Wooden panels close in comfort in this contemporary Kolkata home by Tatvam Concepts

SEP 14, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
The living room is characterised by sofa from Giani’s En Vogue, rug from House of Rugs and lights by Metal & Light Designers, The White Teak Company and Smartlight; Photographs by Inclined Studio
Strategically placed mirrors create the illusion of a wide and spacious living expanse; Photographs by Inclined Studio
Monochrome modular kitchen by Blau; Photographs by Inclined Studio
Matte-black slatted wardrobe shutters double up as a style statement; Photographs by Inclined Studio

In a field of fleeting trends, refreshing greys wrapped in the warmth of wood hit like a soothing wave of nostalgia. The sheer comfort and timeless appeal of spacious, sunlit environments with earthy elements and soft fabrics is hard to miss.

Bringing the above aesthetic with a contemporary chic inside this Kolkata home is Sakshi Arora Poddar, Founder of Tatvam Concepts along with her design team—Viswajit Singh, Aritra Mitra, and Rishika Goel

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Tatvam Concepts
Blue rug from House of Rugs and bar unit by ThreeSixty add a colourful twist to the grey sofa by from Giani’s En Vogue; Photographs by Inclined Studio

The curious brief 

Designed for a family of four, the 1,800 sq ft apartment resonates with its owner’s vibrant and vivacious nature. Blessed with stunning views from its 12th floor balcony in the upscale PS Aurus complex, the home draws a spatial harmony within its walls. A diverse palette of textures and patterns take centre stage complemented with quirky furniture details.

Modular kitchen by Blau upholds the home’s clean and clutter-free design theme; Photographs by Inclined Studio

Tour every turn of the modern home

Fostering a warm and welcoming first impression, the entrance foyer houses a vintage console and an array of mirror panels pointing towards a more open passage and living area. Visualised as the focal point of the apartment, the voluminous living room stuns with its 22’ double height ceiling. 

Enveloped in polished teakwood layers, the walls close in with comfort while ambient natural light from the spectacular window wall invites a breeze of positivity. Blue plays a pivotal colour dynamic in the form of an area rug from House of Rugs and a bar unit by SPACIO. Adding to the drama, is the crowned chandelier dropping down from the double ceiling.

All lights in the home are by Metal & Light Designers, The White Teak Company and Smartlight and artwork by Art Collection.

Tatvam Concepts
The son’s bedroom sports a bold, patterned rug and textured bedding to match its dynamic interiors; Photographs by Inclined Studio

Overcoming the compact living layouts are thoughtful mirror panel additions that reflect the rejuvenating greens outside during the day and transform into a twinkling blanket of cityscape by night. Maximising storage needs and need for state-of-the-art appliances, the kitchen is designed as a modular expanse with a simple circulation. 

Introducing hues of greens, the guest bedroom is a sanctuary of sorts with its tranquil wallpapers. Minimising inputs, the main bedroom lets the pendant lights and elegant bed back design do all the talking.

Experimenting with metallic texture paint, the daughter’s room balances circular mirrors with similar pendant lights. The son’s room, on the other hand, surrenders to a monochromatic wave of grey tones and furnishings with an asymmetric wooden bedside panel. 

Tatvam Concepts
A curious geometric design and an asymmetric wooden panel complement the subtle textures of the son’s bedroom; Photographs by Inclined Studio

Ideas to bookmark – neutral colours and warm materials

The home planning gravitates towards a clean, clutter-free layout with design consistency and balance as its core ideas. Coupled with maintenance-friendly materials and a neutral colour scheme of grey variants, the apartment morphs into a decidedly modern canvas. The compositions are purposeful, breaking monotony to create a series of visual interests. 

Tatvam Concepts
A combination of matte black and grey compose the aesthetic bathroom; Photographs by Inclined Studio

What Sakshi Arora Poddar fell in love with…

“Executing the exciting double height space came with its own limitations. Installing the woodwork, painting the ceiling, fixing the long chandeliers and curtains was extremely challenging, as we had to constantly build and remove the scaffolding as and when required—but all worth it!” concludes Sakshi. 

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