Vibha Saraf weaves a gripping narrative through distinct textures and colours in this home inspired by everything

OCT 27, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
A feeling of joy seems to lurk in the air as multiple shades of yellow and orange revel with delight in this first bedroom; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

Channelling contrasting moods for all the different spaces, this 1,550 sq ft home in Pune is inspired by no single style. Principal architect of Vcreate Designs Vibha Saraf has paid attention to the nitty gritty of design and conceived this house influenced by everything. 

Tasked with designing a house that would be a unique expression to its homeowners, Saraf has managed to devise a variety of spatial experiences in this house. The aim was to provide a quirky space that exudes an effortless, understated luxury.

“We closely worked on design details using different textures, colours, prints and patterns to mix and match them and create this abode. Our design philosophy embraces chasing colours, mismatched furniture and random inclusions while being extremely low maintenance and functional,” adds Saraf

Next to Inmarwar wooden cabinet, lies a bench from The Rug Republic, which adds to the aesthetic appeal alongside wall mirror and table lamp from Orange Tree; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

Christened The Whimsical house, it is a perfect example of breaking all the rules and unlearning design theories through experimentation and genuinely having fun with the design process.

The tall green artificial plant from Fourwalls settle the different essences, exuding from the tan leather and navy blue sofas; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


Among various tones of white, shines bright like a diamond this navy blue sofa; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

Featuring resplendent textures, intense hues and shapely silhouettes, this home is a lesson in combining the sensuous and the striking. Solid colours are balanced with intricate patterned upholstery, pop art colours with bold geometric black and white patterns and subtle colours are offset with rich finishes. 

On customised nested centre tables are graceful accessories in pearl white shade that shapes the glamour of the living room; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

Inundated with natural light, the entrance foyer marks the beginning of a lighthearted, bright, and functional home. A solid wood cabinet with a satin finish is used as an entrance console cum shoe cabinet with a textured bench on the side.

From the Ikea eight-seater dining table, to the dainty tea set and flower vases on it, the painting on the wall or the vibrant cane chairs—everything in this dining area emanates radiance courtesy the Asian Paints absolute white shade wall finish; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

A tranquil nook for some down time or a cool space for entertaining guests, the contemporary living room is crafted with a twist of mid-century style. On the other hand, the dining area has a demeanour that is unrestrained, fresh and detailed.

Modern wall sconce from The Black Steel exhibit the multifunctional feature of bedside lighting in this first bedroom; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

There’s personality in every turn of The Whimsical House as its three bedrooms witness a stark contrast from the drama of the more social parts of the house. Oozing comfort and tranquility the bedrooms infuse an energy that rejuvenates just as it relaxes. 

This extraordinary accent chair with ottoman appears to bind the entire colour scheme of the primary bedroom with ease and finesse; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

Planning the bedrooms was an uphill task for Saraf as the clients wanted different concepts for all the three bedrooms. To combat this challenge, she kept all the walls white while playing with different styles of furniture and colour palettes, depending on the concept of that particular room.

Both the black and white pillows and the four poster bed highlight the suave finishes rendered to the primary bedroom; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

The first bedroom entails a joyous approach with its quirky colour scheme, prints and bold geometric patterns. The second or the primary bedroom on the other hand encapsulates a minimal, modern, yet regal approach. It’s a little luxe, a little edgy and a whole lot of classy.

Very carefully laid out decor items like Pepperfry floor lamp and DéKor company rug represent the contrasting aesthetics in this second bedroom; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


This Spaces bed, in the third bedroom, which is set against an enchanting Printology Concept wallpaper, evokes comfort and peace; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

Lastly, the third bedroom makes a bold statement with its tropical and boho combination. From banana leaves to fan palm leaves to areca palm leaves, the black and white printed wallpaper covers them all creating the focal point of this room.

If pretty and fun could be redefined, then it would comprise this lovely nook in this third bedroom that is decorated with pieces like this quirky egg chair, Nestasia rug and planter from Westside Home; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

“While we had great fun in designing this home, we’re more than thrilled with how it has shaped up in an organic manner to become this elegant, homey yet magical place. An escapist’s haven, it will feel like stepping into a different world, unique because it’s put together with a rapturous passion,” concludes Saraf.

Scroll down to see more glimpses of the space—

Heads will turn towards these wall frames as they feature stunning art works from Etsy that adorn the passage, imparting a subtle refinement; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


A muted artwork adorns the wall to add a touch of creativity. Some indoor greens add warmth and exchange pleasantries with this contemporary decor of the living area; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


Love and warmth seem to clasp this balcony, as this edgy setup makes a perfect arrangement for friends and family to relax; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


High table and high cane chairs, facing 45 acre golf course, will allow people to enjoy the expansive views of endless green; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


Accessories like table lamp from Orange Tree and Floral thinking man wall art from Etsy reflect distinct taste with respect to unconventional home decor; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj


This cute yellow lumbar cushion from steals the show in this first bedroom; Photographs by Kanaka and Viraj

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