No colour is off limits for Sanjyt Syngh in his latest design studio in Sultanpur, New Delhi

JUN 15, 2022 | By Twinkle Tolani
Atop the Pause Play Stop by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects are 'This is not a self portrait' sculptures by Maison Dada, Red Dog sculpture by Jeff Koons and blue candle stand by Jaime Hayon for Bosa; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
Under the chandelier by Kriskadecor via Angel Lighting, is a marble dining table and question mark artwork by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects, white bowls by Rory Dobner; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
In his latest studio, Sanjyt Syngh unleashes his creative best and fuses it with this love for the colour black; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
Adding panache next to the bed and bed linen by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects is a sculpture of Karl Lagerfeld by Jimmie Martin; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
Between the wall hung shades mirror and green console, is the 'You are the King in my story' sculpture by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
Hovering over the Love Lovebench and Cascading Chairs by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects, is a chandelier from Italamp via Angel Lighting; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
In a corner, a yellow pendant light from Verner Panton Flowerpot via Angel Lighting and Paw Jar from Scarlet Splendour raise the quirky quotient of the space; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal

An annotation that defines Sanjyt Syngh and his design language is bold, but one that perfectly fits the atelier’s description is unafraid. Hinting at this very description, a typographic marble inlay on the floor at the entrance of its latest design studio in Sultanpur, New Delhi spelling ‘DREAM’ gives one insight into the Hakuna Matata mindset he has when interpreting spaces. 

Typical of projects conceived by the firm so far, the studio’s locale in the upcoming contemporary bazaar of interior stores does not hold it back from standing out. If anything, with the word DREAM, Sanjyt might be to notifying visitors that reality is just a clause here in the Sanjyt Syngh world, for this space is an interior design studio envisioned as a fashion-forward New York loft.

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Tulip Chairs by Knoll are the perfect addition to the all-black narrative of the studio; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
The pencil sculpture by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects is an ode to the designing spirit of the studio; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal

With Sanjyt’s background in fashion and years in New York, the theme is not without context and is a project close to the designer’s heart. Amplifying his affair with dark colours the loudest here, Sanjyt is on a mission to disprove the theory that dark tones shrink a room. To go a little more against the grain, colours rampantly used in fashion demarcate zones in the studio. 

Beyond the typographic marble inlay, a 12-foot Dalmata stone dining table that doubles as a conference table paired with Tulip Chairs from Knoll comes into sight. Over it, colourful lighting from Kriskadecor via Angel Lighting intrigue. Behind, a black wall panel with green stripes features a huge question mark, made in-house, hints at the problem-solving and perspective-forming theme of the space.

Chairs from Kartell, lamp from Jaime Hayon for Parachilna and Karl Lagerfeld sculpture from Jimmie Martin add a fun spin; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
Sanjyt Syngh
The entire theme of the studio is to design an experimental premise that looks little like a studio and more like an avant-garde New York loft; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal

Across the floor, multiple interior set-ups unfurl, but all remain connected by a black marble flooring that symbolises Sanjyt’s love for the colour. For instance, one space uses black, red and yellow as a combination. It might be the place to research, brainstorm and ideate, judging by the showcase of books and a large installation of a pencil basket.

Another setting has a bed whose white headboard has the shape of an oblique quadrilateral and has the background wall decked in black marble cladding. The founder’s love for all things quirky reflects in his selection of the sculpture on the end table next to the bed—it’s by Jimmie Martin, and shows Karl Lagerfeld, with wings, squatting on a skateboard!

The library unit, table and Lock and Key Chairs, all from Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects, deliver a wonderful and eccentric space; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
Sanjyt Syngh
The Goa bench from Le Berre Vevaud and wallpaper from Arte accessorise sculptures from Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal

Art is another crucial aspect of the studio and Sanjyt’s design ruminations. Reflected in his design of the popular Lock and Key chairs (which also make an appearance in the studio), art plays a pivotal role in his designs. Space after space, the designer exhausts colours and forms in his home ground. From Brutalist angles to organic curves to bold red, it’s near impossible for the human eyes to absorb everything the studio showcases in a single visit.

With his ‘My Thinking Faces’ busts peppered all around the studio, it is no doubt everyone inside, including Sanjyt, shall do some serious, creative thinking. Since the premise is more like a personal studio and not a typical office, Sanjyt’s philosophy of “This Is Not A Barber Shop” is widely prevalent throughout.

Sanjyt Syngh
The wall panelling and wall art, done by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects give an edgy aura; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal
The road signs wall art by Sanjyt Syngh : Spaces + Objects grabs eyeballs in the otherwise all-yellow setting; Photographs by Deepak Agarwal

His philosophy dictates that there exists no cookie cutter solution to design. Since each user is unique, each design should be unique; hence, the end-user must feel like royalty inside the design, and we are certain Sanjyt, by his definition, feels like the king of his brand-new, brooding and mind-bogglingly creative jungle!

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