Nappa Dori’s chic desk accessories were inspired by the legendary Le Corbusier

JUN 26, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
Set of 4 - Terrazzo desk accessories by Nappa Dori.
Two-toned desk organiser by Nappa Dori.
Terrazzo candle holder by Nappa Dori.
Set of 4 - Two Toned desk accessories by Nappa Dori.
Terrazzo desk organiser by Nappa Dori.
Two-toned pillar candle holder by Nappa Dori.

Does your boring office desk leave you uninspired? You probably spend more time behind your desk than in your own home, so you might as well add table-top toys and tools that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also functional. Is it possible to have a stylish pen holder? Or a snazzy desk tray? Nappa Dori says yes, with their newly launched ‘Concrete Collection’ that has contemporary, clean-cut desk accessories made of cured and settled raw concrete.

Speaking of the collection available in dual tone and terrazzo designs, founder Gautam Sinha says “We usually see dual tone design and terrazzo in flooring, so we extended the same to our desktop collection.”
He adds, “We have taken certain elements from the design legend, Le Corbusier.”  Breaking away from the traditional leather and wood, Nappa Dori has experimented with raw and organic concrete fusing Corbusier’s style of clean lines, raw design and geometric shapes.
Our favourites include the bestseller terrazzo desk organiser with a brass pen holder and the two-toned hexagon candle holder.

  Visit their online store, and you’ll discover an intriguing assortment of gifts that your friends will obsess over.Website:

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