This Gurugram apartment designed by Nivasa is spacious and flamboyant with a kaleidoscope of accents

NOV 17, 2021 | By Anushua Aich
This daughter’s bedroom is a serene retreat that is soothing while also being highly functional; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
This daughter’s bedroom showcases geometrical patterns, shades of pink and plush furniture; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
Bold and dark textures adorn this washroom, alongside contemporary sanitary fixtures; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
Entailing a pleasant balcony, this primary bedroom becomes more spacious and airy; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
This primary bedroom, with its dark brown and gold hues exudes luxury and sophistication; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
The lucid and transparent design of the hallway doors adds a freshness amidst the splash of colours; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
This living area leads to the dining space in an open floor plan, making it the perfect space for hosting guests as well as having celebrations and events; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
The hallway opens to a living and dining area, which is a massive, aesthetic space; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
From an opulent chandelier to pastel-hued sofas, everything looks crisp and clean in this first formal seating area; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
This chic bar is situated by the window overlooking panoramic views of a lush green golf course; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
Decor pieces like the painting and the ornate mirror bless the dining space with a subtle beauty; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
Striking paintings add richness and character to this second formal seating area; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal
A gratifying confluence of different styles and colours, featured in the chairs, tables and lights overhead, bring forth an exquisite concept of design; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

Home to a family of three and their little canine companion, this apartment in Magnolias complex, Gurugram, designed by Nivasa is fun and flawless. Conceptualised keeping in mind the personality and needs of the family members, the home offers style and comfort in bounty for them to settle in peacefully. 

The vivid interiors reflect sharpness and precision as the contemporary and linear patterned walls render a white backdrop. Further, to ensure that the snow white composure of the walls does not appear pale, various vibrant paintings, opulent chandeliers and minimal light fixtures adorn the walls.

Nivasa’s choice of decor pieces, for instance, the soothing Buddha statue in the elegant foyer or pastel-hued sofas with rounded corners in the living space, are so muted yet unique in their characteristics that the pieces feel at home with a sense of belonging. 

This beautiful foyer features intricately designed, hand-painted walls and ceiling; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

Division of spaces in a balanced yet effortless manner is also something that stands as inspirational. As the hallway opens to the living and dining areas, both of which are large spaces—the first glimpse of what balanced aesthetics look like is procured in pastel shades of pink, blue and grey. To prioritise comfort, the living space is divided into two formal seating areas, both featuring modern furniture with a touch of classic detailing.

 The living area leads to the dining space in an open floor plan, making it the perfect space for hosting guests. Resembling the saccharine pink and white cotton candy, the dining area houses a luxe six-person dining table with chairs that are a blend of old-world and new aesthetics. 

Adjacent to the bar, this elegant chair enhances the beauty of this relaxing corner; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

In addition to the dining table, the living room also exhibits a sumptuous pure brass bar. This chic bar is situated by the window overlooking panoramic views of a lush green golf course—rendering the space with an earnest, relaxing ambience to dwell in after a hard day’s work.

This minimalistic yet quaint dressing corner, in the daughter’s bedroom, adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

The colour palette shifts to darker tones as one moves towards the primary bedroom. With a walk-in closet and a cosy balcony at opposite ends, this bedroom comes alive in gold and brown shades. The highlight of this primary bedroom is Nivasa’s contemporary canopy bed. It has a headboard with an intricate hand-crafted leather braid pattern intertwined into a large leather sheet along with panelling of brass with a gleaming gold finish—showcasing gentle ways to bring forth a balanced contrast in such spaces.

Nivasa’s unconventional Circle of Life Swing with its avant-garde design steals the show in this daughter’s bedroom; Photographs by Deepak Aggarwal

The daughter’s bedroom on the other hand is distinct in multiple ways. Through plush furniture and stunning accents, this bedroom speaks about the daughter’s taste and preferences. How she finds serenity in wine-hued cushions and couch and to treasure this calmness, Nivasa’s quirky Circle of Life Swing is brought to the narrative of the space.

In all, this exquisite abode has a plethora of luxurious materials, rich textures and vibrant hues—which are evoking bliss as one remains fixated by these consistently.

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