Marrying traditional craft with contemporary technique is this New Delhi office crafted by Nivasa

NOV 30, 2022 | By Akshay Bipin Luthiya
With neutral tone walls and colourful books, the space is designed with a touch of luxury; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal
Cosy yellow leather armchairs, black and white chequered flooring and a faux fireplace in the lobby add a warm and welcoming touch. Furniture pieces are from Nivasa; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal
Accommodating the essentials, the main office is simple yet elegant; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal
The waiting room features a plush blue and grey sofa set, and a rectangular metal and wood coffee table from Nivasa; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal
Adding an old-world charm to the conference room is the bookshelves; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal
The elegant chairs from Nivasa and shutters with cane detailing knit the main office room; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal

Breaking the stereotype of a so-called typical lawyer’s office, Nivasa brings an array of colours and materials in this new-age plush and cosy office for a lawyer. 

Saba Kapoor and Rohit Kapoor, Co-founders of Nivasa craft this 3000 sq ft office for a senior lawyer in Defence Colony, New Delhi.

A discerning palette of colours and materials gives the interiors of the waiting room a quaint appeal with furniture from Nivasa; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal

The curious brief 

Rohit and Saba previously designed a home for the client and hence while designing the office, the owner’s approached well before the date of finalisation, while the civil work was still going on. 

“The primary point, which was discussed during the design discussions, was that the office should not look like a typical lawyer’s office with heavy wooden panelling or wood finishes,” says Rohit and Saba. As the main office is where the lawyer spends most of his time, it becomes the focus. Only a few walls were shifted at the time of the construction. Otherwise, no major setting changes were made.

The design of this conference room is elevated by muted colours and clean finishes; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal

Tour the office

The entrance to the office is a refreshing burst of light blue and yellow with an array of planters, decor pieces and artwork. A chic lobby leads to a hospitable waiting room, a sophisticated main office and a welcoming conference room. The waiting room of the office has been designed to look and feel like a luxurious living room with a plush blue and grey sofa set, a large wooden shelf along with a rectangular metal and wooden coffee table. 

Upon entrance to the room, the lawyer’s desk takes the left side and the seating area takes the right. Floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelves with cane features alongside a brown chesterfield commands attention.

The design aesthetic of the main office continues in the conference room as well with grey walls, and wooden furniture with cane detailing. A dark blue lounger and a console with decor accessories render character and calm to the space.  Food is a priority, if not the first in the list! Adhering to the same, the conference room has a well appointed pantry inside a niche with sliding pocket shutters, ideal for cosy socialising as well.

A refreshing burst of light blue and yellow with intricately woven cane panels in the lobby act as a room divider to offer privacy; Photography by Deepak Aggarwal

Ideas to bookmark- colours and materials 

“For the lawyer’s office we have incorporated locally sourced, environmentally sustainable cane in the furniture and surface treatments. We, at Nivasa, love celebrating this environmentally sustainable material in our furniture and interior projects,” expresses the designers. 

Preserving age-old Indian crafts such as cane weaving that have transcended generations of artisan families, they have merged traditional crafts with contemporary techniques and processes to revive the crafts and render economy for the local craftsmen.

What the designer fell in love with 

Saba and Rohit voice, “This office reimagines what a lawyer’s office looks and feels like. We gave the office a crisp new identity, the interiors reflect contemporary aesthetics peppered with classical highlights. This theme continues through space.”

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