This Pune home by AMPM Designs unravels melodies of grandeur, grey hues and cosy reveries

JAN 17, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
The living room of the Grey House enjoys lush views of the lawn; Photographs by Kuber Shah
A majority of the furniture and rugs in the Grey House are tailor made to suit the client's preferences; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Luxurious and comforting, the dining corner is decked with a palette of grey and silver with striking design details; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The den doubles up as a study room with touches of tan sofa, leather-fabric study table by Magnus Designs and patterned floors; Photographs by Kuber Shah
A reading zone that also serves as a space for the family to catch up for quick conversations models a sober palette with pop of blue chairs embedded with ornate dragonfly studs; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Complementing the greys of the house are glossy metallic furniture details; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The lawn cum terrace zone of the home breaks away from the dark grey tones and introduces shades of white, orange, greens; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The master bedroom brims with joyous tones of grey; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The son's bedroom is dark-themed but with playful touches of colours and patterns; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The son's bedroom brings a spirited series of design details while still awash in grey hues; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Thoughtfully drizzled with nuances of splendour with a serve of myriad shades of gorgeous grey throughout, the Grey House is where a sombre colour palette finds the spotlight in the cosiest ways possible.

At the forefront of this residential project nestled in Pune are Akash Mehta and Poonam Mehta, design principals and co-founders of AMPM Designs, an architecture and interior design studio. Stretching a landscape of about 6,500 sq ft, the Grey House is christened so because of the client’s love for the colour grey. 

The duo elaborates, “The lady of the home was looking for a very cosy space. She hinted that she loves grey and wanted a dark, dimmed space.” They add, “The home juxtaposes a modern elegance with a young and open design focussing on form, texture and most importantly, comfort.”

AMPM Designs Pune home
The entry foyer leads intro the Grey House; Photographs by Kuber Shah


AMPM Designs Pune home
One cannot unsee the opulent decor details decked in the Grey House; Photographs by Kuber Shah

As one ambles into the entrance foyer, a striking inlay work catches the eye where a patch of marble on the floor is redesigned with a dark mocha marble contoured with brass insert. On the right side of the wall is a structured mirror with a console, placed amidst two shoe racks layered in dark grey veneer.

Adjacently placed at the entry area is a powder bathroom done up in dark-tone marble work, digital mural wallpaper, a beautiful mirror and an ornate brass lamp adding to the vivacity of the space.

AMPM Designs Pune home
The powder room at the entry foyer is synonymous to magnificence with dark toned marbles, ornate brass lights and mural wallpapers adorning the space; Photographs by Kuber Shah

A few steps forward from the foyer, the eyes witness a grand space that could pass off as the perfect living room. Divided into two hearts, the right side engulfs a fluid layout modelling a curved sofa, an accent tall chair and a grey-hued centre table that sits with poise on a circular rug.

This side of the room revels in the serene views of the outdoors and the lawn, while also letting a flush of daylight trickle indoors. This is where an ecstatic collision of dark and bright births for the dwellers to cherish every day.

AMPM Designs Pune home
The dining room hosts the client’s treasured decor accessories along with a splendid dining table with a marble top from Stone Capital; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The left of the room, closer to the kitchen, hugs a sweet reading corner that also doubles up as a space for the family to socialise and bond over quick chats and ideas. A vivid pop of blue chairs embedded with ornate dragonfly studs imbue drama to this corner.

As one maps the way down to the dining area, a sense of elevated living engages the attention, laden with grey and silver tones humming the tunes of magnificence with touches of a sober palette.

Akash and Poonam Mehta of AMPM Designs muse, “The entire dining area is envisioned in a way where she wanted a space for her silver decorative accessories and that’s how we got the two arched units crafted and wrapped them with wallpapers designed by Sabyasachi made by Nilaya.”

AMPM Designs Pune home
The two arched units in the dining area are draped with wallpapers by Sabyasachi for Nilaya, Asian Paints; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The dining table exhibits a blended grey marble top with overall straight and lean structures paired with similar toned plush chairs. The duo installed a luxurious light dangling from the ceiling adding to the fine experience of dining every day.

AMPM Designs Pune home
A grey colour story embraces the master bedroom; ; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The hall towards its end opens to the den, a compact space that the client sought as a home office and TV room. A contrast tan sofa, a leather-fabric study table from Magnus Designs, Jaipur, and storage spaces for books and artefacts occupy the room.

AMPM Designs Pune home
This corner in the master bedroom hosts a little study; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Inside the master bedroom, the grey theme continues to bedazzle. Fusing a mellow mix of grey and green here, the designers placed a grey toned bed along with blue-grey tinted glass wardrobes in the walk-in wardrobe zone and gauzy linen-textured curtains that pervade the space with warmth and airiness. The duo adds, “We didn’t change the beige marble laid by the builder and simply added a beige mushroom to the vanity to give the space a fluted look.”

The son’s bedroom revels in shades of grey, mustard, yellow, white and more; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Following a similar sober and grey tenor is one of the son’s bedroom. The special brief for this room was to create an extremely dark, dim room. To bring this to life, a back panel with light detailing was employed with lots of black and white elements making appearances. To bring a hint of transparency to the dark theme, fluted wardrobe shutters are used and the space is further doused in touches of mustard and graphic print rug.

AMPM Designs Pune home
This bathroom corner breathes mellow tones of white and pale pink; Photographs by Kuber Shah


AMPM Designs Pune home
The guest bedroom is delightful fusion of greys, blues, greens and other colours with an arresting portrait of a girl on the wall; ; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Akash and Poonam Mehta of AMPM Designs iterate, “The Guest bedroom was the only space we felt that could break open to not the grey hues but go more towards an icy palette.” The duo added wainscoting details on the walls with catchy decor accessories from Obje and a gripping portrait of a girl that draws attention.

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