The Timeless Home—Studio PM does just enough to render this home in Juhu evergreen

DEC 15, 2021 | By Twinkle Tolani
Balance of the greens and browns, with plenty of natural light, accentuates the space, creating a serene environment; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Colourful dhurrie with a terrazzo and green marble centre table binds the living room together. Brimming with natural light, thin profile lights were used on the false ceiling, creating a timeless experience; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The elegant cane work on the wall and the terrazzo TV unit with inset handles in the living space are muted yet unique in their characteristics. The muted rustic finish pots with large leafed plants only add to the tranquility; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Bespoke furniture by Studio PM lifts the spirit of the entire space. The quirky center tables made of stone and wood cane render the space vivid; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
A customized swing negotiates a threshold between the dining and living areas. The “L” Shaped space provides privacy yet connectivity between the living and dining spaces; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Washed with natural light, the primary bedroom ensures a breezy vibe throughout the day. The neutral tones of the fabric from the Purple Patch Studio evoke a feeling of being at home; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Doused in beige and brown, the small room appears to be larger because of the soft colour palette; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The wardrobe frames add a pop of colour in an otherwise subtle colour story; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Continuing the theme, this particular room flaunts an emerald green to add life to the room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Muted grey and beige colours continue in the kitchen complimenting the beige marble floor and the home’s neutral palette; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The wooden mirror and stacked shelves, correlate with the blue and beige wardrobe and polished marble flooring; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The dining area houses a luxe four-person terrazzo dining table with chairs having mid-century aesthetics; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Self-standing mirror, pop green of the TV unit, fluted glass of the temple door, and grooves on the veneer are all harmoniously bound together in an extremely compact space; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Large homes with spacious rooms have scope for invention, while smaller homes with just enough space call for innovation. One such home is this 900 sq. ft. apartment in Juhu, Mumbai by Studio PM.  Christened ‘A Timeless Home’, the 3BHK belongs to a couple with varied personalities—a businessman and a yoga teacher. 

Priyank Mehta, principal architect of Studio PM, elaborates, “We chose to look at the common traits of the family and build around it, rather than focusing on the differences. Regardless of the tight spaces, they wanted their dream home to manifest in this singular space. The biggest positive for us was that there was no demand for extra storage.”

The wooden cane entrance door opens to a spacious living room covered in Persian silk beige marble. Wooden and cane furniture with bluish-green upholstery speak in vivid tones against the flooring. Cane cladded furniture lines the wall, asserting dominance and setting a theme for the space.

The wooden cane adorned door adds on to the simplistic and the minimal design of the house; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The mirror atop a console in the living room, displays the view of the space; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


Textures and tones unfurl beautifully in this home’s living area by Studio PM; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

A customized swing in matching upholstery plays the role of a transitioner between the dining and living areas. The cosy dining area hosts a wooden cane dining set with a marble top. The console backed on the wall is the only storage space in the area. 

The elegant cane work on the wall and the terrazzo TV unit with inset handles in the living space are muted yet unique in their characteristics; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


Greens in different hues and forms, like upholstery and plants, speak of vividity in the living room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

The living and dining areas are divided horizontally by a white cove lit band on the top and a pale mushroom colour at the bottom. The dual-tone accentuates the height while hiding the protruding beams. The ceiling and its filleted edge detail lend a floating and airy vibe to the space when washed by the white up light.

The combined ‘L’ shaped form of the living and dining areas strike the ideal balance between privacy and connectivity. Leading from the dining area is a short passage that opens to three bedrooms. 

The living area leads to the dining space in an open floor plan, making it the perfect space for hosting guests; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The dining area houses a luxe four-person terrazzo dining table set with a dainty wall light from Artemeis serve mid-century aesthetics. ; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


A console matching the one in the living room makes an appearance in the dining room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

A sliding red door separates the kitchen from the dining area. To allow proper light in the passage and the dining area, the door of the kitchen is designed with openings that let in sufficient diffused light, contributing to a quaint aura.

Each room is enclosed in simple white walls and a ceiling to create openness in the tight space. Colours are introduced through upholstery and furniture. The rooms were 10ft x 14ft in size, only enough to fit the basic requirements.  

The deep coral sliding door with fluted glass, brings in natural light as well as, acts as a barrier between the kitchen and the dining area. Ceiling lights from Litomatic add finesse; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


Simple yet elegant the dull beige grey texture on the wall compliments the sheen of the beige floor marble; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


Situated right in the corner of the primary bedroom is a work desk highlighted by the rich maroon fabric on the wall; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

“How a space looks only comes second to how it works and, most importantly, how it feels. There has been a thorough check on the use of colour. It is limited to a fraction compared to the woods and the white paint. The design is not stylistic; it’s an experiment with basic materials and their interplay to make the space truly timeless and experiential. Serenity is what I wanted the clients to feel once in the space,” says Mehta.

The striking geometry lends a pivotal identity to the corner. The maroon lining of the curtain balances the colour in an otherwise achromatic room; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Speaking of sustainability, in this home and his practice, in general, he articulates, “Usually overlooked, judicious use of the material is a cornerstone of any sustainable construction project.

Limited space next to the bed provided us with a challenge to fit in the side table unit. A sleek piece of furniture was fashioned to fit in the needs while also adding onto to the character of the space; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


A console in the bedroom creates a wonderful contrast against the beige flooring; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


A storage space has been designed in the passageways to the bedrooms; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

We talk about sustainable materials, but it’s imperative to understand the importance of a sustainable process. We ensure that all the designs adhere to a size rectification process that ensures less than 10% wastage on site. Planning the space correctly to enable maximum sunlight and ventilation is the first design intent followed then by design styles.”

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