The year of curious 2024: Resurging trends with Indian crafts and materials in focus for Design & Decor trends for 2024!

JAN 12, 2024 | By Pratishtha Rana
“The Ginkgo Sideboard" from KOKO by K2India, price on request
“1800 collection” coffee table by WITHIN, price on request
"Jelly Bean" sofa by KOY, `5,42,800
"Conversation Bench" by Tania and Sandeep Khosla for Mangrove Collective, price on request

Sundry seasons. And countless reels on the ‘gram declaring #designinspiration. And here we are, leafing through it all to ascertain the definite trends that will make 2024 a year of newfound eccentricities and trusted comebacks with centuries-old materials and craft techniques of India guiding us. Read on as we decode the rising dynamics of all design & decor trends for 2024.

Trend and Style Direction by Yashika Punjabee, Produced by Juhi Agarwal


Bidri from Bidar, Karanataka, is indeed a quiet confession of royalty. Complex yet nuanced, the centuries-old work of silver inlay on metal and brass has seeped into our modern homes with an evolved, graphic imagery that breathes India’s traditional legacy. Its variations from geometric to non-formulaic handwork have become true works of art.

“Tangram Bidri Lakeer” AnanTaya square tray by Ayush Kasliwal, ₹5,900


“Alhambra” wall hooks by Studio Saif Faisal Design Workshop for KATHA, price on request


“Shatranj” epicurean chessboard by Ikkis, price on request


“Ingrid Small Square” candle holder by Leah Singh, price on request


“Pila” screen from Handmade Tale by Florence Louisy for æquo, price on request


A dollop of whimsy, pastels and a retro mood. Step into a Wes Anderson storybook-feel where graphic-esque imagination supersedes the regularity of everyday aesthetics.

Wes-spectacular trend as seen inside the illustrative Delhi home by Shonan Purie Trehan, who spearheads Language Architecture Body (LABwerk). Website:; Photograph by Sebastian Zachariah


Wes-spectular trend as depicted in the wall art by Rogan Designs in Villa Marina, Goa, designed by Eshita Marwah for Anjali Mody. Website:; Photograph by Ishita Sitwala, Styling by Samir Wadekar


Brass in the new age is unafraid! With a gleaming semblance like gold, the material’s striking take on foliage and nature-inspired cues is what’s stealing the spotlight right now. It plays with delicate yet definite forms, floral imprints and theatrical textures.

“Fort Kochi” table lamp both by Vikram Goyal, price on request


“Majorelle” wall panel by Vikram Goyal, price on request


“Eden Everlasting” generative artwork by Shilo Shiv Suleman, price on request


“The Ginkgo Sideboard” from KOKO by K2India, price on request


In a parallel universe, two completely juxtaposed styles fit in just like a puzzle. Fun fact? We are all living in this parallel universe where classical influences intertwine with cool motifs of the 21st century. Objects and furniture dare to dress up in shades of ornate details married with decorative embellishments.

“1800 collection” coffee table by WITHIN, price on request


“Abhyas” side table part of Dhyan collection for Mana Collective, ₹66,900


“Conversation Bench” by Tania and Sandeep Khosla for Mangrove Collective, price on request


Ready to head back to school? Yes! The moodboard is seeing the coming back of primary colours red, blue and yellow, which sea-saw between being basic and pop! Lending easy boldness to the interiors, the primary tones in versatile shapes and curves, add layers of catchy focal points while keeping monotony miles away.

“Jelly Bean” sofa by KOY, ₹5,42,800


“Lapis” blue candlestand by Eeshaan Kashyap, price on request


“Nelson Easy” chair by Fabio Azzolina and Shannon Sadler for Sunday Design, ₹85,000


“Elephu” decor piece by Escape by Creatomy, price on request


Memphis revisits modern homes with a decluttered demeanour highlighted with subtle eclecticism of colours, asymmetric forms, experimental geometry and a medley of patterns. The forecasted trend navigates a refreshing idea of finding balance in design, while making space for the playfulness to be alive!

“Wave Series 4” wallpaper by One O One Studios, ₹9,000


NaughtOne’s “Percy” lounge chair by MillerKnoll, price on request


“Lost Stories” rug by House of Knots in collaboration with /e by Eshita Marwah, ₹48,000


“Stubby” Table part of QIT.A collection by Ravi Vazirani Design Studio, ₹1,79,500


“Seascapes” tiles by Art and Found in collaboration with Bharat Floorings and Tiles, price on request


Different and daring. Shocking and humorous. This non-conformist trend challenges the ordinary! Risque patterns and shapes thrive carefree inspired by animals, humans or plants, evoking an instant appreciation for fantasy.

“Da:richa” floor lamp part of Tattvamasi collection by Shailesh Rajput Studio, price on request


“Tri-Cone N1” stool by Atelier Ashiesh Shah, price on request


“Brute Bench” part of Arte Collection by Wriver Design Studio, price on request


Precious stones etched with precise illustrations, the craft of marble inlay that peaked in the Mughal era revives in a new avatar. Echoes of flora and fauna crown the canvas of new-age objects with minute, majestic hand engravings.

Rooshad Shroff’s bird inlay wall sconce, ₹1,25,000


Rooshad Shroff’s bird inlay wall sconce, ₹1,25,000


Intriguing material manipulations lead us to a world where everything is leather but not quite! Confused? See the leather in a novel form. A calculated combination of raw and refined, leather drapes a modern demeanour with craftsmanship at its core.

“Black Cactus” decor piece by Atelier Bobby Aggarwal for PortsideCafé, price on request


design & decor trends for 2024
“Burgundy Cap” pouf part of Forest collection by This and That, ₹46,728

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