This three-storey mansion in Gujarat designed by a+t associates revels in colours and patterns

OCT 25, 2021 | By Ankita Rathod
Bright and fresh tones in the form of white oak wood veneer, lots of greys on walls, pop colours in furniture and furnishings come together cohesively; Photographs by Tejas Shah
A fully fabric upholstered bed with an oak veneer bed back and a longitudinal glass opening from which an architectural façade jali can be seen in the primary bedroom; Photographs by Tejas Shah
Succinctly showing the prudent use of space, this elegantly designed walk-in closet inside the son’s bedroom is sourced from Artcheer wardrobe China; Photographs by Tejas Shah
Most walls in the living room have glass openings barring the television wall. All technical lights throughout the home are from Hybec and the furniture is readily procured; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Breaking away from their customary neutral palette, Archis Patel and Tanvi Rajpurohit from a+t associates astonishingly play with colours and patterns at this three-storey mansion in Anand, Gujarat. 

Home to a family of five, the Keshavam bungalow is spread across 5,000 sq ft in a plush community. Comprising five bedrooms, the initial discussions with the clients, “were to have a simple, elegant and timeless conventional house,” says Tanvi Rajpurohit, co-founder and principal at a+t associates. “We have used bright and fresh tones in the form of white oakwood veneer and contrasted grey walls with pop coloured furniture and furnishings,” she says.

The house opens into a small but well-defined foyer area, styled with earthy elements. Highlighted by a bespoke wall art piece portraying twilight moon along with an oak veneer console and a metal partition, making it an inviting, yet connecting entrance.

The well-defined foyer area, styled with earthy elements; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Highlighted by a bespoke wall art piece portraying twilight moon along with an oak veneer console and open style metal partition, makes it an inviting yet connecting entrance; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Displaying a minimal design language, most parts of the living room walls embrace glass openings except the television wall. All the furniture here is readily procured. Moving towards the staircase, one can experience a stunning art installation inspired by a readily procured chandelier set on a double heighted ceiling, detailed by hand-painted tribal graphics. 

Installation of a large glass facade to welcome natural lighting into this living room emerges as a good design technique to enable healthy well-being; Photographs by Tejas Shah


This spacious TV room certainly renders every reason to sit and enjoy movies and music; Photographs by Tejas Shah

The lower level has all public spaces, including the foyer, living room, kitchen, dining area, a garden area, prayer room, and the grandmother’s room and guest bedroom.  Following a uniform theme in all common areas, while individual rooms have a distinct character of their own.

The dining area is connected to the kitchen for easy accessibility. There is also a sliding aluminum profile and fluted glass partition for kitchen privacy; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Dining area is also connected to this small outdoor pocket, which entails a cozy seating space, evoking serenity; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Designed with subtlety, this worship area evokes peace; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Interestingly, instead of procuring artworks or poster prints, Rajpurohit commissioned local young artists to contribute in creating stunning visual designs to complete the space. “Using local energy for craft and art is a sustainable approach according to us,” shares Rajpurohit.

The craft of fine woodwork adorning the dark grey wall enhances the beauty of this bedroom; Photographs by Tejas Shah


The ornamented bed back grabs all the attention in this bedroom adorned by three art pieces on the wall behind; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Sublime elements and furnishings adds to the simplicity of this bathroom on the lower level; Photographs by Tejas Shah

“As designers we are dedicated to innovation and creativity and are continuously looking at ways of experimenting with materials and details in our designs,” believing that designs should possess “a basic seriousness and timelessness with an injection of freshness,” she says.

Save time and effort in this contemporary designed modular kitchen by Craft Kitchens from India; The kitchen countertop is from Kalinga stone by CMC Photographs by Tejas Shah


The blue kitchen cabinets effortlessly complements the grey floor tiles by Lioli Ceramica; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Situated on the first floor, the son’s bedroom exudes a moody, dramatic and bold character. The overall colour theme is emerald green with grey IPS textured walls with a dash of black in certain places to add a bold touch. This room has a walk-in closet and attached bathroom.

Overall colour theme is emerald green, with grey IPS texture walls, and a dash of black added in certain places for that bold touch; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Accessories like the planter in the corner and a basket comprising rolled newspapers, shows how a bedroom can be adorned minimalistically; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Shades of green and blue pillows, throw and the bedspread, illustrates the mastery of layering; Photographs by Tejas Shah


This round mirror illuminated with a Hybec light elevates the bold tones of the bathroom; Photographs by Tejas Shah

The primary bedroom is modern, contemporary and minimalist. Equipped with a fully fabric upholstered bed in an oak veneer bed back and a longitudinal glass opening. This room also has a walk-in closet with an attached dressing bathroom. 

A separate space, in the primary bedroom, constituting an Eastman International couch, a centre table and a few accessories offers a perfect corner to read and relax; Photographs by Tejas Shah


From the exceptional lighting to the embellished black texture of the bathroom, all complement each other to the T; All bathroom faucets and sanitary are from Grohe & Duravit; Photographs by Tejas Shah


The extraordinary patterns and textures, enhances the charm of this bathroom; Photograph by Tejas Shah


This intimate yet endearing nook in the walk-in closet appears as a cherry on top; Photographs by Tejas Shah

On the second floor, the daughter’s room with her private terrace sticks to the minimal design language with a feminine touch. “We have combined shades of peach and French blue with grey walls,” says Rajpurohit. The room is enhanced by a circular artwork that attempts to depict her grace and confidence.

Peach and French blue colour combined with grey walls makes this daughter’s bedroom look unique and gorgeous; Photographs by Tejas Shah


The chic bar counter, completing this outdoor space makes a perfect fit for lounging and hosting events; Photographs by Tejas Shah

The son and daughter’s bedroom were the spaces Rajpurohit and her team enjoyed designing the most. “We got to play with lots of colours, details and bespoke artworks. At the same time, it was challenging to create totally opposite theme bedrooms in one house,” concludes Rajpurohit.

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