The Basalt Project in Pune By Mind Manifestation brims with Simplicity within its grounding interiors

JUN 25, 2024 | By Pooja Prabbhan Srijith
The living room featuring TV unit shutters from The Wicker Story, chair from Dtale Modern and decor from ALTROVE. The plants are from Corona Greens; Styled by ALTROVE; Photography by Photography by Hemant Patil.
This side of the living room is great for friends and family who convene over balmy luncheons. With spatial utilisation at its core, one sees a clever placement of chairs, benches, wall art, TV unit shutters and plants. The dining chairs and table are from Dtale Modern, while the TV unit shutters and plants are sourced from Wicker Story and Corona Greens respectively. The accessories are from Altrove. The TV unit and console are crafted on-site; Photography by Hemant Patil.
A muted toned sofa sits elegantly at the living room. Wall art by Nimrat Kaur Narang features the living room wall. The table is from Dtale Modern, the TV unit shutters from The Wicker Story and decor pieces are from ALTROVE.
In the parents' room, flame-finished basalt adds a nostalgic touch, and the wall texture in limo coat enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space. The bed, bedside tables, chair, console, and side table are from Dtale Modern. The bedside light is sourced from Light and Living, and the mirror light is from IKEA; Photography by Hemant Patil.
In the daughter's room, mirror-polished plain basalt was used on the bed back, featuring tacha work by a local stone artisan inspired by her love for nature. To cater to her passion for art, a crafty desk ledge was created as a homogeneous extension of the bed platform made in autumn brown sandstone; Photography by Hemant Patil.
In the master bedroom, fluted patterns on basalt walls create a calming atmosphere. The bed is from BEHAUS, and the lights are sourced from KALEIDO LIGHTS, Mumbai; Photography by Hemant Patil.

There are well-done homes, and then there are homes that feel like an embodiment of a soulful throwback to a life well lived and travelled. The Basalt Project is a noteworthy case in point of the latter. 

Come to think of it, what’s not to love about airy and thoughtfully curated spaces that are steeped in nostalgia from the homeowners’ myriad travels? This breezy 7,000 sq ft abode, situated in the heart of Pune’s Baner, is a stellar example of a home that’s cosy, functional and elegant. Besides creative outpourings that are evidenced in several nooks; flexible furniture, fluted and tacha patterns form the heart of this residence’s design, which has been thoughtfully curated from scratch by Mind Manifestation Design. 

Mind Manifestation Design.
The living room is interspersed with the natural hues of wicker and the lush greens of the plants from Corona Greens. The TV unit shutters are from Wicker Story, the chair and bench are from Dtale Modern. The space is adorned with decor pieces from ALTROVE; Styled by ALTROVE Photography by Hemant Patil.

The allure of basalt 

True to its name, basalt is incorporated into subtle details throughout the entire house. Upon entering, one is greeted by a passageway adorned with satin-finished basalt stone that extends throughout its length. This basalt corridor frames the kitchen and adjoining rooms and extends gracefully, leading to the rearmost terrace.

Mind Manifestation Design.
The dining area features dining chairs from Dtale Moern, dining unit shutters from Wicker Story and a hanging light from Olie; Photography by Hemant Patil.

 “Each room is designed to mirror the distinct personalities of its occupants while maintaining a coherent impression, achieved using basalt in varied finishes,” shares Anand Deshmukh, principal architect at Mind Manifestation Design. “Attention to detail, such as engraved mango leaves and handcrafted shutters, showcase my signature style. Overall, the project serves as a canvas for personal expression and invites exploration through curated memories,” smiles the designer. 

Mind Manifestation Design.
The muted-toned sofa and centre table give off a subdued sanctuary-like feel to this part of the living area. Ideal for gatherings as much as it is for cosy evenings where one dives their nose into a good read, as the world passes by. The sofa set and centre table are from Dtale Modern, while the dining unit shutters are sourced from Wicker Story. The hanging lights are from Olie, and the accessories from Altrove; the wall art is by Nimrat Kaur Narang; Photography by Hemant Patil.

The terrace is an embodiment of tranquillity 

The sprawling terrace area emerges as a dynamic extension of the indoor experience. Its character evolves subtly, mirroring the changing moods within. Speaking of which, Deshmukh says, “This terrace is like a lively garden, filled with different plants that change with the seasons, creating a beautiful scene that’s always evolving. There are cosy seats built into the surroundings, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty.” 

Mind Manifestation Design.
A textural depth is added to the living area; Photography by Hemant Patil.

A judicious planning of spaces 

Spatial utilisation forms the nucleus of The Basalt Project, so navigating challenges meant making optimal use of spaces. “The most challenging aspect was handling the large rectangular space. So, we divided it into different sections, each with its own purpose,” he outlines, adding that the living room was ingeniously divided into four distinct sections: a cosy seating area, a graceful dining area, a serene pooja corner, and a dedicated path for pradakshina around the pooja area. “The floor tiles were meticulously arranged, with seamless joints cleverly concealed, offering a seamless and harmonious flow throughout the space. Designing the living room was fulfilling part of the project,” he reveals.

Mind Manifestation Design.
The son’s room features a subtle design with a mix of tacha patterns and satin-finished basalt, adding delicate character to the space. The bedside light is sourced from OLIE, and the bed is from Homework Living; Photography by Hemant Patil.

Comprising four bedrooms—parents’, master’s, their son and daughter’s, this palatial abode provides ample space for solitude as much as it does for moments of togetherness. 

Mind Manifestation Design.
In the daughter’s room, mirror-polished plain basalt was used on the bed back, featuring tacha work by a local stone artisan inspired by her love for nature. To cater to her passion for art, a crafty desk ledge was created as a homogeneous extension of the bed platform made in autumn brown sandstone; Photography by Hemant Patil.

An eye for green 

A heightened emphasis on sustainability is well-evidenced through thoughtful inclusions like energy-efficient lighting, passive design strategies for natural ventilation and daylighting, generous use of locally sourced materials to reduce carbon footprint and sprawling green-esque indoors for improved air quality and biophilia. 

Mind Manifestation Design.
Natural tones take centre stage at this nook of the parent’s room; Photography by Hemant Patil.

The address serves as an immersive showcase for the residents’ collected wildlife arts and local heritage, with interiors that reflect the passions and adventures of its travel-loving residents. 

Mind Manifestation Design.
Warm rustic hues take over the parent’s room, the chair is from Dtale Modern; Photography by Hemant Patil.

Simply put, The Basalt Project is an idyll abode with heritage-inspired details that pay homage to the client’s cultural background.  It’s a home that encapsulates the essence of wanderlust, inviting residents and guests to embark on a visual journey through curated memories, where a wave of warmth reverberates across its placating interiors.

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