Graceful existence coupled with serene surroundings aptly define this villa designed by Usine Studio

OCT 26, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
The entertainment room makes a bold rustic statement with the help of exposed bricks and dark colours; Photographs by Tejas Shah
A combination of grey and turquoise for the son's room with a comfortable seating; Photographs by Tejas Shah
The cosy family room, extending into an outdoor sit out in the garden area, appears perfect for lounging sessions; Photographs by Tejas Shah
Plants from Incredible Landscape, perched on patterned flooring under the central floating staircase, interacts passionately with the warmth of the sun; Photographs by Tejas Shah
The villa is beautifully laid out in the midst of a large green patch which forms a pleasing backdrop for all the rooms in the entire villa; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Surrounded by a series of independent bungalows, this villa located in the outskirts of Vadodara is the perfect jewel in the crown. Brought to life by principal designers Yatin Kavaiya and Jiten Tosar of Usine Studio with their design team Nirali Bhakta and Chitra Sindhkar, this expansive home dotted with old gulmohar and neem trees emanates tranquility amidst a contemporary set up.

Focusing their design sensibilities on balancing the neutral colour palette with neat and clean lines, the idea was to design a house that entails grandeur with a dash of sophistication. Classic ornate forms are given prominence as the final outcome highlights its alliance with modish design styles throughout the mammoth 13,000 sq ft built area. 

Divulging more details about the architectural trends the house reflects, Kavaiya shares, “We have tried to break away from the minimalist design trend with straight lines, while giving luxury through the use of double heights and creating spaciousness”.

The minimalistically decorated entrance porch renders a perfect vibe for families to bask in the sun and enjoy the warmth; Photographs by Tejas Shah


A beautiful spacious balcony overlooks a lovely lawn, offering peace and serenity; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Greenery reigns supreme in this villa as it is flanked by a small garden at the front porch and a vast garden at the backyard. The front garden gives a soft backdrop to the rather straight lined clean forms and box like massing of the architecture.

Artistic elements like the Tresorie artefact on the cabinet elevate the front porch setting, alongside an austere seating arrangement; Photographs by Tejas Shah

A grand lobby greets the visitors that leads inside the ground floor via wide steps at the drop off point. The capacious home hosts an entrance foyer with a living room, library, worship room, kitchen, dining room, family room, powder toilet and a guest bedroom. Bedrooms for the family members and an entertainment room find their place on the first floor.

A rich and compelling blend of colours, textures, light and forms revel in the central double height area; Photographs by Tejas Shah

The noteworthy element in the foyer area is the double height entity which prepares one for the voluminous space to unfold. The large wooden wall panel across the height along with an inlay pattern in the flooring add to the grandness of the space. 

The glass facade along the staircase, with brown glass chandelier from Studio Kanch, unfolds an unconventional idea of designing interiors; Photographs by Tejas Shah


With the help of Aavaran furnishings, a sophisticated look glows throughout the living room; Photographs by Tejas Shah

What’s remarkable about this villa is the way it uses various materials and incorporates ways to utilise natural sunlight, seamlessly adding the outsides on the insides. For instance, the formal living room with an extended patio is connected to the garden through floor to ceiling glass doors. Similarly, the bay window in the library area adds up as a ledge to enjoy a good book while staying connected to the greenery outside.

Embellished with an extraordinary cherry colour, the wooden flooring in the son’s bedroom complements the grey tones of the space; Photographs by Tejas Shah

Earthy and pastel tones dominate the bedrooms. The daughter’s bedroom is designed with a soft pastel colour palette of white and light grey with a dash of copper in accent pieces. While the son’s room is doused in grey and turquoise with a cherry-coloured wooden flooring. 

A quirky striped Vir Interiors wallpaper brims the daughter’s bedroom with vibrance; Photographs by Tejas Shah

To keep things interesting, the entertainment room acts as the odd one out amongst the uniform design theme followed throughout the villa. Exposed brick walls, metal flooring and use of bold colours renders it a masculine look.

Enhancing the entrance area, lies ahead a stunning pool, with greenery to breathe in enjoyably; Photographs by Tejas Shah

The cherry on top however, has to be the sustainable features which the house deploys to combat environmental issues. Rain water harvesting, solar panels and use of exhaust in the central staircase area and passage instead of using air conditioners displays climate consciousness Usine Studio aims to imbibe in their work. 

Scroll down for more glimpses of the space—

This balcony is an extension of the first floor passage, treated in earthy tones of yellow and mustard with interesting floor patterns; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Next to the glass facade by Aakar Enterprise, is a backyard with a sit out, which is connected to the family room and above that is a balcony—altogether overlooking the charming expanse of outdoor; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Comfortable blue and beige sofas evoke solace in the family room; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Divine Moroccan style tiles from Classic Marble Company, along with copper lights elevate the beauty of this washroom; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Adorned with Excella Experts furniture, this living room emanates a mid-century style, alongside a Harmony Arts painting; Photographs by Tejas Shah


Patterned onyx with blue tiles and a unique mirror form a riveting combination for this washroom; Photographs by Tejas Shah


The washroom showcases a dark and bold look, interwoven with the striking quality of metal flooring; Photographs by Tejas Shah

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