It was always meant to be spring at this picturesque Bengaluru home crafted by The Design Collaborative

MAR 2, 2023 | By Siddharth Babani
The beautifully illuminated living room houses a sofa and an oakwood bench from Seven Pillars and a custom-made coffee table with an elegant slab of quartz; Photographs by Nayan Soni

A quick getaway always seems like a good idea until it is followed by a bleak few days of dour morning routines, a sullen face around the office and petulant suppers all the while reminiscing about the weekend excursion. But what if, on the daily, you returned home to what your heart most desired. Stemming from the owners’ love for the tropics, The Design Collaborative have created the house known as ‘Shades of Spring’, a ‘vacation’ home chock-full of prints, patterns and textures. 

With a design philosophy centred around creating a sensory experience that is immaculate and graceful, founder Prashanth Patil and principal architect Ramitha Anand were a perfect pairing to craft this 1100 sq ft home in Whitefield, Bengaluru. Marrying modern interiors with lively bohemian decor, the architects have managed to deliver a space that somehow seems to be larger than its footprint aided by a fitting selection of furniture and the minimal colour palette.

Soothing tones of white and brown are commingle amongst the complimentary artwork from Artevenue, cushions from Altrove and the lovely area rug from Jaipur Rugs; Photographs by Nayan Soni

Touring the home

Visible from the front door, the unconventionally placed dining table sits at the bottom of the entrance corridor, snug, against two corner walls. Even though the dining nook is rather abruptly at the beginning of this house tour, it is expertly curated with a rustic oakwood table, oakwood chairs, a distressed wooden bench and a couple of significant cane drop lights paired with subtle artwork. 

Featuring a rustic table and oakwood chairs from Seven Pillars, the dining room is made whole with a pair of drop lights from Claymango and wallpaper from House of Ikari ; Photographs by Nayan Soni

We leave the dining room behind for the ethereal embrace of the living room. The earthy tones and minimalist theme add to the rather formal bohemian aesthetic put together by the architects. All the furniture for this room, which includes the custom 3 seat sofa, the oakwood bench and the rattan panelled television console, have been conscripted in shades of brown along with the hand tufted rug and the pouffes made of jute. This selection of browns pairs exquisitely with the rustic wooden floor-tile and the enormous plant that lavishes the space with its verdurous abundance.

Between the living and dining rooms is a passage that connects to the rest of the house. The kitchen to the right is quite the vision with its diamond patterned monochromatic bistro floor tiles and matching backsplash. The brass hardware goes handsomely with the blueish grey lacquered shutters as do the black appliances against the white quartz countertop. The kitchen harmoniously blends the wide variety of elements together without straying too far from the boho chic theme of the home. 

This stimulating custom-built kitchen serves an enjoyable cooking experience; Photographs by Nayan Soni

At the end of the passage is the master bedroom which draws inspiration from the owner’s inclination towards rustic and tropical themes. The architect has infused shades of green with rattan and a tropical themed wallpaper to create a warm and inviting space for rest and relaxation. 

Apart from being comfortable, the architects have squeezed the bedroom for every inch of space. An additional wardrobe with cabinets finished in green lacquered PU and sandwiched rattan panels have been added to the wall facing the bed. Beside the wardrobe is a study table fitted with all the hardware to accommodate a television. Finally, matching the headboard, is a ribbed sliding barn door that conceals the washroom providing for more room within.

The vivid wallpaper from House of Ikari creates a scenic backdrop for the bed made by Seven Pillars sitting over a rug from The Purple Turtles; Photographs by Nayan Soni


House of Ikari wallpaper frames the bed designed by Lakkadhaara, linens by H&M home and the evocative mirror from Bangalore Hunts; Photographs by Nayan Soni

Ideas you could use

Whether you are by the coast, in the tropics or at the centre of the Indian peninsula, the combination of colours and materials of white, brown and green never disappoint. They are a staple palette of interior design and make for a charming and resplendent home.

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