This hair salon designed by Antariksh Design Studio in Surat is an ode to traditional pursuits with a modern twist

DEC 27, 2022 | By Tamanna Doctor
The Parth salon is adorned with downlights from Avtar lights and wall lights from Glitter on Light and hair-cutting chairs from Marc Salon Furniture; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio
Charcoal painting from Sukaka art makes for a subtle ambience; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio
The wall is finished in lime based texture from Superior Decor; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio
Warm and ambient waiting area; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio
The seating furniture complements the grey palette of the room; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio
The elements in the salon were designed to resemble skin and hair; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio
Minimal in every aspect is this bench that encompasses kharadi work from Bhurabhai; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

A salon is not just a place for treatments but it’s a space you go to feel good, to be pampered and feel supreme.

The Co-Founders of Antariksh Design Studio, Umesh Anghan and Hiren Bhingaradiya acknowledged the brief for this 530 sq ft space in Surat and crafted the place to be an exceptional experience.

Glass work done on the mirrors and tinted glass are from Lucky glass which reflects simplicity; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

The curious brief

The owners wanted this project to be a modern interpretation of what salons used to be, a comfortable and peaceful environment where one can mull over art, literature and other intellectual pursuits with a cup of coffee and just relax. As the salon’s main purpose would be beauty treatments, the elements of the space were designed to resemble skin and hair, while the surfaces were kept minimal to create a peaceful environment.

The hair-cutting chairs from Marc Salon Furniture goes well with the tone of the overall space; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

“The material palette was kept very natural, neutral and minimal. We used only the finest materials like lime-based textures on the walls, cane, wood, metal, cotton thread and brass,” reveal the duo Umesh and Hiren. 

Expressing refinement through the muted colour palette is the hairdressing area; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

Tour every turn of the space

Upon entering the space, the waiting area consists of a reception and gives off a welcoming vibe. The presence of a jali being present on the sofa is carried on in the backdrop of the reception as well. 

Planters, ambient light, essential products and a cheerful appeal surround the black shelf; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

Entrance to the female section is slyly concealed by a white door with the jali motif in black on top of it. The female section is a quaint private space with minimal design and soothing auras. A traditional statement bench that uses Kharadi work (hand knitting and weaving with cotton threads) is present to embrace local crafts. 

Artwork from Sukaka art beautifully contrasts the overall charcoal ambience; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

Through the arch in the reception, the male section begins. The space is designed in minimal and lowkey ways with regards to the forms and materials used. The luxurious space has aspects of Wabi Sabi with a touch of contemporary themes.

Resembling minimalism is the entrance glass door; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

What the designers fell in love with

The design of the main entrance, the arched entryways and working with locally sourced materials was quite exciting for the designers. Even though the theme is kept minimal, the effort that goes into making seamless designs and picking the perfect material to go with the entire theme was a task thoroughly enjoyed. 

Natural, neutral and minimal is what the theme of the salon is; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio


The interior of the Parth salon is intricate and beautiful; Photographs credits Noaidwin Sttudio

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