Mismatched design intentions bring a surprising boho aesthetic to this Wadala home crafted by Open Atelier Mumbai

APR 6, 2022 | By Rhea Sinha
Neutral toned flooring from Classic Marble Company balances the bohemian furnishings from D’Decor and Cocoon Fine Rugs in the lush Living room. Glass by Saint-Gobain; Photographs by Prashant Bhat
Crafting a visual harmony with the hand painted floral mural by Bhavesh Davane in the living room are light fixtures from Light Shoppe and minimal furniture from Defurn Furniture; Photographs by Prashant Bhat
An ornate chandelier from Light Shoppe radiates a classic old world charm in the cosy dinette nook, furniture from Defurn Furniture; Photographs by Prashant Bhat
Wooden flooring from Xylos factors in an essence of warmth in the primary suite, furniture from Defurn Furniture, lighting from Light Shoppe and paint by ICA; Photographs by Prashant Bhat
Modelling a monochrome pokemon mural boasting a boyish charm is the son's bedroom decked in eclectic colours of blue and white, furniture by D’Decor; Photographs by Prashant Bhat
Manifesting a magnificent mural illustrating fauna by Rangari is the daughter's bedroom, adding an alluring aura to femme space is furnishing from D’Decor; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

Tracing a spectacular aesthetic with a mood board of mismatched tints and textures is Casa Bohemia imagined by principal designer Rahul Mistri of Open Atelier Mumbai.  

Unveiling unprecedented views of the city, the 2,000 sq ft apartment sits on the 55th floor of a contemporary glass-clad construction in Wadala, Mumbai. Picturing a playful palette in its artsy montage of colours, layers and patterns, the residence takes shape as an amalgam of luxurious and bohemian aesthetics weaved astutely to make a home.

Defining a balance between delightful and disproportionate visuals, this artistic adobe is a striking portrayal of the overlapping personalities of the family of four who dwell here.

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Decor elements in the living room make up a one-of-a-kind mismatched mood board with soft furnishings from D’Decor, furniture by Defurn Furniture; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

Sketching a seamless transition from the lift lobby into the entrance of the home is the linear living cum dining space bedecked with a bohemian hint. The whimsical white room is a conscious curation of diverse decor pieces crafting a cosy and affectionate ambience in the apartment. 

Welding in whiffs of warmth to the alabaster atmosphere in the drawing space is rattan, subtly binding pieces of the furniture together. Drenched in a dramatic effect of sunlight filtered through macrame sheers is the living space embracing a hint of a rustic industrial feel in the area. The highlight of the home, a wall mural adds a sense of charisma to the section. 

A collection of colourful chairs create a charming contrast against the circular table in the snug dining area, furniture from Defurn Furniture; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

Making up for the lack of a formal foyer is the dining area. Fabricating a concave peripheral storage space is the front of a bar that serves as a captivating backdrop for the circular dining table and its chromatic collection of uncoordinated chairs. 

Maintaining an unconventional harmony in the study are the arched doorways of the characteristic hallways. A trio of tall arches decked with mirrors illustrates an expansive visual in the study with yellow-toned Jaisalmer marble furnishing the floor with an organic look and feel. 

Cane stands out as a prominent textile in the home’s interior material palette, mirrors spaced strategically to mimic a larger space; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

A theatrical model of a relaxed earthy red tone in its ceilings and abstract wainscoting panels sheathed to the walls is the primary suite. Equipped with rattan finished bed-back and lounge chair in rust over wooden flooring, the boudoir exhibits a ligneous look in its design. 

Yellow hued Jaisalmer marble models an organic mood against the contrasting juxtaposition of the electric blue accent chair in the study; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

A handpicked selection of plant life attunes the visual palette of the room harmoniously while functioning as a natural air purifier filling the space with a refreshing semblance. 

Drawing experimental designs suitable to their personal preferences are the children’s bedrooms. The thoughtful team at Open Atelier Mumbai manages to dexterously blend the kid’s likings into the chamber’s blueprint. 

Minimal furniture from Defurn Furniture tones down the idiosyncratic use of colour in the master suite, paint by ICA, wooden flooring by Xylos; Photographs by Prashant Bhat


The use of an earthy rustic hue evokes emotions of drama against its basal backdrop in the parent’s bedroom. Paint by ICA; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

Fashioned as per the son’s wishes is the snug blue and white single bed space flaunting hand-painted monochrome mural of pokemon characters. Minimalistic study and storage sections complete the striking setup.

Sanitary fittings from Brizo and TOTO ensure that the primary ensuite washroom is as functional as it is aesthetic; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

The daughter’s bedroom displays a unique coming together of her likings in art nouveau style and femme shades of pink. Featuring a stunning mural narrating tales of fauna, the room’s milieu is elevated by accent art pieces and sculptures. 

The decor illustrates an incidental yet aesthetically pleasing picture in every nook and cranny of the home; Photographs by Prashant Bhat

“The space, before any pinterest board or magazine, first belongs to its inhabitants; it is asynchronous, organic, mismatched, aesthetic and all that the clients wished their home should be,” sums up Open Atelier Mumbai’s Rahul Mistri.

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