Trezoro in Surat: Studio-M Design crafts a restaurant wrapped as a hidden culinary gem

DEC 1, 2023 | By Namrata Dewanjee
The warmth of the wooden furniture is complemented by the peaceful green. The intriguing peeled-plaster detail shines in the backdrop; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio; Styled by Trend and Tone
Through a montage of objets d'art and contemporary design choices, Trezoro balances nostalgia with modernity; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio
The rustic checkered flooring is a vintage thread that runs through the space; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio

Hidden in the bustling metropolis of Surat, Gujrat is a restored bungalow where time suddenly stops moving forward. The lines of geography are blurred and you are whisked off your feet and transported to a quaint Italian trattoria where you can almost feel the cool Mediterranean breeze with every indulgent morsel. Aptly named ‘Trezoro’ — Italian for treasure, this three-story 4,500 sq ft epicurean gem, designed by Moiz Faizulla and Samad Shaikh, Principal Designers of Studio-M Design, is a marriage of culinary excellence and thoughtful design.

The mirrors framed in reclaimed wood and delicate glass pendant light fixtures narrate a unique story as one climbs the steps; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio; Styled by Trend and Tone

A multisensorial sanctuary

Perhaps, there is some truth to the saying that the taste of food is heightened in the comfort of a home, whether it be at your nonna’s or your daadi’s. In the cosy cocoon of the old villa, the designers have carved out a sanctuary of a space that, much like a multisensory gastronomical delight, orchestrates a symphony on your design palette. 

The Kadappa stone flooring of the exterior provides a durable yet aesthetically pleasing experience in the outdoor seating area; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio


Reclaimed wood emerges as the protagonist, boldly adorning surfaces, furniture and storage cabinets; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio

Gracing the exterior of this fine-dining Italian restaurant is stationed a whimsical art installation inspired by Pieke Bergmans, seemingly greeting the patrons with a playful “ciao”. Upon entry, you are welcomed by a carefully planned spatial layout with various seating arrangements that resonate with the artistic potpourri of design elements, furnishings, and décor. 

Erasing the line between the indoors and outdoors, the interiors are a testament to biophilic design with a palette of refreshing greens paired with the warm accents of reclaimed wood in chairs and decorative wall-hung log sections. However, the pièce de résistance is the U-shaped staircase where the reclaimed wooden treads stand out against the gleaming white and the pendant lights draw the eye upwards as you ascend on a sumptuous voyage. 

Earthy tones and a spectrum of brown hues are manifested in the choice of furnishings, imbuing the space with an aura of serenity; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio


The balcony with pastel-green urn balusters and a motley of hanging planters floods the interiors with daylight and fresh air; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio

Unexpected details

The Italian restaurant’s most unconventional feature can be found on its walls. Strategically peeling away the plaster, the designers reveal the bones of the eatery, structurally and metaphorically from the original brickwork wall to an intricately woven traditional carpet. The meticulously chosen furniture honours local craftsmanship while the mosaic-tiled table tops act as a unifying thread. Juxtaposed against the industrial ceilings are an array of vintage-inspired glass light fixtures, a symbiosis of the old and the new. 

Creatively peeling away the plaster, the designers incorporate a playful detail of an intricate traditional carpet peeking through; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio


The serene interiors bask in natural light; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio


Rich browns and refreshing greens stand out against the white plastered walls; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio

Trezoro is a portal to the past with an eye to the future. It invigorates your taste buds and nurtures your soul, not just through its delectable menu but also through conscientious design, conjuring an immersive trip down memory lane for anyone who steps through its doors.

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Each nook and corner is an ode to the essence of a warm abode, where the patrons are embraced by a cozy allure; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio

At the heart of Trezoro, is the masterpiece of a staircase that connects the three floors; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio


Housed in an old bungalow, Trezoro is a nostalgic wonderland with a contemporary flair; Photograph by Noaidwin Sttudio


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