Bengaluru villa by Vedanth Design Studio is dotted with tropical design cues

JUN 24, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
The living room includes an Alden chair from Magari in the foreground, earthy textured rug from IKEA, coastal themed wall art from MIMI Homes, tall tropical plant by Greenhouseblr and grey basket planter from Gulmohar Lane; Photography by Phosart Studio
Custom-made teakwood centre tables complement the living room furniture. Clay head accent from Claymen by Aman Khanna; Photography by Phosart Studio
Wood and rattan form the heart of the home providing comfort and warmth; Photography by Phosart Studio
Cushions from H&M Home and AA Living colour coordinated with custom built sofa; Photography by Phosart Studio
Ceramic vase from MIMI Homes sits on a custom made wooden side table; Photography by Phosart Studio

The blissful charm of tropical landscapes often subconsciously trickle into our visual aesthetic. Consequently, when Nehal Shanghavi, Founder and Principal Designer of Vedanth Design Studio stumbled upon a quaint villa hidden in the rich Brookefield foliage, a fluid design language spontaneously materialised.

Nestled in a developed neighbourhood in Bengaluru, the 4,350 sq ft villa is aptly named The Organic Modern Villa. It is brought to life with the combined effort of Project Execution Partner and Interior Contractor, Ravi Issac of Red Wood.

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Vedanth Design Studio
In the foreground, an Alden chair from Magari harmonises with the earthy textured rug from IKEA. The coastal themed wall art from MIMI Homes, tall tropical plant by Greenhouseblr and grey basket planter from Gulmohar Lane add a splash of colour in the living room; Photography by Phosart Studio

The curious brief

The brief was simple and straightforward—earthy with a hint of tropical. The mood board of the home draws inspiration from Bali, recreating its soft coastal palette with lively green accents. 

The seamless blend of rustic wooden textures with fine rattan additions speaks of the owners, Soumya and Deba’ penchant for design and earthy elements. 

Vedanth Design Studio
Poised against the grid concrete wall finish by Asian Paints, a custom-made teakwood console houses a table lamp from MIMI Homes and an abstract geometric frame by the Calcuttan Gallery; Photography by Phosart Studio


Glass vase on custom-made teakwood console is from Nappa Dori; Photography by Phosart Studio

The living room is Nehal’s favourite space in the home and here’s why…

Flaunting a postcard appeal, the living room perfectly captures an uncluttered essence with its grid concrete wall finish, the space is accentuated by a wooden console, a botanical print frame and a classic table lamp.

To bask in the abundant sunlight and greenery at its doorstep, the owners’ suggested sacrificing one of the walls in communal space to two large sliding doors that spill onto a deck, inviting nature in.

Vedanth Design Studio
Plants and planters from Studio Palasa add a refreshing ambience to the living room; Photography by Phosart Studio

Ideas to bookmark – colours and materials

Masked in the Balinese decor accents are judicious doses of mid-century modern elements. Derived out of the wood and cane, the colour palette conveys comfort and familiarity. 

The wooden rafters in the ceiling and the earthy hemp rug underneath paired with sustainable fabric cushions emphasise the warmth of this villa. Stellar wall art and ornamentation along with tall green plants function as vital pause points. White walls and sheers balance the overall palette of the contemporary home. 

Wood governs the material palette of the home followed by rattan additions; Photography by Phosart Studio


Books and decor accents including the Clay head from Claymen by Aman Khanna adorn the custom-made teakwood centre tables in the living room; Photography by Phosart Studio

Vedanth Design Studio loves the warmth of wood and rattan almost as much as it loves geometry and clean lines, instilling a classical charm in its projects. 

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