TOGETHER FOR COVID-AID by Offset Projects brings together over 50 artists and photographers to raise funds for the COVID-19 crisis

MAY 29, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Untitled; Photograph by Varun Gupta
Love, Hyderabad; Photograph by Vinod Venkapalli
Untitled Image from the ongoing project Our Songs from the Forest; Photograph by Uma Bista
Picking Berries in the Fog; Photograph by Swastik Pal
Untitled Self Reflection in a store window. Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 2019; Photograph by Swapan Parekh
Shropshire, England; Photograph by Srinivas Kuruganti
Untitled, 2014, from the series 'Of River and Lost Lands'; Photograph by Sarker Protick
Watermelon; Photograph by Prasiit Sthapit
Dog by Twilight; Photograph by Paroma Mukherjee
Magic Fishes; Photograph by Vasantha Yogananthan
Untitled image taken on a train journey from Bhuj to Ahmedabad in 2016; Photograph by Kannagi Khanna
Natural Habitat; Photograph by Kaamna Patel
Polo in Karakoram; Photograph by Hashim Badani
Can You See Me When I Don't See You; Photograph by Gayatri Ganju
Reflections, 2019; Photograph by Avani Rai
Untitled; Photograph by Arko Datto
Women on the ferry to Elephanta Caves; Photograph by Anurag Banerjee
A Horse with no Name; Photograph by Adil Hasan
Faith; Photograph by Dinesh Khanna
Mohona, 2016; Photographs by Karthik Subramanian
Untitled; Photograph by Poulomi Basu
Untitled; Photograph by Philippe Calia
Untitled; Photograph by Sumit Dayal
Istanbul, Turkey; Photograph by Anshika Varma
The Man in the Sola Hat, Bombay 1985; Photograph by Sooni Taraporevala

TOGETHER FOR COVID-AID by Offset Projects is a fundraising initiative lending support to the current COVID-19 crisis in India. The print sale is a one-time initiative with over 50 artists of national and international repute contributing their work for sale as non-editioned prints. Their work imbibes a strong personal voice, whose presence is an invaluable contribution to the growing visual language in India and South Asia. 

The work is being sold via the Offset Bookshop on their website. We’ve picked some we really liked, for the whole selection you can visit the Offset Bookshop website. Proceedings from the sale will go to the Hemkunt Foundation and Swabhiman Society.

Faith; Photograph by Dinesh Khanna


Moon; Photograph by Hari Katragadda Shweta Upadhyay


Woman on a Ferry Deck, Bombay; Photograph by Apoorva Guptay 


Sunday morning is a black and white image of a boy jumping with pure joy by the sea in Bombay; Phototgraph by Pretika Menon


The Blooming; Photograph by Zishaan A. Latif


Untitled; Photograph by Uzma Mohsin


Goa, India; Photograph by Kapil Das


Queen of the night, 2017; Photograph by Priyadarshini Ravichandran Niveditha Subramaniam


Mahatma Gandhi’s last steps at Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi, 1998; Photograph by Prashant Panjiar


Papaya Peels for the birds in Binsar; Photograph by Avani Tanya


Untitled; Photograph by Katrin Koenning


Untitled; Photograph by Chandan Gomes


Untitled; Photograph by Nepal Picture Library


Untitled; Photograph by Ishan Tankha


Mother is a verb; Photograph by Valentina Abenavoli


It breathes; Photograph by Tejal Pandey


Untitled, 2018, Lama Punji; Photograph by Aishwarya Arumbakkam


Roxy; Photograph by Akshay Mahajan

All funds raised will be donated to the Hemkunt Foundation and Swabhiman Society. The sale is running until 4th June.