Ravi Vazirani curates designer Arpita Mehta’s Mumbai store with contemporary minimalism and elegance

MAR 27, 2021 | By Urvika Barua
Arpita Mehta's store is minimally designed by Ravi Vazirani to balance the vibrancy of her creations; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
Seen here is a cane seater set on the dusty pink terrazzo flooring; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
Vazirani blends luxury with minimalism to achieve the spatial design for this fashion boutique; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Arpita Mehta‘s first flagship boutique in Mumbai embodies the tranquillity of a cottage from a bygone era. Designed by Ravi Vazirani, the space is a series of recollections in pink dust, which utilises personalised, midcentury contemporary decor.

The terrazzo tile flooring is a slice of summer nostalgia from vacations in the Greek island of Mykonos with nani and IPS facade in dust pink.

This detailing helps creating cozy nooks using cane chairs, a soft velvet sofa, exquisite rugs and heirloom silverware—all of which mirror Mehta’s personal aesthetic.

Dust pink hue dominates the flagship store, right from its entrance; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

“I was looking for a space that felt special, something that had a charm to it, and this space is just that! With a massive facade and an entryway lined with trees, this is a slice of calm in the city I love. A stone’s throw from our workshop, the flagship store is a dream come true, and finally, a place to engage with our shoppers every day,” shares Mehta. 

Cane chairs, a plush velvet couch and exquisite rugs embody Arpita’s aesthetic; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

However, Vazirani says, “The design intent was to create an experience rather than just a mere retail space…to merge the boundaries between two design disciplines while allowing both brands to retain their identity and originality.” 

View of the dust pink changing area; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Subtlety in textures and a calming spatial design allows the focus to be on the colourful and intricately detailed merchandise.

Pieces from Ravi Vazirani’s Qit.a collection find pride of place here; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Several pieces from Vazirani’s Qit.a collection also feature here. The minimalist range features versatile handmade objects made of sand cast aluminium and celebrates the juxtaposition of traditional craft techniques and contemporary aesthetics. One of its best features is that the collection also features an artwork titled Flow, which repurposes waste created by Ravi Vazirani Design Studio in its practice. 

Framed botanicals add to the summer nostalgia mood; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

The easy balance between space and design makes this retail store a serene exploration of luxury.

View of the fluted desk and curtained-off changing area; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Vazirani’s effort towards building this equilibrium of minimalism with a sense of luxury is evident from the very first step through the immersive doors of Mehta’s boutique.

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Detail of a piece from Vazirani’s Qit.a collection; Photographs by Pankaj Anand


The colour and material palette continues to the washroom, where old-school switches are present; Photographs by Pankaj Anand