The Bold Move—India’s top-notch contemporary design brand Nappa Dori forays into home decor, furniture and tableware with Dori Living

JAN 19, 2022 | By Kashish Kaushal
Handmade by master craftsmen, these mirrors will add a touch of seamlessness to any living space; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori
These bamboo and wicker cheese knives and dining sets will add a dash of sophistication to your cutlery collection; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori
Inspired by the Art Deco movement, these golden-rimmed mirrors are designed to add a sense of depth to any desired space with their minimal design handmade by traditional artisans; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori
Tableware collection is designed to replenish your dining experience through a range of wooden decorative platters, ceramic crockery sets, and enamel trays, in a quest to deliver a sustainable lifestyle; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori
Kitchen pot holders made of 100% cotton handwoven fabric are the perfect addition to your kitchen swag; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori
Discover a hand-cast and handcrafted collection of Tableware that blends modern minimalism with form and function; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori

With great (bag)gage comes great responsibilities—popular across the globe for its leather bags, Nappa Dori has evolved as one of India’s foremost contemporary design brands. With founder and creative director Gautam Sinha at its forefront, the brand effortlessly melds conventional Indian sensibilities with contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship.

From an expansive range of luggage and bags to minimally designed stationery and accessories, the Delhi-based design house opened its flagship store in Covent Garden, London and also set foot into home decor, furniture and tableware with Dori Living. 

Revealing the initial conversations that led to the inception of Dori Living, Sinha spills the beans, “Dori Living was in the making for a while, Nappa Dori has always had a strong DNA in terms of how we project the brand with its clean lines and modern minimal design sensibilities, which reflect in every aspect of what we do, especially in the design of our stores and interiors. We wanted to bring that to life by offering our home decor extension to our patrons, focused on modern living and sustainable use of materials.”

The paramount desk lamp wraps around sleek leather shade and brass details; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori


This multifunctional wireframe basket is handcrafted with a wooden structure and detailed with genuine leather; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori

Sinha also reflects on the idea of minimalism at Dori Living through the sustained focus on ethical craftsmanship and clean design. “The collections integrate tableware, kitchenware, home accents and personal care that is well-made and inspires mindful living. The production focus remains on small-batch supply chains with products such as sustainable rugs, each crafted with yarns made of 400 recycled PET bottles, ethically sourced hand-woven fabric created in azo-free dyes, along with ageless material such as Jute, wood, ceramic and leather,” he shares. 

Rugs by Dori Living are 100% sustainable made of recycled pet bottles; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori


Adorned with brass and leather details, the Chrysler desk lamp comes ready to light any corner of your abode; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori

Clean, minimal and sustainable—Dori Living endeavours to celebrate design in its pristine form and embrace timeless craftsmanship. Detached from thoughtless consumerism, the brand gravitates towards immaculate designs that cherish utility and longevity. 

Hand-cast in stoneware by traditional artisans, this Gullak is perfect for safekeeping loose change; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori


A product of the Bauhaus movement, the Metal Candle Stand combines modern minimalism with a functional design; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori


Dori Living’s essential range of Home Accents and Accessories is handcrafted by traditional artisans to offer modern aesthetics with a sustainable lifestyle; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori

Catering to tableware, home accents, kitchenware and personal care, their products are fused with mid-century modern aesthetics, bringing durability to even everyday products. What sets Dori Living apart from the others is their intent to give back to the environment. They strive to produce ageless products in small batches, which as a result reduces environmental footprint and ensures that each piece is crafted with the utmost attention. 

The Grainery glass vase evokes minimalism through its polished shape that adorns your mantlepiece even when empty; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori


With a contemporary pattern that holds three candles, the Stage Candle Stand is an ideal addition to both modern and traditional settings; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori


Finished with an olive oil coating to enhance breathability and retain moisture, these cheese platters are handcrafted by skilled artisans in acacia wood and individually coated with olive oil to give them a natural sheen and protection; Photographs courtesy Nappa Dori

Moreover, their love for jute, wood, ceramic, leather, and other natural materials resonates with their philosophy to churn out quality and handcrafted products. Dori Living is a glorious example of everlasting and classic workmanship. By channelising mindfulness into everyday objects, it aspires to give a new meaning to the lucidity of design and human relationship between form and function.

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