A repository of possibilities: Discover what Cocoon Fine Rugs has in store for the year ahead

JAN 12, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India

With this year starting, how do you plan on adapting to the current trends while keeping the essence of your work constant?
Cocoon Fine Rugs has always been experimenting with extraordinary designs that are bold and expressive. We yet understand our customer perspective and their liking hence we always try to create a balanced but extraordinary and practical design. Designs that find a home despite of their creative expression
Some of the designs that show Cocoon’s bold yet practical designs are Terra Vibe, HazePolyphony and Theobromine which make it easier to go with homes of different design aspirations.

Photograph courtesy Cocoon Fine Rugs

In 2024, what events, collaborations and initiatives do you look forward to?
2024 is already buzzing with excitement at Cocoon! We’ve kicked off the year with a bang, collaborating with Priyasri Art Gallery for Mumbai Gallery Week. For Gallery Week Cocoon is being transformed into an Alternative Art Space and will be showcasing an exclusive rug collection by artist Vishaka Jindal, artworks by Roshan Chabaria and installation by Goa based artist Oona Demello. Our calendar is packed with events like Luxury Lifestyle Weekend by Ajio Luxe, India Story in Kolkata Mumbai Gallery Week. We also have many surprises and reveals as we embark on thrilling collaborations throughout the year. 

Photograph courtesy Cocoon Fine Rugs

What are the current design trends that you would like to experiment with in the coming year?

Our Gabbeh collection epitomizes our design influence, offering artisans the freedom to create masterpieces. In the coming year, we’re delving deeper into this aesthetic, exploring its ultimate form while maintaining the core essence of our design philosophy. What sets the Gabbeh range apart is that it allows artisans independence, crafting rugs from leftover yarns without the need for Computer Generated Design (CAD) design. It’s a celebration of creativity and sustainability at its finest.

Photograph courtesy Cocoon Fine Rugs

With your stores thriving in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, do you plan on expanding further?

While we’re thriving in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi,Bangalore Hyderabad, ,Kolkata and Hyderabad, our expansion plans always keep getting more promising and bigger. The anticipation is real, and we can’t wait to unveil the next chapter in our journey.

Photograph courtesy Cocoon Fine Rugs

Will there be an expansion into new home decor categories beyond rugs? If so, how will these showcase the original craftsmanship of Cocoon Fine Rugs?

While our focus has been on exquisite hand-knotted rugs, the launch of our furniture collection in collaboration in 2023 was just a glimpse of Cocoon’s unpredictability. As we journey through this year, we may explore new horizons and directions. Possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see where our creative endeavours take us.

Photograph courtesy Cocoon Fine Rugs

How do you plan to stay true to your commitment to sustainability in the coming year?

Sustainability is at the core of Cocoon’s ethos. Our commitment to the environment is evident in the Gabbeh Collection, crafted from waste yarns, and the bohemian collection featuring dhurries and flatweaves made from PET waste, cotton, and wool. As we progress into the coming year, we assure you that our dedication to complete sustainability will remain unwavering, ensuring each creation reflects our eco-conscious values.

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