This Neoclassical-inspired farmhouse designed by UnBox Design in Delhi is an escape from all the hustle-bustle

DEC 14, 2022 | By Tamanna Doctor
A monochrome colour palette playing with decor from Artisan Lab, Decowood Veneers, AIS Glass and HYBEC lights along with carpet from Jaipur Rugs in the living room is the perfect backdrop for the eclectic artworks, photographs, and travel memorabilia collected over the years by the homeowners ; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography
Beckoning people to browse through the books in the living room, the wooden bookshelf by Merino Laminates along with leather sofa from Project Fuse bring in warmth; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography
A sculptural table for six with lights from The White Teak Company and Oikos Paint come together harmoniously in the dining room; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography
Sliding door and window from AluK Home, checkerboard flooring with jute chairs around a circular dining table from Marriott Furniture, set against cane blinds, and lit by warm classic pendant lights creates a cosy nook at the entry verandah,; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography

Care for a game of chess? This neoclassical inspired two-storey farmhouse designed by UnBox Design with a checkerboard flooring around the verandah is a haven for slow living.  

The founder, Aman Issar of UnBox Design crafted this 7,000 sq ft two-storey farmhouse for an art collector in a lush green part of South Delhi.

White fluting in plaster from Asian Paints along one wall nestled amidst furniture from Mangrove Collective and artefacts in the living room; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography

The curious brief 

The homeowner, an avid art collector and traveller, wanted to transform this location into a calm space to work in and reside with his four canines. With this in mind, the designer focused on the physical experience of space, textures and light, placing the needs of the homeowner at its core. 

“Functionality, durability, and comfort are the prime components of our work. Our architectural language is not shy to convey aesthetics, but prone to abstain from ‘trends’,” says Aman. 

A colossal window with curtains from S9 Home and ROYALÉ TOUCHÉ laminates continues the seamless connection with nature in the dining room; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography

Tour every turn of the home

The entrance of the house begins with a meandering cobblestone pathway leading to the verandah. 

An outside seating area and a circular dining table in the verandah make it an ideal space for hanging out with friends. The checkerboard flooring of the verandah has a series of visual connections to the attached lawns and pool. 

The master bedroom is designed as a serene oasis and opens out to the pool. The furniture from Portside Cafe is kept minimal, quilted fabric on the headboard by D’Decor with pops of blue balancing the warmth of Cotton and Satins bedding, table lamp from by HYBEC lights ; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography

This is followed by the foyer with a black sculptural centre table set against a wooden screen. The space is kept minimal in line with the Japandi aesthetic. 

Moving into the living room, the pared down palette with eclectic artworks, photographs and travel mementos make a lasting impact on visitors. 

White fluting guides your sight towards the pièce de résistance—a ‘bindu’,red dot painting. The sofa and bookshelf are drenched in warm tones and make the open space feel welcoming. The living room opens up to the verandah and in turn the lawn and hence there is ample natural light throughout the day. 

Minimal Japandi aesthetic with a black sculptural centre-table set against a wooden screen is the entry foyer; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography

Submerged in neutral tones, the dining room harbours a table for six. The window directly overlooks the lawn with an unobstructed view. 

The master bedroom’s colour palette consists of warm wood tones along with accents of blue. Decorated with art, this room reflects the homeowners enigmatic personality.  It opens up to the pool making it an ideal bachelor pad. 

The corridor makes for a space which is dressed in assertive elegance; Photography by Avesh Gaur Photography

Ideas to bookmark

The artwork, the objects, the colours, the texture and the materials clearly portray the homeowners adventure seeking, playful and social personality traits distinctly. The designer designed the space to feel like his own without adding any unnecessary ‘trendy’ elements. 

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