A tempting tussle of daylight and sea views: A sentiment of longing captures you at this Mumbai duplex by Mangesh Lungare

DEC 19, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
WADI09 light that won the EDIDA 2020 accolade sits on a glossy pedestal; Muted, earthy colours balanced by furnishings from The Pure Concept Home create a cocooning effect in the primary bedroom; Photography by Pankaj Anand

A mammoth bed of the Arabian Sea sparkles as the glinting sun rays hit the fluid water. While the rows of skyscrapers wrestle for attention with the endless skyline, a flock of cars dance on a certain highway, skirted with the famous racecourse and windborne scenes of helicopters flying in and out at the helipad in distance.

This and sundry more views are afforded like a scene right out of a movie, from the window (read: the grand balcony) of the magnificent duplex in the southern stretch of Mumbai.

A larger-than-life artwork on the wall created by Mangesh Lungare and his team weaves the family’s Jodhpuri roots with mangroves of Mumbai and the designer’s love for botanical prints; Photography by Pankaj Anand

The director and the writer of this absorbing script that shaped into the first home for a family native to Rajasthan, is Mangesh Lungare, an interior and architectural designer whose only canvas of choice for every project he undertakes is a certain newness not realised before. This 3,000 sq ft residence shifts the spotlight from the standard debate of functionality and habitability to how thoughtful design possibly holds the ultimate dominion in living that ideal, elevated lifestyle.

Roosted up on the 40th floor, levelling up with the tall buildings in the neighbourhood, the duplex right from the clucking open of its doors, unwraps into a narrative of ‘wows’ and surprises – something I like to call as the labyrinth of perceptive designs witnessed at every step of the way.

Tailored in-house by Mangesh Lungare Design is the plush white sofa along with other furniture pieces in the idyllic but capacious living room. White ribbed pendant lights gaze down at the Rugberry carpet, while the custom made mirror in the entryway peeks inside; Photography by Pankaj Anand


Miniature custom-made circular wall lamps dubbed Gola lights in black and silver-steel tones and an amorphous mirror establish a visual play of shapes in the entryway; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Commingling with a clean palette of stone, marble and wood, a mood-indulging burst of soft colours splatters across the house. Parallely the unleashing drama of sunlight blankets the walls and dances on the floors of the space. Laddering from ground to the first level, the home unfolds into an exciting yet effortless layout. The entryway navigates to a sweeping living room and an extended deck starstruck with the incessant views of the cityscape.

A tailor-made solid black console embellished with wooden balls and circular black accents replicates the form of Gola lights and is paired with a tall, custom pedestal accentuating the warm wooden backdrop; Photography by Pankaj Anand


Carved out circular opening with touches of brass offers a curious glance into the spacious kitchen swathed with marble, quartz and warm veneer; Photography by Pankaj Anand

This is where evoking moods of warmth, consonance and solitude continue to brew day through night, almost like the walls serenading the dweller with a hymn of comfort. Gaze up and eyes race to the first floor where a smartly carved lounge zone sits leading inside to the parents’ bedroom, kids’ bedroom and a study area. 

A jewel of sorts, a stunning spiral stairway in warm tones of timber stands poised as a modern iteration of a castle-esque stairway, underpinning the home to be as grounded as it is extraordinary in its interiors.

Framed with finesse is the white patterned screen that creates a rhythmic play of light while flanking the spiral staircase posing as a connection between ground and first level of the home. A splash of greens and planter by Kumbharwada further augment the mood of this corner; Photography by Pankaj Anand

The living room flows into a demarcated dining zone that hosts an extendable dining table, chairs and a bench custom made in-house. In fact, a majority of the furniture and lights come tailored from Mangesh’s product design brand Wadi Design Studio. A statement and defining character of this sea facing den is also the unmissably statuesque wall artwork that Mangesh and his solid female-led team ideated from scratch.

“When you’re on the 40th level, the contrast is to bring nature into the house because you’re so far away from it. This is where the idea seeded from.” Mangesh was quick to suggest to the family to coalesce the culture and crafts of their native city Jodhpur with the tropical essence of Mumbai.

Ambling to the first level that houses a family lounge at the entrance, the design details are reiterated with curves on the custom-made furniture, glass railing and ceiling, running parallelly; Photography by Pankaj Anand

The colossal art, which took about three months to materialise, finds liberal influences of the mangroves, hornbills and kingfishers, monkeys and spirally clouds, contoured with a rustic, raw finish—because when was nature ever synonymous to perfection? “I love botanical prints because they have a great depth to it.

They are realistic but also artistic,” divulges Mangesh. The secret to such sublime design that lingers on in memory long after your interaction with it, births from the rapport that Mangesh shares with the homeowners. To which he agrees, too, recognising this bond as a definite ingredient to good design. 

“In practice, we always work around what or who we are building the house for. I like to know who I am doing it for, what is their chemistry, action-reaction, liking or disliking with a particular genre or design language. And then everything moulds according to that.”

Bathing in the sun-kissed dining zone are the sleek pendant lights gently suspended on top of an elementary wooden dining table, both crafted by Mangesh Lungare Studio, while the leather-backed chairs are made by Wadi Design Studio; Photography by Pankaj Anand


Elegantly sculpted wooden framework encases the arched bed back, coordinated with grey bed furnishings from The Pure Concept Home and a side table made by Mangesh Lungare Studio; Photography by Pankaj Anand

A precursor to design while weaving the walls and boundaries of a home, is planning and fitting the various sections of the space seamlessly as one.

Mangesh reveals, “Everything has been remodelled here, going beyond the typical layout of the builder. When it becomes a family home, every individual has their own demand. It’s exactly like why we all wear different clothes. We could all actually wear a uniform, but how we style our own body and our own attitude is exactly what making a home is like.” 

The journey of reshaping concrete and bricks into emotions of comfort and homeliness is what this duplex recites. That’s where Mangesh’s approach to design finds semblance, “My design philosophy is to not have a preconceived idea. It’s like doing a painting. You don’t have anything in mind about it, you just go about it and that’s how design evolves. 

Scroll below to see more glimpses of the home by Mangesh Lungare

A series of neatly lined miniature art frames depicting cultural illustrations is placed above the snug black sofa custom crafted in-house in the family lounge overlooking the living room on the ground level; Photography by Pankaj Anand


The arched mouldings frame the windows and looks out towards the sea and cityscape; The kids’ study corner is arranged conveniently right outside the kids’ bedroom; Photography by Pankaj Anand


Sliding doors open up to a vast and wind-doused balcony furnished with a decorative deep green lounger built in-house and bonsai plant brought from a nursery in Kamshet that overlooks the city views and the seascape beyond; Photography by Pankaj Anand


Repeating patterns, hues of blue and straight lines juxtaposed with minimal furniture made by Mangesh Design Studio and lighting from a store, all of which compose a cosy but functional corner; Photography by Pankaj Anand


Green marble adds to the elegant elements of the powder room such as the gold-toned sanitary fittings, taps by Kohler and dispenser from Good Earth; Photography by Pankaj Anand

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