bathroom is not defined by the large area it covers, but the intricate details it embodies. Tiles from C Tribhovandas, sanitary ware from Aquant and the mirror from IKEA add character to the space; Photographs by Prachi Damle

Sharing the challenges he faced, Sandesh reveals, “Conceiving the baking pantry was an uphill task although contrary to popular belief, designing the recreation area that opens out to the terrace was more fun for me.” Which to us comes as a surprise! With its flawless visuals, this house is an exemplary representation of aesthetics coupled with functionality. 

Scroll down to see more glimpses of this voguish space!

The open terrace has created a safe space for nature to bloom amidst the city chaos and concrete jungle; Photographs by Prachi Damle
The furniture in this home is custom-made and the accessories handpicked. Leading to the new extension of the house, the living area features stools from IKEA and a Fabindia rug; Photographs by Prachi Damle
The design idea for this home was to have neutral colour tones with soothing pastels to create an alluring and welcoming look; Photographs by Prachi Damle

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