This Park Street apartment by Rebecca James breathes a pastel solace into London’s vibrancy

JAN 27, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
The foyer houses Felice James' bench and console, 1960s lights by JT Kalmar, a Rebecca Brodskis artwork, Fiona McDonald mirror, Bardiglio and Carrara marble mix flooring with pink border in Rosa Portogalo marble; Photographs by Rich Gooding
Seen in the living area are a pair of 1950s swivel chairs by Milo Baughman, bespoke couches and centre table, and a Tai Ping rug; Photographs by Rich Gooding
Another angle of the living room reveals a Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti stool, Felix Agostini light shades and seaters; Photographs by Rich Gooding 
This part of the living room is dressed with a Clotilde Ancarani gold leaf table, a couch and Concho round coffee table by Yucca Stuff; Photographs by Rich Gooding
A Felice James dining table is paired with Ruby Chairs by Fiona McDonald, curtain fabric from Fox Linton and Hans Agne Jakobsson 1960s chandeliers; Photographs by Rich Gooding
This view of the formal dining section provides a glimpse of the Andrea Felice wine glass cabinet and wallpaper by Zoffany; Photographs by Rich Gooding
The kitchen uses Grigio Tunisi marble flooring, Corian countertops, cabinetry and drawers, 1950s Stilux light and a Lacanche cooking range; Photographs by Rich Gooding
View of the children's room, which is decked using customised bunk beds and desk, John Lewis and Cuckooland bean bag, and Albers wall light and chair from Habitat; Photographs by Rich Gooding
View of the children's room that's bathed in natural daylight, owing to the window shades by The Shutter Company; Photographs by Rich Gooding
A chic nightstand, Felice James desk, Garouste and Bonetti side table besides Scandinavian armchair, West Elm rug, 1940s wing chair by Gustav Bengtsson and Porta Romana lamps are seen in the master bedroom; Photographs by Rich Gooding
Jim Thompson's wallpaper covers the homeowner's closet. Also seen are the coffee table from AU Bespoke, ISA 1950s sofa and pillows in embroidered Osborne and Little fabric; Photographs by Rich Gooding
a Bette bath, shower from Watermark and glass door by Wow Glass; Photographs by Rich Gooding
An Elitis finished wall coupled with a headboard in velvet from Lizzo, pillow fabrics by Jab and De le Cuona and customised door and bedside tables are seen in the guest room; Photographs by Rich Gooding
This balcony is accessed through a bedroom. It is decked using a crafted bench, teak finishing and pillow cases in Jab fabrics; Photographs by Rich Gooding

This Park Street apartment, designed and renovated by Rebecca James Studio, draws inspiration from its existing layout that’s reminiscent of Parisian style and exudes a sense of timelessness.

The 4,000 sq ft duplex is a neutral-hued sky parlour located in London‘s Mayfair neighbourhood. Considering that it’s not been modified for 25 years, the family home was taken up as a turnkey project by Rebecca James, one of the UK’s leading interior designers.

“Our client wanted a timeless home and we were more than happy to indulge. Our vision was to create a contemporary Parisian-style apartment with light and airy tones. Reined back luxury layered with textures all working together in harmony,” shares the designer.

The bespoke living room couch and centre table are placed on a Tai Ping rug. On the wall is an artwork by Jr Swaby; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The living room exudes a pristine charm and is dotted with midcentury furniture pieces, including the couches, coffee tables, lounge and swivel chairs that are embellished in white tones and placed on a textured rug that adds an artistic character.

An armchair and shelving unit are paired with a Nina Lance artwork, Arredoluce sconces and the partially seen Clotilde Ancarani gold leaf table; Photographs by Rich Gooding

Pastel shades coupled with artworks and a matte ebony fireplace accentuate the space. Adding a symmetrical essence is a full-length shelving unit, which holds books, artefacts and more.

The kitchen features a Lacanche cooking range, Corian countertop, cabinetry and drawers, and Grigio Tunisi marble floor tiles; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The kitchen uses a tinge of walnut and gold to highlight the theme of the apartment. It comprises additional seating around an island counter, which also serves as an intimate dining setting while a rather formal dining area is placed in a separate section.

This cosy nook showcases a curated banquette, West Elm table, Cane-line chairs, 1950s pendant light by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte and Binga baskets from Zimbabwe (on the wall); Photographs by Rich Gooding

“Earlier, this cooking space was dark and cluttered with heavy furniture and drapery. And the homeowner wished for something more feminine, so we introduced light hues and crafted it as an elegant space,” adds James.

The main room uses bespoke bedside tables, Porta Romana and The Lamp Workshop lights, and soft furnishings from Dedar, West Elm and Holland and Sherry; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The pastel-hued master bedroom is in line with the contemporary theme of the apartment. It benefits in height from its top floor location and mighty sloping roof. Light oak timber flooring in herringbone pattern complements the room’s neutral aesthetic. The fabric headboard by Elizabeth Eakin steals the show with its subtle yet dense floral pattern.

A Felice James stool and desk in the master bedroom; Photographs by Rich Gooding

A sleek dresser with tapered legs is placed beside a plush furry pouffe from Felice James. This section is infused with natural daylight and looks expansive, thanks to its colour palette.

Seen here are the AU Bespoke coffee table and stool and a closet embellished with Objet Insolite handles; Photographs by Rich Gooding

A capacious master closet houses a snug couch from ISA 1950s and a coffee table from AU Bespoke. A shoe wardrobe, akin to a display unit, showcases the homeowner’s trendy footwear and accessories, as well as adds colour to the otherwise muted space.

The bathroom uses a chic mirror, Verde Panama marble sink, Urban Electric Co lights and Waterworks showerhead; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The master bathroom features a shower cubicle backdrop of Verde Panama marble, which is also used as a hexagonal floor mosaic. The angular end of the space is cleverly used as a shelving unit.

Natural light bathes this space, which houses bunk as well as a queen-sized bed, John Lewis pillows, Albers wall light from Habitat and window shades from The Shutter Company; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The kids’ bedroom is a lively abode in itself, comprised of customised bunk beds and a queen-sized bed. We love that the steps are used as storage spaces! In fact, even the wallpaper is interesting because of its graphical, doodle-like representation of London in pastel blues and pinks.

Bespoke drawers, rack and graphic wallpaper are seen in the kids’ wardrobe; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The graphics as well as the colour and material palette continues on from the children’s bedroom to their wardrobe. It includes multiple storage units, a clothing rack and the doodle-style London wallpaper, and is accessed via a sliding door.

This bathroom uses a Palwa 1970s mirror, Catalano sink and facuet and showerhead from Waterworks; Photographs by Rich Gooding

The terrazzo floored bathroom is fitted with brass accents, such as the Palwa 1970s mirror as well as the faucets. On the other hand, the bold bathroom digresses from the neutral theme of the apartment and joins the trendy fireplace with its matte black shade. A shell-patterned tile on the adjacent wall infuses a geometric design in the otherwise refined decor.

The bold bath features a Catalano sink in matte black; Photographs by Rich Gooding

Like many Parisian homes, this London apartment also includes a chic terrace and cosy balcony to unwind and interact with the outdoors, making it that much more covetable!