Take a tour of The Yellow Box, a serene holiday home by Workshop Inc that seamlessly blends nature with architecture

DEC 13, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
The Yellow Box by Workshop Inc features bespoke furniture in vibrant shades of pink and blue against the grey backdrop; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia
While the weekend home is tucked away at one end of the plot, refreshing stretches of green are seen everywhere around; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia
The linear layout of the property gives rise to large voids between volumes; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia
Plush seaters ranging from comfy sofas to stylish armchairs and pouffes are seen in the living area; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia
The cuboidal structure is divided into a larger public zone, and a smaller private space that houses the bedrooms; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia
The dining and living areas unfold after each other; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia
Blue and yellow furnishings along with a minimal rug from Craftroots is highlighted against the cement walls and stone floors; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia

Located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, this simple 1,500 sq ft setting with cheery, yellow rimmed glass facades is a welcome escape from the city. Designed by Keta and Varun Shah of creative studio Workshop Inc to be at one with its surroundings, a visit to this weekend home ensures a time to hit refresh and rejuvenate.

It’s almost as if the architecture itself encourages occupants to quietly reflect and bask in nature’s serene offerings. This feat has been possible since the structure of the tranquil abode resonates perfectly with its purpose.

The Yellow Box is essentially a clean, cuboidal form that offers maximum visual connectivity and has voids that serve as entrances. The first hue that catches your eye and also led to the moniker of the home is the vibrant and welcoming yellow seen on the facade.

The kitchen and bar feature cement coated surfaces and chic countertops, crafted using Rajasthan black granite; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia

“Our design philosophy is about creating meaningful spaces that are timeless and elegant. A restrained aesthetic and the attitude of making do with less, has been a constant feature in most of our spaces. And this project also follows course. There is a certain beauty in judiciously using resources—be it materials or design elements, and that is what we have tried to achieve in this project,” shares Keta, principal architect of the firm.

View of the yellow framed, glass exterior facades; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia

Being a temporary and informal accommodation also allowed more room for experimentation. The property, situated at the rear end of the plot so as to maximise the remaining garden space, is easily transformed into a verandah with an overwhelming sense of expanse and openness. One can truly picture waking up to the earthy smell of fresh rains, having lunch outside and just enjoying the cool evening breeze here.

Classic furniture styles along with neutral and woody accents pair well with the underlying organic theme; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia

The bifurcation within the linear abode is straightforward as well. A larger volume is reserved for the communal zone and a smaller one for the bedrooms. The living and dining areas as well the bar and kitchen comprise the former. Most of these spaces look out to the garden and can be individually accessed from outside.

The sun soaked dining area looks out to flora in a courtyard; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia

Having conceptualised both the interiors and the architecture for this house allowed the creatives to stick to a homogenous theme and interplay of mediums. Leather finished kota stone flooring seen inside continues onto the exteriors as well, while the walls adorn a grey cement texture.

Prints of vintage advertisements on the wall as well as a striped, colourful rug and floor lamp from IKEA India enhance the living room; Photographs courtesy Studio Kunal Bhatia

“Being a weekend home, we wanted to shy away from cliched rustic decor but at the same time we also wanted to ensure the end result was cosy and inviting. With this thought in mind, we opted for an honest palette of local materials that were also cost effective and easier to maintain in the long run,” explains Keta.

The monochromatic shell is enlivened with bright and colourful furnishings, most of which are custom crafted by the studio and set the tone for a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Prints of vintage advertisements add a quirky touch to the living area, where most of the indoor social events are held, while the vast green stretch outside offers more than sufficient room for everything else.