NIVASA designs a duplex apartment at the confluence of modernity and elegance!

JUL 28, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
A spacious living-dining area engulfs the duplex, rendering it in pastel tones and NIVASA furniture; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
Seamlessly blending into one another, the lower level boasts an elegant open plan layout; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
The seating section uses a Pigeon sofa and Pelican centre table from NIVASA; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
A Phoenix dining table is paired with Kingfisher chairs and credenza as well as a classic Pelican bar unit; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
In the main bedroom, a Woodpecker bed with its bed-ends and side-tables is flanked against a patterned backdrop. A Dove occ chair rests in a corner for unwinding; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
A Dove bed, Dove TV unit, Dove round table and a customised bench by the brand spruce up the upper level bedroom; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
A Dove bed is set against a surreal textural play of wall textures and patterned bed backs; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
This minimal bedroom on the lower level renders warmth through its wooden elements. A Parakeet bed is complemented with a cushy, Dove chair and Parakeet console; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
Bedecking the luxurious vanity in the main bedroom is brand's own navy blue, Floater chair and beige Flamingo console; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

Celebrating modernity, elegance and timeless comfort, the duplex designed by Rohit Kapoor, Riti Kapoor and Saba Kapoor of NIVASA in Gurugram’s Golf Estate is rich in contemporary design aesthetic. Exhibiting a subdued colour palette, it is spruced up with accents of azure, opulent gold touches and optimum daylight.

Tastefully classy, inviting and functional, the 5,000 sq ft capacious abode is accompanied by a terrace extension of 3,000 sq ft. While formal and guest spaces occupy the lower level, the upper floor houses private quarters of the inhabitants. As afternoons turn into evenings, the many nooks within the duplex transform into moodier and cosier corners for unwinding.

“The homeowners desired a clean, hassle-free home that is at an intersection of both luxury and warmth. Owing to which, the residence has been crafted in a simple appeal wherein delicate detailing strikes in the form of mouldings, wallpapers and subtle texture paints. Additionally, marble and wooden floors unify the spaces and backdrops take a backseat to shine the spotlight on statement furniture pieces by us that align with the emotional and aspirational needs of the client,” shares Rohit Kapoor, founder and designer NIVASA.

The seating ensemble in the foreground uses the brand’s pastel blue, Pigeon sofa that’s paired with a Pelican centre table. Witnessed in the backdrop is a dining area and another seating section in the living room; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

An entrance foyer leads into a volumetric, double-height living room that seamlessly merges with the dining area to render an open plan layout. Featuring floor-to-ceiling, expansive windows, the space captures panoramic views of the city! The milky white walls of the living room are in stark contrast with the pastel toned furniture accents and textural centre tables.

A blush pink, curved Nightingale sofa is complemented by Nightingale side table and centre table as well as Flamingo metal chairs; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

A sophisticated decor accentuates the enormous space that’s smartly divided into purposeful zones. Weaving in a visual tapestry and approachable opulence, the living room opens into a modish dining area that features the brand’s Pelican Bar, which is sleek and glamorous. Additionally, the lower level also comprises a kitchen and bedroom that’s dressed in a minimal yet comfortable silhouette with wooden details embracing the parakeet bed and its in-built side tables.

Decking up the upper level lounge space is brand’s Kingfisher sofa chair, Guinea sofa and Twin coffee table; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

As we amble up the staircase, a quaint reading nook comes in sight with it’s charming allure. The upper level welcomes with an informal family lounge that overlooks into the living and dining area atrium. An interesting composition of elements is witnessed here and abundant natural light further scores elegant points. Traversing further, two other bedrooms grace the second floor of the abode.

Overlooking into the living and dining areas is a family lounge in a balcony level setting. A chic chandelier highlights the brand’s furniture on the lower floor; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

Sumptuous and cosy, the main bedroom is embellished in classic contemporary furnishings. A Woodpecker Bed with its intricately patterned wooden headboard acts an intimate zone to rest and recuperate. The large bed-back and wooden flooring imparts warmth and ultimate comfort to its residents. Also featuring a luxurious dressing area, the bedroom offers a private sanctuary experience for rejuvenation!

A quaint reading corner bedecks the staircase mid-landing and is illuminated by pendant lights; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

Another bedroom on the same level exudes a tranquil vibe. Bright and airy, the room boasts furniture pieces that reflect an urban aesthetic and are influenced by the eternal heritage of the past. The space adapts to a restful haven setting and is sprinkled with a tinge of gold.

“The most challenging part has been to treat the double-height, 22 feet tall columns and window glazing! Efficiently planning a snuggish ambience yet optimising openness, air flow and air-conditioning services has required a lot of dedication and we’re glad we could achieve it. A design philosophy of subdued luxury drapes the entire duplex—from hand-carved contemporary beds to metallic accents to beautifully upholstered couches,” reveals the designer.

Furthermore, as part of the green features, the windows have been tactfully placed keeping in mind the direction of the sun thereby ensuring maximum cooling in the summers and heating in the winters alongside effective cross ventilation. The bathrooms have fittings that are water efficient for minimal wastage.

Adorning the duplex apartment is the brand’s focus on design innovation, intricate detailing and delicate workmanship that has been translated through the decor and resonates with the homeowners’ personalities.

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