Of palaces and palatial living—this residence by Beyond Designs in Udaipur reinvigorates royalty

OCT 20, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
A visually intriguing wallpaper encapsulates the children’s bedroom adept with interesting artworks; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan
All the splendid furniture pieces are created in-house by Beyond Designs; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan
Classical crystal wall sconces and a four-poster bed made of brass imparts grandeur in the primary suite; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan
The bar lounge is conceived in a dark shade with a statement black-and-white inlay coffee table and stylish accent chairs, wall art and twin crystal chandeliers; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

Big, bold and evocative—this residence crafted by founders and interior designers of Beyond Designs Sachin and Neha Gupta rekindles opulence. Sprawling over 7,500 sq ft, it fosters an indistinguishable decor statement just like the city of lakes, Udaipur. 

Sticking to their signature style of designing uber luxe interiors, Beyond Designs have explored distinct possibilities with a plethora of materials, colours, patterns and textures. Meticulously detailed elaborate wall and ceiling decorations are a regular occurrence in this two storeyed home. 

“The client was familiar with our design style. He wanted a richly detailed, contemporary luxury home with regal touches,  so he approached us to design it. While discussing the scope of the project, we gauged his sensibilities and felt that he was looking at modern and sophisticated palatial living. And that’s what we have created—a home decorated with uniquely intricate details, art and craft,” shares Neha.

The console table and the chairs custom designed by Beyond Designs stay true to its style of layered details; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan


Perfectly crafted pillars and exquisite partition screens celebrate Beyond Designs’ signature style; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

What ties this home together is its largely neutral backdrop replete with bold and saturated colours in the foreground, thus standardising it to suit a contemporary aesthetic. From wood, brass, glass, crystal, cane, a medley of materials induce a rich and sophisticated environment. 

Dangling delicately from the ceiling, this dazzling chandelier steals the spotlight amidst other well-thought details of tinted glass vases, brass candle holders; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

An entrance lobby decorated with a splendid chandelier and a painting on the opposite wall marks the inception of this abode. The dining and formal living areas on the right host several custom designed furniture pieces by Beyond Designs. A wooden screen in white creates privacy between the entrance lobby and dining, while a softly curved arch separates it from the living room. 

The majestic marble inlay dining table and elegant upholstered chairs live up to the grandeur of this palatial home; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

Moving towards the left of the entrance lobby, an informal living area and three bedrooms adorn the space. While the informal living area is a rich space with wooden panelling on the walls, the primary suite on the other hand imparts an old-world charm with cane-panelled walls.

The terrace powder room enchants with show-stopper features – a delicate chandelier and the intricately crafted tiles adding a quaint charm; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

The children’s bedrooms in this home are a departure from the glamorous interiors. Fun wallpapers, interesting artworks and accessories dominate the areas while addressing functional needs like  attached dressers and washrooms.

The chic leather bar stools tailor made by Beyond Designs complement the setting perfectly; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

Luxury living takes an enthralling turn as one moves on the top floor—a lift lobby, terrace bar and lounge, a pergola which further leads to a massage room and a powder room render the home an ultra modern demeanour.

Twin crystal chandeliers and artworks by Beyond Designs Home highlight a spectacular entertainment arena; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan


The decorative ceiling in a dark shade and black flooring add to the allure of the bar, while the cluster of pendant lights adds a dazzling note; Photographs by Atul Pratap Chauhan

“This residence is a fine example of a home defined with regal details and art—a trend that is fast catching up with people who want to be surrounded by comfortable and functional spaces inspired from our rich past,” concludes Sachin

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