Studio Vogelkop adds a touch of colonial French aesthetics, contemporary design and rustic interiors to this home in the Manchester of India

JUN 17, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
The living room is furnished with a reclaimed wooden centre table from Gujarat Handicrafts, rugs from Hands Carpets and a wooden hanging shutter from Amra Homes; Photographs by Photographix
A three piece wall painting by Dharmesh Panchal adorns the living room along with a U Like Furniture sofa and floor lamp from Options; Photographs by Photographix
A gazebo on the property offers a view of the lily pond; Photographs by Photographix
Mandhana Stone flooring is seen along with a pool system by Flow Dynamics in the pool area; Photographs by Photographix
A chair set from Gujarat Handicrafts is seen in the long balcony; Photographs by Photographix
An upholstered armchair from U Like Furniture is seen in the informal space; Photographs by Photographix
The lounge/bar is bold with a red sofa set and bar chairs from U Like Furniture, lights from Options; Photographs by Photographix
An L-Sofa from U Like Furniture is paired with a Hands carpet; Photographs by Photographix
This bedroom is furnished with a Yellow Brick Route chair, a bedback from U Like Furniture, an Old Burma teakwood bed and a mural by Dharmesh Panchal; Photographs by Photographix
A Yellow Brick Route mirror and console set is paired with pots from Traveller's Home in this space; Photographs by Photographix
An armchair from U Like Furniture is seen along with an old Burma teakwood bed in the bedroom; Photographs by Photographix
Bricks from Brick Studio adorn the bedroom adding a rustic charm to the space; Photographs by Photographix

When we think of a home rooted in tradition and culture, nestled in the city of Ahmedabad, our minds linger to classic aesthetics that depict the style of its folklore. However, as we take a tour of Aatmaja (which traditionally means daughter), we can’t help but love the fusion of modern design and rustic interiors.

Conceptualised by Paresh Patel and Avi Patel of Studio Vogelkop, this expansive abode is enveloped by nature’s bounty, flowing water and fresh florals. Keeping these factors in mind, the designers made sure to celebrate the outdoors through recreational spaces.

Sprawling over 16,000 sq ft, Aatmaja is a marination of the inhabitants’ love for french style colonial homes, rustic elements, contemporary aesthetics and a palette of blues, greys and whites.

A blue sofa set from U Like Furniture is paired with a coffee table and wall sculptures from Amra Homes; Photographs by Photographix

With a garden on the right and a visitor’s parking on the left, a wicket gate canopied by verdure leads us to a cosy courtyard accented by a contoured landscape. Sleek steps take us to the first floor inside, dressed in bespoke concrete tiles and concrete lamps. 

A slit in the wall demarcates a frame to the lily pond, while further inside the steps take us to the box-shaped foyer. We’re welcomed into the home through a vestibule that takes us to the living room on the right, featuring metal grids and wooden boxes, while the left wall is decorated with antique wooden wheels mounted on a chiselled white brick wall.

Concrete lights, titles and fittings from Grey Works are paired with Paradiso flooring in the entry hallway; Photographs by Photographix

We can’t help but be captivated by the antique sea-green console, along with a Kothi (pot) in the passage that leads us to the kitchen and dining room. Dressed in wooden tones and brick tiles and featuring a cosy breakfast nook, the kitchen is left rustic, while the bold blue dining space is accentuated by porcelain art and upholstered dining chairs.

As we explore further, a staircase takes us to the private zones comprising a main bedroom, the daughter’s room, a study cum library and spa space. 

In the kitchen, an old Burma teakwood table is paired with U-Like Furniture chairs. Wall cladding by Brick Studio complements lights from Grey Works; Photographs by Photographix

Adorned with a reclaimed wood bed, the main bedroom features an exposed brick wall in white. The dark wooden floor complements the light coloured armchair and rug and adds a sense of charm.

Seeking inspiration from industrial aesthetics, the daughter’s room is a vision with a grey exposed brick wall and dark polished wood and metal. An armchair accentuates the room with a colonial yet modern character.

The bold dining room is decorated with an old Burma teakwood table, paired with U Like Furniture chairs. Porcelain plates from Options adorn the blur brick wall done by Brick Studio. Luminaires from Jaquar Lights add a sense of charm to the space; Photographs by Photographix

Going back down, the ground floor foyer houses two guest rooms, a studio and a gym. One can easily access the pool from here, which is a covered space with ample ventilation.

“We loved designing the pool area and it was the most challenging as well. We wanted a seamless look for the pool area ceiling and we did not want any columns or beams in that span. So, a series of inverted beams were incorporated to give a seamless exposed RCC ceiling. The whole area is supported by just four columns,” shares Patel.

An armchair from U Like Furniture is paired with a rug from Rug Republic and a painting from Khazana; Photographs by Photographix

Among our favourite spaces of the home is the lounge/bar that is the perfect space for some downtime. Designed in contrast to the home’s interiors, this space is characterised by bespoke light fittings in shades of blues, reds and yellows, reflecting on the furniture. A charcoal grey brick wall makes for a bold background and complements the room’s vibrant hues.

North of the pool area, we walk towards a gazebo, supported by antique stone columns and metal pergolas and a walk back to the property allows us a peek at the cantilever deck and lily pond.

This cosy nook is decorated by a swing from Amra Homes and a chair set by Gujarat Handicrafts; Photographs by Photographix

“Our design philosophy is quite simple, we believe that a house should be designed around the clients’ needs and it should never make them feel bored of the interior spaces. So we make sure to build spaces that incorporate all the elements of design, making for a perfect home,” concludes the designer.