With a view of the verdant Aravalli hills, the sprawling Delhi home of Saba, Riti and Rohit Kapoor of Nivasa fame is an artsy and artisanal abode

DEC 20, 2019 | By Saba Kapoor
The living room sees an interplay of materials in the form of wooden furniture, brass detailing, cast iron chandeliers, linen curtains and silk carpets; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja
A cosy, linen upholstered two seater is set against a classic background of pristine walls, teak flooring and large bay windows that allow plenty of sunlight to stream in; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

Spread across 10,000 sq ft, our two-storeyed home stands poised, quietly tucked away in the dense greenery of the mountainous range. Sunlight pours in from all sides through vast windows scattered around the spacious layout, while sweeping views of the Aravallis envelope us in a serene embrace. We always knew we wanted the home to be a cosy sanctuary with a personality of its own—a space that helps us reconnect with nature.

The overarching theme here is sustainability, where indigenous materials and local craftsmanship have been celebrated throughout the house. As you step inside, a double-height foyer welcomes you.

A larger than life mirror flanks one wall, capturing the reflection of the staircase that leads to the top floor that houses four bedrooms. In the living area, wooden bay windows, a brass double door and vignettes from our travels lend a charm of their own.

Linen curtains and a wooden wall covered in motifs frame the passage that leads to brass doors of the living room. A silk carpet accentuates the passage with a Bottochino Italian marble flooring; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

Natural wood and earthy materials have been used throughout, from flooring and furniture to the intricate details seen in the decor, yet each section sees a variation in tiling and placement of furniture.

A vintage chandelier and an oil painting decorate the living room. Cane and wood armchairs and a silk carpet lend warmth to the space; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

The piece de resistance is the double-height terrace around which the house is built. It is the heart of our home. We start our mornings here, with a warm cup of coffee, taking in the gorgeous vistas. This space also doubles up as the dining area.

The alfresco dining area on the first floor features concrete tiles and upholstered chairs around a custom teak dining table, whose height can be adjusted to transform it into a coffee table; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

To give it a warm and cosy feel, we added a vertical volume with wooden panelling that runs all the way to the ceiling. When opened up, each section of the house flows seamlessly into the other—the living area, lounge, terrace and lobby combine together to form one large entertainment zone.

The bedroom on the top level is decorated using a grey and white palette, custom metallic chandelier and a teak bed with a hand tufted headrest and cotton upholstery; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

As a family, we are known for our love of hosting friends and family—whether it’s for having intimate soirees or large, boisterous get-togethers—so, the main area is designed to make guests feel at home, albeit in style. The lounge was envisioned to transform into a bar when we’re hosting or serve as a family room for us to unwind after a long day at work. We use sliding doors that can be opened when entertaining or closed for privacy.

The dressing room is complete with a custom mirror, vanity and HDF wardrobes, with Bottochino Italian marble flooring; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

On the first floor, every single bedroom is designed to suit the preference of the person occupying it and to open up to the terrace. Refreshing hues of blues and greens bring in a pop of colour to the pristine white private quarters.

A light pastel palette continues in the second-floor bedroom. Custom made furniture that uses teakwood and cane are paired with embroidered cotton upholstery and placed on a teak flooring. Above is a Rose Garden metal chandelier; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja

Overall, our home is a pleasing medley of dramatic accents, vintage elements, artisanal pieces and theatrical lighting, making it all seem like they have come together organically over the years. It is an apt representation of our family, our values, and our love for honest materials and artisanal craftsmanship.

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The seating area, with furniture in pastel hues, offers sweeping views of the greenery outside; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


Teak features heavily in the dining area as seen on the panelled walls, making it the perfect background for the setting; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


Sculptures and frames cover a table, which sits on a woollen carpet and Bottochino Italian marble flooring in the second floor passage; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


Close up of a ceramic and brass sculpture on a teak table in the living area; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


This teak cabinet for crockery and Kota stone flooring define the kitchen; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


Close up of ceramic doll sculptures in the living room; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja


The bar and lounge features brass fixtures, leather bar stools and a stainless steel light installation; Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja