Studio Tattvena plays a meditative medley inside a vintage-esque Pune home

APR 11, 2024 | By Pooja Prabbhan Srijith
Teakwood sliding and folding door offer a flow between the terrace and the living room, opening to scenic vistas; Photograph by Hemant Patil
The family room doubles up as a home office, movie marathon space, gaming and music console, reading room and mandir; Photograph by Sharmila Patil
The chintz fabric ottoman from Afday co-exists in harmony with the beautiful bedding and cushions from Altrove and the tribal wall baskets from Whispering homes and lulls one to a peaceful slumber; Photograph by Sharmila Patil
The daughter's bedroom features a muted beige palette; Photograph by Sharmila Patil

To tastefully retain the charm of old Pune while keeping all the bells and whistles of modern-day luxuries may seem like a tall order. But it was precisely what served as the impetus for Shweta Patil, founder and principal designer of Studio Tattvena, who was tasked with transforming a vintage-esque boutique building—spanning 2,000 sq ft in Pashan—into a modish abode for a family of four to comfortably settle into.

A commodious terrace extending to the living room, overlooking the forest, evokes an urge to conjure up an interactive space. “The blend with nature felt so real, I instantly knew that this was a space reserved to bloom with the local flora and fauna,” Shweta shares. 

Studio Tattvena
Doused in simplicity, the eco-conscious design was injected into the interiors of the terrace with scenic vistas; Photograph by Hemant Patil


The terrace makes for a conversational cocoon surrounded by serene greens and basked in the warm sunlight; Photograph by Hemant Pati

Modern Indo-European countryside

The sun streams through the windows and nature looms beyond the glass, courtesy of a layout that allows for the space to be amply lit and well-ventilated. Inspired by Indian and European architecture, the interiors break away from a stereotypical identity, teeming a charming yet non-ostentatious appeal — elevated by a palette of English pastel colours, classic patterned fabrics, botanical artwork, weaved cane elements in solid wood furniture and rustic decorative lights.

Botanical artwork modestly graces the walls, the rust coloured creates a visual break from the otherwise pastel palette; Photograph by Sharmila Patil


Studio Tattvena
The kitchen features the classic cane chairs from Lap & Dado, customised vintage pendant lamps from Lamtain; Photograph by Sharmila Patil

Magic is in the details 

“The kitchen was expanded by melding the existing utility area. A common wall connecting passage and kitchen was entirely demolished to open up the feel of the space to make it a functional and interactive space, given that the owners are true-blue hosts,” reveals Shweta.

The daughter’s bedroom features a muted beige palette; Photograph by Sharmila Patil

 The family room forms the core of this home

Much like how the eyes are perceived to be the windows to the soul, the family room has a pivotal role too. A zen zone that offers a space for the family to retreat into a state of hygge, in a way that suits them the best.

A getaway space for the family. This room is truly of the family, by the family and for the family; Photograph by Sharmila Patil

“It was exciting and also the most challenging undertaking,” reveals Shweta, enthusing how the space was designed to be a makeshift home office, gaming console, reading room, home theatre, music console and mandir—all rolled into one!

The huge red chequered sofa makes a robust impact in the family room; Photograph by Sharmila Patil


The classic cane chair from Lap & Dado offers a cabin-in-the-woods theatrics; Photograph by Sharmila Patil

Sanctuaries of sleep

Much like in most modern families, where weekends and rest days are sacrosanct, echoes of cosiness reverberate across the three bedrooms in Hillscapes, all designed in keeping with individualistic tastes and preferences. This is heightened by noteworthy additions like a large vintage wooden bed with fluffy bedding in pastels that gently seduces one to prioritise quality snooze on days that call for it. 

The master bedroom featuring a large vintage wooden bed that add to the comforting ambience created by the pastel tones of the space; Photograph by Sharmila Patil


The beautiful bedding and cushions from Altrove, when positioned next to an intimate dressing unit, rustle up a countryside appeal; Photograph by Sharmila Patil


A modern minimalistic feel for the son’s bedroom is an out-of-the box structure from the overall aesthetics of the house; Photograph by Hemant Patil

While some chase after meteoric success and some yearn for inner peace, Studio Tattvena transforms Hillscapes into an oasis of tranquillity for those who have an eye for balance—ecologically and from within—and maybe both. Mirroring the brand’s design ethos that celebrates cultural diversity and embeds those principles while creating timeless and meaningful spaces; Hillscapes is a love letter — one that lulls its inhabitants to seek cosy refuge on days it feels like the world around is moving a tad too fast for one’s liking. 

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