Snehal and Bhadri Sutar of The Grid Architects create a minimalist cove in Ahmedabad with plentiful pops of colour

APR 7, 2021 | By Kavya Joshi
An oak door finished in gunmetal leads into the home; Photographs by Inclined Studio
The living room furniture is assiduously chosen and comprises a palette of wood, fabric and stone; Photographs by Inclined Studio
Curated art and decor accents in the living room add a softer layer to the aesthetic; Photographs by Inclined Studio
View of the dining area and its oakwood ensemble and wicker lamps; Photographs by Inclined Studio
The main bedroom uses micro concrete-finished flooring by Flexstone; Photographs by Inclined Studio
A bespoke swing is part of the comfortable seating arrangement in the balcony; Photographs by Inclined Studio

Nestled in Ahmedabad, this apartment by Snehal and Bhadri Suthar of The Grid Architects is an abode that is dressed in simplicity with refreshing aesthetics.

The 2,470 sq ft residence is specially designed for a family of five, which includes two teenagers and a septuagenarian.

One can’t help but love this high-rise home for its splendid views and the refreshing breeze! Plus, the space is composed for the socially active family, who love having people around.

The couch features an extension and results in a side table-like element; Photographs by Inclined Studio

In this visually open apartment, every room flows seamlessly into one another and creates open and undefined spaces. It is cloaked in neutral tones to personify the homeowners’ tastes, and blends textures with natural light and pops of colours.

The neutral floor offset the stucco coloured walls and wooden panelling; Photographs by Inclined Studio

A combination of simple backgrounds in stucco colour and oak wood furniture enchants the abode, whereas the wooden panelling is offset with the help of simple flooring.

A glass door separates the family and living rooms; Photographs by Inclined Studio

“Wood has a calming effect. It possesses interesting, inherent ornamentation of its own: A character that comes from having seen the vagaries of time. As architects, we treat wood with respect and consideration to ensure a long, purposeful second life after felling,” divulge the duo.

Artworks sourced locally add colour across the largely neutral-hued apartment; Photographs by Inclined Studio

An oak door finished in gunmetal leads into the living room, where a palette of wood, fabric and stone is used. Here, a multifunctional sofa promotes a collaborative lifestyle. What truly enlivens the space is the curated art and decor elements. Segregating the cosy family room is a glass screen.

Oak panelling characterises the main bedroom; Photographs by Inclined Studio

The dining space accommodates an oakwood table and chairs, wicker lamps and natural fibres to add a sense of warmth. It connects to a balcony, where the seating arrangement includes a bespoke swing, making it the perfect place to take in city views at all times of the day.

A fabric-upholstered walls behind one of the two single beds for the children; Photographs by Inclined Studio

While the entire home focuses on minimalism, each room boasts a unique quality. The homeowners’ room is enriched with wooden panelling, while the children’s room is quirky with upholstery and a unique bookshelf. “The bedrooms are an authentic and personal reflection of its inhabitants, and we’ve created spaces to emulate just that,” concludes the duo.