#TrendAlert: The Still Life

AUG 18, 2023 | By Rajlakshmi Dastidar
The Sol floor lamp is by Hatsu while the Dublin armchair and foot stool in steel Lazio fabric 3903 is from BoConcept. The Wrapped and Patched wooden bowls in stretched leather is from Aequo. The bloom side table is by Name Place Animal Thing in collaboration with Ek Design, the Banana incense holder is by Vaishnovi Reddy and Shruti Biswajit for Gunava Design, Tesoro rug by Jaipur Rugs and the chequered custom rug is by Rugberry; Photography by Parth Pathak, Enlarge Photography

#TrendAlert The Still Life: Find solace in raindrops, like delicate dancers, pirouette upon the stage of our hearts, beckoning us to seek solace in the solemn stillness of our abodes

Trend and Style Direction by Yashika Punjabee  Styling assistant Juhi Agarwal

Buckle up for a cosy adventure, where doing nothing is an art form, and you’ll be floating on clouds in no time! Let’s dive into the laid-back paradise together, where relaxation reigns supreme! 

The Still Life
The Double rêve du primetemps bench is by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni while the Me floor lamp is from Ravi Vazirani design studio. Vardagen tempered brown glass is by Ikea and the Sayuri side table in dark finish teakwood is from the Pure Concept Home. The sandur candles in burnt terracotta by Florence Louisy are by aequo while the Tesoro Llacuna rug are by Jaipur Rugs. Pluto 7301 royale shyne luxury emulsion background wall paint is from Asian Paints; Photography by Parth Pathak, Enlarge Photography

Just like the echo that reverberates against an obstacle, the rest and relaxation trend is here for you to create a harmonious connection between your living space and the world around you. Discover the enchanting relationship between organisms and their environment, as you control the heartbeat of your home in perfect synchrony with the rhythm of the universe.

The Melt centre table is by Bombay Design Lab while the Shatranj chess board set in zinc, silver and terracotta is by Gunjan gupta for Ikkis. The Griffith wrist band in harness leather with fitted metal hardware is from Nappa Dori while the Lea chair in dark finish teakwood is by the Pure Concept home and the Wave Flow candle stand is by Hatsu. The Colour Connect Lemongrass Verdant Vibes candle is from Home Centre, Tobacco cosy teddy faux fur throw by Pottery Barn while the Lacuna and Tesoro rugs are by Jaipur Rugs; Photography by Parth Pathak, Enlarge Photography


The Still Life
Lea chair in dark finish teakwood is by the Pure Concept Home, the linen tablecloth in indigo blue made in european linen is by Live Linen, the stone and clay mixture carafe is by Nimmit, the Colaba ceramic tea cup is by freedom tree and the Vardagen glass is by ikea. The Amaran charger plate in serpentine stone is by Ikai Asai with shiitake mushrooms from Nature’s Basket. The rubber plant is sourced locally while the Aamaran appetiser plate in serpentine stone is by Ikai Asai and the cast iron oval casserole is from Le Creuset along with the Tillagd 4 piece cutlery set by ikea. The Tesoro rug is by Jaipur Rugs; Photography by Parth Pathak, Enlarge Photography


1. “MELT PORTABLE BLACK LED” MADE WITH POLYETHYLENE and TEREPHTHALATE IN SILVER AND MIRROR FINISH part of the Portables collection by Tom Dixon 2. THE “DUNE” RUG IN 100% NEW ZEALAND WOOL designed by Franki Peroff and Jacob Winter for Mush Studios 3. “MORRO” COFFEE TABLE IN ENDIVE MARBLE designed by Kelly Wearstler 4. “BLANCHE” WALL MIRROR IN WOODEN FRAME WITH FOLDABLE FRINGES IN LEVANTE LEATHER ON RINGS IN SATIN STEEL by Visionnaire 5. “BOMBOCA” SOFA IN RESIN AND METAL, part of the Objets Nomades collection, designed by Campana Brothers for Louis Vuitton, all prices on request 6. “SEHER BAKHOOR” BURNER MADE IN CASTED BRASS AND SOAPSTONE by Ira Udaipur, available at The House of Things, `74,800 7. “MULTIPLO” CHAIR MADE WITH ACRON, part of the Multiplo collection, designed by Studio Finemateria for Pulkra 8. “GUTTA” VASE SET IN BLOWN GLASS AND NEUTRAL GREY FINISH designed by Kateryna Sokolova for Noom

As we become the conduits of moody melodies, our dark interiors echo the mysteries within, while we gracefully navigate the realm of lazy rhythms, drifting in a dreamlike state.

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