This Kolkata home by Essajees Atelier is the epitome of experimentation dipped in hues and textures

DEC 1, 2022 | By Ishika Paruthi
The elegant living room features custom-made art by Smita Moksh, hanging light from Arjun Rathi, a veneer wall panelling with fluting, functional lighting by iGuzzini and Callisto Elements furniture on The Weaver rug; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

This minimalist and elegant abode is designed by Sarah Sham, Principal Designer of Essajees Atelier alongside her team, Nikhil Makwana and Mahima Mistry

The designers have curated this 3800 sq ft contemporary home for a nuclear family in the Bhawanipur region of the City of Joy—Kolkata.

Balancing patterns, vibrant colours and the subtle white fluted wall is the den with Callisto Elements furniture, The Weaver rug, Pink Champa cushions and curtains from Time furnishings; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

The curious brief

The homeowners initially opted for another designer but thought they needed to switch and that is when Sarah and Essajees Atelier came into the picture. The initial designer did make some changes to the space including marble selections, so Sarah had to start with what had already been done and incorporate that in her ideas.

The sophisticated living room exhibits hanging lights by Arjun Rathi, iGuzzini ceiling lights, micro-topping wall and Callisto Elements furniture on a rug by The Weaver; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

The brief was to design a space which is fresh and elegant and liveable where each room tells a different story and is personal to the residents and their lifestyle.

Pop colour chair complements the off-white drawing room; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

Tour every turn of this contemporary home

After entering the space, one is greeted with a large end-to-end mirror. Keeping the services hidden, a fluted panelling covers them at the front door.

The entrance foyer opens up the space using a large full, end-to-end mirror. All furniture is from Alsorg with statuario marble flooring and a wall with white fluting and portal in the black glossy finish; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

The next stop is the dining room which is adorned with a large dining table and a massive glass wardrobe area concealing the crockery with aesthetics.  

Ceiling lights and an end to end veneer panelling with fluting make the entire passage of the home look lavish.

An end-to-end veneer panelled wall with fluting across the dining space makes the entire passage of the home look large and long; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


The dining area displays furniture from Alsorg, and decorative light by Jade Studio; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

A 9 ft wide door takes us from the dining area to the living room. Embellished with rounded furniture, designer rugs and an array of art, this space is quite vibrant compared to the overall clean theme of the home. There is also a den room separated by another glass door next to the living area.

Imbibing nature indoors is the daughter’s bedroom with potted plants and wallpaper by Ankita Arya Design depicting the environment; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

One is greeted in the primary bedroom by minimalistic hues and sophisticated elegance. This room has a calm vibe which is perfect to unwind after a hectic day. With a fluted back panel with a hint of orange and tan, this room makes for a perfect abode for the homeowner. 

The son’s bedroom is a vivid space with furniture from Callisto Elements, decor from Claymen and Scarlet Splendour, bedding from Maskara Exports on a custom-made rug from a painting by artist Palak Chowdhary and curtains by Time furnishings; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

The son’s soon is furnished with lowlights and a louvred wardrobe with a styling stool. The overarching theme of this room has been designed keeping in mind a sense of style as well as functionality. 

Bathed in warm tones is the master bedroom with H&M HOME decor, The White Teak Company wall light and fluted wall panel; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

The daughter’s room on the other hand has a completely organic theme with a nature themed custom wallpaper and a huge planter. The room has been dipped in minimal hues with varying textures which elevates it to the next level.  

The walk-in-wardrobe of the master bedroom showcases a Puff pouffe from Scarlet Splendour; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

What the designer fell in love with

Sarah says,“The place that I enjoyed designing the most was Shraddha’s room and the  daughter’s room as they gave us free reign to do what we felt like would be best in their given brief and it really turned out great.”

Sarah’s design philosophy is customisation! She doesn’t really have a signature style but each of the spaces she designs is a play on hues and tints and has plenty of plants. Other than that, she always considers the personality of the residents and their tastes and designs accordingly.

 Scroll down to see more glimpses of this home!

The wood panelling on the walls makes for a warm and inviting space; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


The polished statuario Italian flooring reflects the elements in the space; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


Fluted back panel with a few soft touches of orange and tan from Alsorg is the master bedroom; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


The white wardrobe doors with stripe pattern render a clean language; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


A wooden block covered in black sits well in the dressing area with long wooden wardrobes and a grey patterned floor; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


The subtle bathroom exhibits a round mirror with ambient natural lighting; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala


With a backdrop of a white, curved mirror with a black border and wooden storage unit below is the powder room; Photography credits Talib Chitalwala

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