Of tropics and London— Temple Town crafts this Kochi home with a dramatic dash of clean white, crisp green and bold red

DEC 21, 2021 | By Pratishtha Rana
A stunning red sofa sits in the living room; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
A dining area carved rather astutely on one side exhibits a dinner table made from a live edge piece of wood with black industrial-style legs; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
Spacious and inviting lots of daylight is the master bedroom; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
The girls' bedroom is bathed with soft hues of powder blue, cream and white; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
Lit and cosy is the girls' bedroom engulfing a calming mood; Photographs by Justin Sebastian
A well-thought out series of interior elements such as the accent table, artwork and kitchen accessories work well together; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

A residence that looks no less than a riveting storybook at one glance, every turn and nook of Rivera Suites, recites a tale of its homeowners’ experiences and personalities. Temple Town

After living in the UK for over a decade, when the family of four, a home baker wife, a neurosurgeon husband, and their two young girls decided to make Kochi their new home, they knew exactly what they were seeking. Dreaming of a little but prominent slice of London in their Kerala abode, they entrusted Meera Pyarelal, Founder and Creative Head, Temple Town, to compose their home into a perfect sanctuary of comfort, style and design inspiration.

Perched on a 1,850 sq ft area, this home is a resplendent departure from a traditional South Indian home. More contemporary, chic and experimental, the space breathes fresh and easy but equally vivacious energy, duly soaked in plenty of joyful daylight. 

A vivid red sofa along with planters and a teak wood sofa presents balanced contrasts; Photographs by Justin Sebastian


Naturally lit and roomy, the living area evokes understated glamour; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Pyarelal recounts, “The client needed an uncomplicated, airy, light space and a place to unwind at the end of the day. They weren’t afraid of colours and that was a boon!” Facing the backwaters of Kochi, the residence serenades the calm waters with a fascinating colour scheme of bold and muted.

Lining the walls is the wainscoting done with limited edition Sara Miller London plates; Photographs by Justin Sebastian


The black door is reminiscent of houses in Nottingham Hill; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

The walls, wainscot panelling, Statuario floor tiles and passageways, all speak the clean elegance of white tone, while the furniture and decor accessories are coloured in interesting hues to present a visual contrast that one cannot take their eyes off.

Before taking us further into the abode, Pyarelal reveals, “The project saw the whole apartment stripped back so we could start from scratch and tackle not only the extensions but the wiring and plumbing work too.”

A majority of the furniture at this home is custom made by the Temple Town studio; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Fitting like a piece of a puzzle in the London narrative is the polished black door with brass accents at the entrance, reminiscent of the classic homes seen on the residential streets of the capital city. 

The foyer displays wainscoting on both sides with limited edition Sara Miller London plates lining the wall that leads to the living room.

The Dinner table is made from a live edge piece of wood with black industrial legs; Photographs by Justin Sebastian


The wall opposite the dinner table is frescoed by a local artist; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Enter the living zone, and an alluring red sofa dominates the design commentary. In sync with this hue is a teak wood console with an asymmetrical mirror that bounces light into the home, giving it a breezy and bright feel.

A dining area carved rather astutely on one side exhibits a dinner table made from a live edge piece of wood with black industrial-style legs. Facing the black dining chairs is a banquet style seating that saves up a large chunk of space, all while making more space for diners to sit.

The kitchen is where one can leash their creativity to the fullest and cook up a cosy meal; Photographs by Justin Sebastian


Treats lined up for the festivities; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Speckled with an outdoorsy mood, the backdrop wall here is swathed with a tropical-themed fresco done by a local artist, teamed with a row of gorgeous glass pendant lights, adding some drama and luminosity.

Scene from the bedroom; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Moving on to the master bedroom, Pyarelal chose to go earthy and dark on the bed headrest and cabinetry. For the girls’ room, the thought was to allow a creative zone for them to read, ideate and enjoy hobbies without any restrictions. On a wooden flooring, a comfy bed rests matched with soft powdery blues and whites to pull off the perfect contemporary look. 

A massive mirror is placed on an arched-style wall in the bathroom; Photographs by Justin Sebastian

Musing on this stylish address and her design philosophy, Pyarelal says, “I have always promoted local and sustainable interiors. Every piece at Rivera Suites is painstakingly created in our workshops in Kerala, combining workmanship with collectables from all over the world.” 

Connecting all the corners of this abode together is Temple Town ‘s confident blend of colourful fabrics and bespoke decor against the backdrop of a more muted mood board of hard surfaces.

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