Six ways from Sunday—The week’s favourite day translates into an experience centre in New Delhi

NOV 6, 2021 | By Iram Sultan
Hand thrown pottery by Curators of Clay, rugs by HummingHaus and accessories by Firefly add to the lifestyle experience; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

For any reason that precludes you from our Sunday sumptuousness, step into our virtual store for a world of digital decor delights.

Warm oakwood floors by Mikasa flooring, white walls and custom handpainted graphic artworks that are inspired by Sunday’s design language, form the backdrop. The space has been beautifully lit by Innovative Lighting Designs; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

Sunday spells the language of leisure and laughter, uniting the world in a day’s worth of merriment and mirth. My idea of Sunday found its heart, soul and disposition in a new furniture and lifestyle brand that emphasises on fresh, modern, international design with a contemporary aesthetic. The Sunday experience store is a 10,000 sq ft experience centre at MG road, New Delhi.”

Rich warm veneers, velvets that invite you to touch them, textured fabric that add character and some stunning terrazzo and stone tops, all tell the Sunday furniture design story; Photographs by Ishita Sitwala

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