Ashiesh Shah’s OTLO, Lekha Washington’s Hinomaru–The Sun and other exhibits you mustn’t miss during Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2021!

JAN 15, 2021 | By Raashi Dev
Untitled by Aditi Singh, showcased at Chemould Prescott Road
Horizon Line, Finland by Aditi Singh, showcased at Chemould Prescott Road
Desert Rose by Michelle Poonawala, showcased at Tao Art Gallery

Mumbai Gallery Weekend is here, and the whole city has mobilised to make the most of it. We’re not one to be left behind, so we trotted across the city to bring to you some of our top recommendations from this year’s edition. Read on to know more about what’s happening where during the Mumbai Gallery Weekend, add it to your must-visit list and have the best time!

OTLO: Objects + Design by Ashiesh Shah

Atelier Ashiesh Shah is showcasing OTLO—Gujarati for threshold—that draws from the commonalities of form and function to present these heirlooms of the future. It is inspired by the designer’s preferred Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi.

Shah has meticulously curated a selection of design objects that follow the Brutalist tribal aesthetic and celebrates beauty in imperfection through a series of handcrafted collectibles. The entire series celebrates the philosophies of geometry, sustainability and empowerment in an incredible location—the erstwhile home for the original Indigo restaurant in all its rustic charm.
Where: One8 Bungalow (previously home to Indigo restaurant), Colaba Causeway

Tasawuur by Sajid Wajid Shaikh
Shaikh’s solo exhibition is based on the philosophy that artists are the ongoing study of the limitless bounds to our imagination. The act of imagination arises as much from the subconscious as it does from a conscious thought process, and the search for this metaphysical landscape is presented as a deconstructed exhibit in two parts.
Where: Art and Charlie, Colaba

Proximate Paths by Bhupen Khakhar and Jogen Chowdhury
This two-person exhibition of works by these artists—who were drawn into a larger movement towards politically engaged forms of narrative figuration—gives us a peek into their quirky minds.
Where: Akara Art, Colaba

Reincarnate by Shilo Shiv Suleman
The contemporary artist draws from his previous showcase Afterlife and combines magical realism, technology and social justice in this latest body of work, which features painting, sculpture as well as a series of poetic love letters.
Where: Art Musings, Colaba

Head in the Clouds by Chatterjee & Lal
Following the exhibition series titled Simple Tales, the gallery’s latest installation presents works from contemporary and historical contexts across a multitude of platforms.
Where: Chatterjee & Lal, Colaba

Somethings are always burning by Aditi Singh
In this body of work, one essentially finds an eye seeking solitude and commune with nature through the world of colour, light, form and/or shadow. Each piece speaks of an exploration of the self in contemplation, the rich layers of the artworks speak of light, splendour, growth, fragility and tenacity along with the discipline of attentive observation.
Where: Chemould Prescott Road, Fort

RED by Abir Karmakar, Anju Dodiya, SH Raza and others
The group show by artists Abir Karmakar, Aji VN, Anita Dube, Anju Dodiya, Arun KS, CK Rajan, Gieve Patel, Nicola Durvasula, SH Raza, Siji Krishnan, Somnath Hore and Sosa Joseph redefines the traditional boundaries of art with their masterstrokes.
Where: Galerie Mirchandani+ Steinruecke, Colaba

HINOMARU – The Sun by Lekha Washington
The artist looks back at the decade that has passed since her first functional art piece and graduates towards its future. She showcases iconic pieces touched by the light of a new dawn, the end of an era and the beginning of new hope.
Where: Jāmaat, Colaba

This Boat with a Broken Rim by Phalguni Guliani
Artists from across the world, working with diverse mediums, and in varying stages of practice addresses the fragmented realities of border regimes and arbitrary assemblages, as experienced by both body and object as it passes through time.
Where: By Inlaks India Foundation, Mumbai Art Room, Colaba

C-Chairs by Rooshad Shroff and Tanya Goel
Expect a celebration of craftsmanship and all things handmade, including this collaboration with artist Tanya Goel at the architect’s newest gallery-studio.
Where: Rooshad Shroff, Horniman Circle

Birth of a New World by Rithika Merchant 

The artist looks to a more primordial time, where she searches for answers in the stars and proposes to create paths to a new world, similar to what you’d see in an observatory.
Where: Tarq, Colaba

The Tangible Imaginative by Sanjana Shah
Exploring the idea that art cannot be confined to a particular platform or medium, the artist presents works that are both tangible and intangible to physically and mentally experience.
Where: Tao Art Gallery, Worli

Mumbai Gallery Weekend is being held until January 17, 2021