This Vadodara home by The Crossboundaries aptly exemplifies modern minimalism

JAN 19, 2022 | By Rhea Sinha
The living room walls splash a rustic contemporary semblance cladded in exposed brick from The Brick Store; Photographs by Umang Shah
An open floorplan concept with Kota stone flooring from Baba Marble allows light and seamless transition from room to room on the ground floor; Photographs by Umang Shah
Colossal, charming windows by Cara from Hi tech Aluminiums bask the space in abundant natural light; Photographs by Umang Shah
Elating artwork on the wall of the elevator shaft by Ashish and Abir Chakroborty exhibits a sight for the sore eyes; Photographs by Umang Shah
A modest concrete staircase placed strategically, balances with the simplicity of the minimal home; Photographs by Umang Shah
Striking wall art casting Lord Mahaveer in situ welcomes guests through the foyer; Photographs by Umang Shah
A series of contemporary crescent inspired moon lamps are displayed all over the Villa; Photographs by Umang Shah
The heavenly home is completed with a vivacious entertainer's den; Photographs by Umang Shah
An elevated light and white bar acts as the calm in the chaos of colour of the den; Photographs by Umang Shah
Green Kota stone flooring from Baba Marbles complements the sombre colour palette of the room admirably; Photographs by Umang Shah
A day bed along extensive windows brings in a bounty of warm sunlight; Photographs by Umang Shah
In pristine white and azure blue by Asian Paints Royale, the kitchen includes built-in appliances by Faber; Photographs by Umang Shah

Effortlessly capturing the essence of outdoor-to-indoor spaces with a serene touch of colours and materials, this 5,200 sq ft family home in Manjalpur area of Vadodara, Gujarat has a riveting story to tell.

Designed by Harsh Boghani, Principal Architect and Founder, The Crossboundaries—a firm that commands a knack in interior design, architecture and product design—and his team, the villa is a lush example of a modernist residential lifestyle, with hints of tradition weaved cleverly within its ornamentation. Rebuilt to fit the upgraded needs of a family of four, the home stands on a 2,900 sq ft plot of familial land. 

With this project, Boghani incurred liberty and room to venture in any direction with the client’s only instruction of crafting a comfortable and spacious design. “This home is an exploration of minimalism, but through raw and naturally textured materials. In a way, it is a bit of contemporary minimalism as its soul as well as a search for textures, surface finishes and rawness in materials.” explains The Crossboundaries’ Boghani.  

The contemporary residence exhibits minimalism at its finest with basal furniture from Better Living, Surat; photographs by Umang Shah


A short walk up concrete staircases leads you to a grand entrance through a linear mirror door; Photographs by Umang Shah

The villa predominantly exhibits an elaborate and refined expression of material. Stretched from foyer to terrace, inviting passage into the house is a cavity wall dressed from top to bottom in black Kadappa stone chalking out a frame that makes one stop and gaze. 

Upon entrance, welcomes you a grand 10-foot door inclusive of a linear tinted-grey mirror throughout and a slit fixed with clear glass, conferring it the centrepiece of the architectural facade. The entryway opens up to an eclectic initial impression, displaying Lord Mahaveer in situ wall art cast in concrete. 

A 9 foot long wide white Wimborne table levitates in the dining area past the kitchen, a functional and visual treat; Photographs by Umang Shah

The open floor plan of the space seamlessly transitioning one heart of the house to another, complements the colossal openings built into the wall admirably.  Thereupon extending the living room towards the garden at the entrance, allowing sweeping amounts of natural light in. 

A slit in the terrace releases a rich amount of light, achieving a space that doesn’t see darkness; Photographs by Umang Shah

Within the vicinity of the living room, a diverse variety of shapes, colours, and textures amalgamate impeccably accomplishing utopian harmony. Raised 12-foot high ceilings carrying solely aesthetic profile lights throughout, provide the accompanying space with a muted-clean canvas in play with the vibrant decor. 

Green Kota stone, conspicuous textures and subtle hues of grey and pink strike contraposition with the splashy furnishings in the space. 

Concrete staircases balance impeccably accompanying the Kota stone flooring from Baba Marble; photographs by Umang Shah

Neighbouring the strategically stationed concrete staircase is a levitated 9-foot wide white Wimborne table that alters the perspective of this stretch to map off an expanded look, in return adding a tad bit of lightness to the spot.

Past it stands the compelling kitchen finished off with handsome surfaces and shine and donned in Pristine white and Azure blue paints by Asian Paints Royale.

The material library of the parent’s suite displays wooden furnishings and exposed concrete ceilings that add a fresh flavour of design. Ornate, nominal art planted next to a crescent-inspired lamp on the wall brings forth a contemporary, perceptible factor to the room’s arrangement. Advancing the outdoor-to-indoor concept, The Crossboundaries placed a day bed around the corner with broad windows to bring in an adequate fix of natural light. 

Wall art by Ashish and Abir Chakroborty is an accent piece striking the eye from all corners of the house; Photographs by Umang Shah


Each space in the home exhibits a different personality, some serene and some loud; Photographs by Umang Shah


A series of crescent inspired night light fixtures persist round the residence; Photographs by Umang Shah

Across the first level is the elder son’s primary bedroom floored in beautiful green Kota stone in Galicha pattern. Peaches, greys, and other catchy tints add a crisp, young filter to the visual. Fitting in the artful and functional design story, a foldable desk conveniently takes up little space in the room. 

A vivid variance to the rest of the residence, the younger son’s bedroom’s creative is expressed with a brazen hit of bold blacks and gorgeous greys. A light, white desk submits to the white walls faultlessly. 

Bold blacks and Smoky Greys in the younger son’s bedroom are a dramatic contrast to the rest of the home’s mood board; Photographs by Umang Shah

Adding to the network of the rooms in this villa is the guest room with a neat design layout of walls swathed in blue and grey. What strikes attention is the inclusion of wicker cane work with wooden frames in the bed back and wardrobe. Next is the enticing entertainer’s den that monopolises the second floor, soundproofed with acoustically administered walls that are both an optical and auditory treat. 

The walls maintain a linear demeanour running through all spheres of the villa. An avocado green couch balances with the deep blue wall elevating the entire visage. Amidst the chaos of colours, an airy suspended bar unit falls into place fluently. The Crossboundaries

Wrapping it all up into a pretty package, Boghani of The Crossboundaries says, “The home is a mixture of various personalities, from serene and calm, to loud and glamorous, but tied together effortlessly by common spaces that are vibrant yet minimal and comfortable.”

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