Keta and Varun Shah of Workshop Inc bridge the lifestyle of three generations using global aesthetics

JUL 19, 2020 | By Krisha Godani
Serigraphs by artist Nabibakhsh Mansoori add colour in the living room; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
A minimalist design in muted shades continues in the kitchen; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
(L-R) Natural light streams in to the dining area from the windows in the east; Detail shot of the shelving unit in this space; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
(L-R) The children's room is distinctively designed to be playful; Close up of pegboard walls that are made using birchwood ply; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

When Keta and Varun Shah of Workshop Inc were commissioned to design Apartment 101, the brief given to them was fairly straightforward—the 2,500 sq ft home had to be planned such that it accommodates and reflects the lifestyle of a family of three generations.

“They wanted to highlight and balance the global outlook of the younger generation with the traditional values of the oldest,” says Keta, adding, “It was important to design common spaces for the family to connect and bond at, as well have private domains that reflect each individual’s tastes and preferences.”

So, the designers focused on creating a timeless and elegant space for the family that would focus less on being trendy but more on togetherness.

Quirky pendant lamps by Oorja amp up the cosy living area; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

A small bench and a vibrant fabric-based artwork welcome you into the foyer. From here, communal spaces such as the living room, dining area and an open kitchen are revealed. A passageway points towards the family’s bedchambers on one end, while the other leads to the guest room.

A bespoke copper disk installation forms the backdrop of this unique prayer room; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

Seen across the home is a predominantly neutral colour palette, complemented with pops of colour in the form of artworks. A subdued material palette of limestone plaster, wood and local granite stones—inspired by traditional Indian homes—dominates the living and dining area.

Wood and metal form the material palette in this dining area; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

A sense of texture is evident in the entertainment unit, where a curio cabinet is designed in sleek metal plates and sandblasted granite stone. The kitchen uses muted shades and textures and ties up with the aesthetics of the rest of the abode. “The idea was to create a singular tone in the space and create subtleties of texture to offer relief,” adds Varun.

The master bedroom features linen from Shades of India; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

A passage, cloaked in wood, leads to two master suites and the children’s room. It is within a niche carved along this passage that a prayer room is created using a unique, customised copper disk installation as a backdrop. 

The grandparents’ room displays a vintage aesthetic with a touch of luxury; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

The first of the master suites belongs to young parents and is a warm and minimal cocoon. Lime plastered walls, wood and brass in the form of surfaces and accents come together to create a relaxing environment. The addition of linens by Shades of India reflects the designers’ “beauty in simplicity” belief. In the same vein, the grandparents’ bedroom is traditionally designed with wood and brass accents but with a vintage aesthetic. 

Brass accents and vintage switchboards are placed in the grandparents’ room; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

The children’s room is a fun, playful space with pegboard walls (created using birchwood ply) and pastel hues. The Shahs have even created a toy storage space, inspired by the Tangram puzzle, such that the kids can grow up in a dynamic environment.

Pegboard walls and quirky furniture offer a fun and dynamic environment for the children to grow up in; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

Lastly, the guest chamber is planned such that they will be converted to one of the kids’ rooms once the children grow up. Until such time, the space remains a contemporary monochromatic shell with a bold red hue.

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Wooden lamps from Options are seen in one of the bedrooms; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani


Bright red accents add a bold touch to this otherwise monochromatic guest bedroom; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani


The elegant dark wood bookshelf lifts up the look of the entire room; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani