Many moods of summer—This Gurugram apartment designed by The Concreate Story is reminiscent of French-style homes

MAY 12, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
Nilaya by Asian Paints wallpaper acts as an elegant backdrop for the ornate kitchen counter, handcrafted on-site by Karigiri Collections; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar
Hand stitched cushions, curtains, and frills along with customised powder blue suede sofas by in-house karigars of The Concreate Story adorn the living room; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar
Featuring state-of-the-art delicate console in black, pleated linen curtains and Tiffany bedside lamps, the main bedroom exudes a warm and cosy ambience; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar
The living room walls are intentionally grooved with horizontal panels, to mark the length of the space. The coffee table is upcycled from a Rajwada style mirror frame; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar

While designing the concept of a home, there are two lines of approach—one is the inspired ideologies of the inhabitants and the curated design response of the designer involved. Another is the distinctive quality of the space and its overwhelming impact on the beholder. Falling into the second category is ‘Many moods of Summer’, a splendid home designed by architects and co-founders, Nishtha Duggal and Rohan Gera of The Concreate Story

“I remember walking into the empty apartment and screaming, Wow! I am blinded by the light” exclaims Nishtha. The vibrant energy of the 2,200 sq ft posh apartment in Gurugram posed a design challenge only on-site handcrafted work and inspiration could overcome. 

The 11th-floor apartment is reminiscent of open and airy French-style homes fused with a palette of soft bloom colours and delicate linen fabrics. Dastakari, the intricate handcrafted and handwoven art synonymous with the studio, weaves details from vintage era inspired furniture with traditional Indian style elements.

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Concreate Story
Furnished in-house by The Concreate Story, the teak finished corner table adds a balanced contrast against the white-walled living room; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar

The colour palette of the entire home ranges from tones of french yellow and powder blue to shades of pink and mustard. To enable a seamless blend for the space, the wall panels are high gloss Polyurethane paint to reflect as much natural light as possible, matching the glossy floor finish.

Built in-house powder blue suede sofas by The Concreate Story animate the living room; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar
Hand stitched by the in-house karigars of The Concreate Story, the delicately designed curtains render a soft warm backdrop to the living room; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar

The entrance foyer opens up to a strikingly well-lit view of the living room. Majority of the furniture is handcrafted on-site to accurately accommodate the angles of the space. The hand-stitched curtains with embroidered details establish an elegant luxury setting. Vintage wicker backed chairs with comfortable suede seats complement the dining table decorated with mother of pearl textured paint.

Concreate Story
Handcrafted over 45 days, the exquisite kitchen counter by Karigiri Collections stands out against the impeccable white kitchen; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar
Conceived by Karigiri Collections, the kitchen counter aesthetically binds the living and dining areas; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar

The kitchen is the soul of the house, reflecting the client’s love for cooking and hosting. Structural changes were made by demolishing the wall between the kitchen and dining areas, resulting in a free-flowing space unifying the kitchen, dining and living room.

Concreate Story
Cushions and curtains from the Asian Paints linen fabric collection pack a springing fuchsia pop of pink in the guest bedroom; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar
The pink bed upholstery and the side table runners from the Asian Paints linen fabric collection render a soft hue to the guest bedroom; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar

The white-walled corridor with satin shade scones on the left leads to two guest bedrooms and the main bedroom. The guest bedroom radiates a warm, inviting ambience with the Asian Paints pink linen fabric collection. The room flaunts a 13 ft long window seater with storage. “The window seat often becomes the Sunday siesta spot for the client, quite the alliteration,” grins Rohan.

The corridor terminates into the main bedroom—another impressively bright space with an entire wall of windows and a balcony. The room radiates a raw and unusual earthy summer palette of honey dust and bottle green with neatly pleated linen curtains running its length. “We opened a niche near the rocking chair, where the client spends most of his time reading and sipping his tea,” explains the duo.

The patterned floor in combination with the teak wood wardrobes manifest a boutique bathroom vibe; Photographs by Asmita Khodankar

Conscious use of light coloured walls and double-layered curtains with sheers significantly reduced the heat gains. Following the ‘reduce-recycle-reuse’ mantra, the studio repurposed all old wood furniture into wall panels, thresholds, pelmets, etc. Many moods of Summer by The Concreate Story accurately capture the essence of an inspiring, opulent design executed through a conscious, indigenous approach.

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