The Folk House by Mind Manifestation Design pays ode to local arts and epitomises living minimally

JAN 23, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
The main siting platform in the living room is designed with a curvaceous sofa; Photographs by Hemant Patil
A red sliding wall feature separates communal and private spaces; Photographs by Hemant Patil
A pop-up platform in the common room brings traditional Japanese homes to mind; Photographs by Hemant Patil
The common bedroom is designed with partition walls to ensure it serves multiple functions; Photographs by Hemant Patil
View of the sliding shutter door that allows access to the balcony; Photographs by Hemant Patil

Nestled in the bustling city of Pune, this 800 sq ft home conceptualised by Principal architects Chetan Lahoti and Anand Deshmukh of Mind Manifestation Design ‘manifests’ a home with art in its soul. While we’ve celebrated luxury homes and OTT interiors, we can’t help but love this two-bedroom abode decorated with authentic materials. The duo also collaborated with Sneha Jagoo to craft traditional elements for the abode.

The walls of the home are cloaked in an unusual hue that comes from the homeowner’s love for village living and is inspired by the local slang ‘saravlelya bhinti’ (walls finished with a mixture of mud and cow dung).

In its entirety, the design of this abode pays tribute to the simplicity of village life with elements like wooden slabs, traditional hanging arrangements and wall niches. 

The wood and brass sofa unit is paired with a traditional brass vessel that’s used as a coffee table, adding to the home’s rustic aesthetic; Photographs by Hemant Patil

“Art is the soul of this project,” shares Lahoti, adding, “Local Indian arts are used in the design of functional interventions to add aesthetic value to the ambience.”

The ceiling in the dining area brings traditional architecture to mind; Photographs by Hemant Patil

Done up in a “wabi sabi-esque” aesthetic, the home celebrated the beauty of naturally imperfect materials. Every corner of the home highlights such details, while functional carpentry units are crafted in a bespoke way.

The terracotta wall art accentuates the balcony and adds earthy tones to the space; Photographs by Hemant Patil

Functional interventions right from the entrance lobby—including the TV console, shoe cabinet, partition system, beds and cupboards—are custom designed by the practice with the help of local artisans. A material palette replete with warmth and soft accents like lime plaster and teak is tied with rustic and natural colour tones to match the home’s decor theme.

View of the solid wood wardrobe with cane sticks and the wall niche that replaces a nightstand; Photographs by Hemant Patil

“Folk House is an attempt to fulfil the motto of current national moments in India like Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India), Make in India, Vocal for Local, etc,” shares Lahoti. “The project is close to our heart for it is crafted locally and emphasises on local Indian arts,” he concludes.

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Traditional cane shutters are seen right at the entrance; Photographs by Hemant Patil


A custom TV cabinet fits in with the theme of the house. Above it is a traditional wool wall art; Photographs by Hemant Patil


Wooden rafters on the ceiling accommodate light fixtures that illuminate the living area and this metal display unit; Photographs by Hemant Patil


An embroidered fabric work is fixed on the teak sliding shutter frame of the wardrobe in this bedroom; Photographs by Hemant Patil