Wood and brass are a revelation in this ingenious Vadodara villa crafted by a+t associates

MAY 23, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
The sofa from Be Komfort, rocking chair from Tectona Grandis and the rug from Jaipur Rugs craft a subtle grey palette in the family living room; Photographs by Umang Shah
The home theatre backdrop carved with six arches contains hand embroidered designs by the architects; Photographs by Umang Shah
The son’s room flaunts a bold colour palette through the blue fabrics and upholstery in contrast to the wooden furniture; Photographs by Umang Shah
Skillfully decorative water feature element with a stunning brass mural creatively hides the servants’ quarters in the garden area; Photographs by Umang Shah

Any thoughtfully designed home resonates with both the aspirations of the habitat and the intriguing personalities of its inhabitants. Architects and founders Archis Patel and Tanvi Rajpurohit of a+t associates adapt the same hypothesis for Nilamber Villa, a palatial abode in Vadodara.

After countless client suggestions for diverse material and colour palettes reflective of their inclinations, the interior vision of the home was bustling with character. When the need for a unifying element arose, brass, the unassuming interior material and the client’s personal favourite stepped up as a binding factor in this home.

Built on a 5,000 sq ft plot, the modern villa is ground + two floors with approximately 2,500 sq ft of garden area. The garden flaunts a waterbody with a geometric patterned feature wall amidst other ornamentation. It also houses the servants’ quarters.

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All passages innovatively incorporate brass and woodwork; Photographs by Umang Shah

The entrance foyer opens up to the formal living room, followed by a passage area with a lift and staircase. The passage connects the covered outdoor courtyard space on the left and the family living room, dining area and kitchen. A motif pattern adorns this passage on all four sides.

The outdoor covered courtyard anchors an artistic jhula with a wooden body and brass attachments against a vertical garden; Photographs by Umang Shah

A wooden console unit crafted with elaborate flora and fauna hand carvings reinforces the artistic inclination of the home. A bespoke wall art piece, augmented with four to five different layers of brass, rests against the backdrop of wooden patti panelling in the passage.

An 11’-6” long brass chandelier coupled with a solid brass wall art piece inspired by a bejewelled tribal lady designed in-house dazzles in the passage; Photographs by Umang Shah

Every space flows with character and contemporary elegance, designating the overall theme for the house. For example, the formal living room exhibits a tranquil and minimal colour and material palette.

The formal living room houses sofas and a centre table from Tectona Grandis, carpet from Jaipur Rugs and sofa fabric and cushions from The Pure Concept; Photographs by Umang Shah


A + t associates creatively integrate brass through custom chic corner hanging light conceptualised in-house; Photographs by Umang Shah

On the contrary, the family living room exudes a warm and cosy vibe.

Sofa from Be Komfort and sofa cushions from Sarita Handa complement the wood and marble table with brass legs designed in-house by a + t associates; Photographs by Umang Shah

The dining table with Armani Italian Marble tabletop is custom-made on site. Its base is of solid wood pillars inspired by traditional heritage columns. “According to us, every piece should have a story to tell. Everything should be detailed carefully, keeping practicality in mind”, explains Tanvi.

The kitchen, separated by solid wood and brass partition, is a modular composition from Nolte kitchens; Photographs by Umang Shah


The green chair seats correspond to the wooden console with brass legs behind the dining table; Photographs by Umang Shah

The ground floor also includes a primary bedroom with an attached bath and an outdoor kitchen space accessible from the kitchen and the garden.

“Luxury is when it seems flawless; when you strike the right balance between all the elements”, observes Archis. The primary bedroom reflects this theory with its veneer and brass inlay work clad bed back wall. Miniature art additions by a local artist further enrich the indulgent wall work.

Bedding from Sarita Handa adds a rich textured contrast to the ingenious veneer and brass bed back wall; Photographs by Umang Shah

The first floor accommodates three spacious bedrooms, with attached dressing and bath areas, inhabited by their children. Two of the bedrooms have private attached balconies. It also includes the pooja room adjacent to the centrally located staircase block.

White marble-clad pooja room exudes a divine aura on the first floor; Photographs by Umang Shah

All three rooms display distinct decor ideas complementing the vibrant personalities of the client. The younger daughter’s room, for example, is earthy and raw. The fluorescent bed emanates a fresh vibe. “We love this room the most!” exclaims the duo.

Cotton multi quilted bedspread and cushions from Sarita Handa elevate the colour canvas of the room; Photographs by Umang Shah


Calculated inclusions of brass fittings in the overall patterns and furniture intensify the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom; Photographs by Umang Shah


The quirky mirror and bathroom cabinets reproduce the fluorescent blue colour palette of the younger daughter’s room; Photographs by Umang Shah

The elder daughter’s room, on the other hand, is mature with a classic colour palette. The enormous graphic behind the bed is painted on-site by another local artist. The son’s room showcases a bold blue colour and material palette with rustic finish neolith tiles.

Embroidered rug from Jaipur Rugs supplements the incredible graphic painted on-site by a local artist; Photographs by Umang Shah


Strategic brass ornamentation establishes a bold and rich look for the elder daughter’s bathroom; Photographs by Umang Shah

The second floor includes a lavish home theatre with a terrace garden area, pantry and attached powder toilet.

The vast terrace on the second floor with wooden furniture and artificial turf enjoys a serene garden view; Photographs by Umang Shah

The architects recall the home theatre design as the most stimulating idea for the villa. “The six arched panels behind the home theatre seating was a challenge to implement right from the conceptualization to the execution”, they recollect.

What started as small sketches expanded to large scale prints and eventually hand-embroidered designs on fabric to create the final captivating backdrop. The green loungers strike the perfect chic balance with the decorative arches.

To not break the overall drama, the powder room follows the same dark theme of the theatre; Photographs by Umang Shah

a+t associates have consciously reused leftover materials like fabrics, stones, and wood in the form of furniture pieces, cushions etc. Nilamber Villa manifests the desired elegance of a home while holding on to the individuality of its inhabitants, all through one unified material palette.

The bathroom sanitary fittings and lighting add a finishing touch to the brass theme of the home; Photographs by Umang Shah

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