#NowPalette Bring home the fresh and vibrant hue of Heirloom Tomatoes that are ripe for harvest

MAR 5, 2021 | By Sonia Dutt and Saloni Rege
The hue of heirloom tomatoes is perfectly captured at The Elgin Hall, designed by Nivasa; Photograph courtesy Nivasa

#NowPalette: We love heirloom tomatoes! Seek inspiration from our shade of the season—products, textures, patterns and paints that banish the banal to make way for chic, chromatic interiors… Trend and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt

The inspiration

As the weather thaws, spring flourishes with blooming hope and new beginnings, surprising us with its bounty of vibrant solanums that are ripe for harvest. The open fields call out to our need to be outdoors, to spend a day under the sun and feel the cool breeze as we pluck these pommes d’amour for a truly refreshing meal. The sprightly red hue of the fruit indicates freshness and sweetness—exactly what we need this time of the year.

The accents

Bid dreary skies goodbye and welcome crisp sunny days with a comforting portion of spaghetti arrabbiata. A vibrant composition of scarlet elements, synonymous with the vibrancy of heritage tomatoes, weaves in perfectly with varied fabrics that exude an adoring charm and offer garden fresh delight.

The features
The charming Elgin Hall (see scroll above) in Dalhousie is a quaint retreat, designed by Nivasa, that combines the cool blue of the skies with a dramatic pop of red (borrowed from heirloom tomatoes). This sitting room makes the most of the brand’s collection titled The Art of Hand Tufting. Indeed, the diamond tufted Kingfisher Ottoman renders a soft and romantic look that ties in both, an old-world charm and luxurious minimalism. Websites:;