Polka dots and tropical patterns make a dramatic comeback in this Mumbai home by Aum Architects

JUN 24, 2024 | By Subikshaa Stalin
Bespoke furniture from Essenza paired with the wooden flooring make a cosy, comforting haven in the elder’ daughters bedroom; Photography by Pankaj Anand; Styled by Sonali Pandit Sriram
The younger daughter's bedroom brims with pastels; Photography by Pankaj Anand

In the buzzing heart of Deonar, Mumbai lies a masterpiece of modern living — an apartment that dares to blend bold characters with subtle elegance. The designers at Aum Architects led by founder and principal architect Manish Dikshit have created an eclectic sanctuary spanning 2,200 sq ft. 

This home is a joyous celebration of the homeowners’ personalities. “Faced with the architectural challenges of a circular building, we had to devise innovative strategies to create a cohesive living space. By utilising space thoughtfully, we ensured every nook serves a purpose while maintaining visual appeal,” adds Manish Dikshit. 

aum architects
In this living room, a custom-made set of furniture from Essenza is paired with bright red accessories from Phillips Antiques and The Golden Light. Decorative lighting sourced from White Teak and the handwoven rug from Jaipur Rugs complete the hall’s modern potpourri; Photography by Pankaj Anand


aum architects
A custom-polka print sofa from Essenza, a lamp from Atelier Lumys and a funky artwork from Artevenue make this bar an eccentric haven; Photography by Pankaj Anand


aum architects
Dining chairs with tropical prints, custom furniture from Essenza, and vibrant artwork from Artevenue take you by surprise in this dining room; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Bright, bold and breathtaking 

This vibrant abode designed by Aum Architects invites you to soft curvilinear forms and neutral shades punctuated by pops of colour and patterns. The living room is flanked by black and brown veined marble hinting at streaks of white and gold. A striking composition is staged with bright red pots and accessories that complement the tan and white leather sofa. 

Grey veined CMC marble, black embossed FCML wall tiles and Smeg, Siemens, and Faber appliances define luxury in this kitchen; Photography by Pankaj Anand


In the powder bathroom, a stippled artwork serves as wallpaper and an artwork from Artevenue decorates the wall; Photography by Pankaj Anand

A lively tropical divider introduces a touch of nature and provides a visual break between the dining and living space. Bright orange tropical-print fabrics on dining chairs inject vibrancy immediately catching attention. A simple wooden table anchors the room, allowing the colourful landscape painting and vibrant upholstery to shine. 

In the living room, the artwork is from Artevenue and the decor is from Philip antique & Golden Triangle. The rug is from Jaipur Rugs; Photography by Pankaj Anand

The bar section embraces the feverish resurgence of early 90’s polka dots. “Designing a bar in the narrow passage leading to the bedrooms was particularly challenging. The primary difficulties were its location and the need to make it feel like an independent space rather than just a corridor,” recalls Manish Dikshit. 

Eclectic trio of comfort 

With a minimalistic layout and terrazzo flooring, Aum Architects design the master bedroom to exude warmth. Stylish curvy forms and strategically placed leather elements echo comfort. In total contrast to the master bedroom, is the children’s bedroom—both opening to realms of colour and wonder.   

The younger daughter’s bedroom wears a pink hue in joyous spirit, as seen in the bedding from AA Living and custom-made furniture from Essenza. Curious trinkets and decor from The Golden Triangle complement the Tiles from J B Homes adding interest to the space; Photography by Pankaj Anand

The elder daughter’s room is a visual feast with an abundance of bright red creating a stimulating environment. Subtle wooden textures in the flooring and cabinetry balance the boldness. The adjoining bathroom mirrors the red and white theme of the bedroom in the charming simplicity of grids.  

In the master bedroom, the furniture is from Essenza and the furnishings are from AA Living, Jaipur Rugs and IKEA. The rug is from Jaipur Rugs and the lights are from Deepam; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Though the smallest, the younger daughter’s room bursts with vivacious energy. Custom-made tiles in bright teal adorn both floor and walls weaving a sense of playfulness and individuality. 

Mid-century Modern meets minimalism

The home’s theme embodies a new-found sophisticated aesthetic that fuses modern and minimalist styles bridging both ends of the design spectrum. “All rooms are curated with diligent attention to reflect individuality. We achieved this by taking a design approach that incorporates different materials and prioritised textural variety,” explains the principal architect of Aum Architects.

A corner in the parents’ bedroom where the furniture is from Essenza and the decor is from Philip Antique; Photography by Pankaj Anand


In the elder daughter’s bathroom, the sanitary fittings and tiles are from FCML and the decor is from Modern Quest; Photography by Pankaj Anand


In the powder bathroom, the sanitary fittings are from FCML, the art is from Artevenue and the decor from Philip Antique; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Each space is designed to maximise functionality while reflecting distinct personalities, turning potential constraints of a circular spatial layout into opportunities for creative expression. A daring expression of individuality and style, this vibrant home, stands as a testament to the transformative power of personal expression in home interiors. 

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