This Hyderabad apartment gets an industrial-chic makeover courtesy Vinithra Amarnathan of Weespaces

MAY 1, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
A single slab, live-edged wooden desk offsets the concrete-finished wall in the urban industrial home office; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
A seamless view of the lounge, bar and open kitchen; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
The open kitchen with teal cabinetry and Spanish-styled tiles, uses an island counter with vintage barber stools and brass pendants; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
Suspended metal shelves house the homeowners' memorabilia, while the distressed teal cabinet divides the formal living room from the dining zone; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
The Beni Ourain-inspired ivory rug in the lounge is illuminated by a dramatic bamboo pendant; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
The home theatre uses slim wooden slats, velvet sleeper sectional, an ottoman, arc lamp and a 'Fight Club' inspired mural; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
An upholstered bed, a Jaipur Rug's floor covering, an oversized chandelier from The Purple Turtles, timber furniture and black fluted walls are seen in the primary bedroom; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
The guest room features teak veneer floors, glass and metal side tables and an upholstered bed; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J
This view of the guest room highlights the turquoise fabric armchair, an accent stool and a colourful patterned rug; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

A vintage, industrial-chic charm takes the aesthetics of this apartment a notch higher! Curated by Vinithra Amarnathan, founder of Weespaces, this home is infused with all things rustic—exposed bricks, textured concrete, metal frames and timber decor.

Contrasting accents are paired with spirited hues in this 3,200 sq ft home in Hyderabad. It belongs to a young couple Arun and Daniela, who met in Spain and moved to India bringing with them Spanish art and style.

“We gave the home an urban, industrial loft vibe using elements that embodied the homeowners’ love for colours and patterns. The challenging part was to design the apartment remotely, in view of the ongoing pandemic. But we’re so glad to have accomplished structural changes as well, like converting one of the bedrooms into a lounge,” shares Amarnathan.

The narrow entryway allows a view of several sections of the home; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

A long, lean entryway, draped in a chirpy rug gives visitors glimpses of the seamless living sections of the home. Starting with a metal console on the right, which is placed under an art wall.

Spanish art prints, a metal console and cherry rug are seen in the passageway; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

The first space that reveals itself is a former living area that’s transformed into an office, partitioned by openable metal and glass screens. It is infused with light and a material palette with the help of a fluted wooden ceiling, natural timber desk, concrete walls and metal shelves.

A cosy nook is created with a classic IKEA Billy shelving unit and a Spanish graffiti print in the home office; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

Beyond the home office is a formal living room, which is visually interspersed with the dining and kitchen areas, as one expansive space. Here, concrete-finished and exposed-brick walls are paired with soft Mediterranean tones.

The formal living room uses muted tones, soft shades and Spanish artworks; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

A bold, distressed turquoise cabinet acts as a sofa table as well as a storage credenza in the dining area, segregating them functionally. The dining ensemble comprises an edgy table with faux leather chairs. It is illuminated by pendant lights strung along a rustic wooden log, making a strong visual statement against the brick backdrop.

The mostly wooden dining area offsets an exposed brick backdrop; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

Adjacent to the dining is an open kitchen, which is wrapped in deep teal cabinetry and tiles in shades of blue and white, borrowed from the hues and patterns seen on Spanish tiles. A large open counter with vintage barber stools and antique brass pendants faces the brick-lined wall.

A teal sectional rests on an ivory Beni Ourain inspired rug in the lounge; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

Tucked within a demarcated yet integrated space is the cosy lounge, which is perfect for entertainment and casual conversations. It houses a teal velvet sectional, a vintage brass and wood media console, a dramatic bamboo pendant and an ivory rug.

An oversized corner chandelier from The Purple Turtles highlights the black-fluted backdrop in the primary bedroom; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

The primary bedroom digresses from the blue tones—instead, it resorts to a bold contrast of black fluted walls (along three quarters of the way) and painted white walls. A plush upholstered floor bed sits on a floor covering from Jaipur Rugs. An industrial touch is added by placing rustic wooden side tables, a media console that doubles up as vanity, and a distressed plaster wall with exposed bricks.

This cushy nook in the primary bedroom features a velvet seater and a distressed corner table from Chairs & Company; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

The master bathroom and walk-in closet follow similar palettes of natural wood, glass and metal. The wardrobe has fluted glass, metal shutters and open flexible storage. On the contrary, the bathroom boasts distressed teal tile with a tinge of copper and a recycled wood tile that highlights the back of the mirror wall. Poured concrete countertops and gold fixtures render an urban rustic essence.

The powder room features an eclectic botanical wallpaper; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

The apartment also consists of a guest bedroom in neutral tones, teak flooring and colour pops. Near it is a home theatre, which has walls lined in deep blue foam for acoustics and a concrete-finished ceiling. The entertainment zone also hones a feature mural, inspired by the the movie Fight Club, and a few customised furniture pieces.

View of the balcony that can be accessed from the living room; Photographs by Shamanth Patil J

“My favourite space is the home office and the entryway. Indeed, the apartment infuses a design aesthetic with arresting visuals and vignettes, and hinges on a balanced material palette. We’ve given it a character by weaving the homeowners’ travels and cultures—from Romanian folk art to Spanish street-style graffiti. And lastly, this industrial-styled apartment effortlessly blends Arun’s love for clean modern lines, glass and metal with Daniela’s love for colour, warm brick and eclectic accents,” concludes the Amarnathan.