Studio Onedot6 fashions the quirkiest party home with avant-garde installations and vibrant art

JUN 25, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
A stone clad wall creates a rustic backdrop in the luxurious living area; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The lounge area is subtle with wooden accents and furnishing from Studio Onedot6; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The bar exudes a pop of colour amidst the room's muted palette; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The dining room is done up in a restrained palette with decorative elements on the wall along with a luminaire from Love Of Light; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The avant-garde cactus installation stands in the center of the home; Photographs by Ricken Desai
A wooden bench is paired with a blue tinted jaali cabinet; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The first floor lounge is comfortable with cushy seating and furnishing from Studio Onedot6; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The guest bedroom features a carved wooden headboard; Photographs by Ricken Desai
A peek at the wardrobes and wooden console in the guest bedroom; Photographs by Ricken Desai
The guest bedroom features a minty headboard complementing the grey walls and tiled ceiling; Photographs by Ricken Desai

Breaking away from mundane party culture filled with neon lights, bold-hued rooms and shortage of space, Hyderabad based Aamir and Hameeda Sharma of Aandh redefine your weekend getaway aesthetic with furnishing from Studio Onedot6 and lighting from Love of Light.

Planned as a weekend home where the homeowners could unwind and entertain, this 5,000 sq ft apartment in Visakhapatnam offers sweeping views of the sea. When first bought, the space was two different homes up and down which were later converted into a duplex.

Consisting of three bedrooms and more spaces that catered to lounging and entertainment, this home stands out with avant-garde installations and captivating art that lend a character to the home. 

The living room is rustic with a balcony that faces the sea and is decorated with artefacts and a chandelier from Love Of Light; Photographs by Ricken Desai

“We haven’t really followed a set theme,” shares Hameeda, adding, “We tried to use a lot of natural elements like the terrazzo floors, stone cladding walls. Everything in the space has been done by our studio and is created to fit the space, the colour textured patterns have been put well together to get the place in alignment.”

A velvet green seater sits in the living room. Behind it are panelled columns to hold books and artefacts; Photographs by Ricken Desai

Divided into formal and informal areas, the abode sees a play with ceiling drops and connectivity between the upper and lower floors to create the illusion of space. Light filters through the east-facing sea and open walls from the staircase up to the living room bask in this light, keeping the room bright.

A larger than life cactus installation becomes the focal point of the home; Photographs by Ricken Desai

Upon entering we see the staircase, connecting the home’s levels, while the left side features a courtyard. A larger than life cactus becomes the highlight of the house, offering us a view from all four sides and also connects the living, dining and bar areas. 

This shot of the living room offers a peek into the first floor and dining area; Photographs by Ricken Desai

The main living room nestles in a double-height area, where a double-height glass provides ample light to come through and also opens up to the balcony facing the sea.

An installation with airplanes hangs from the upper level; Photographs by Ricken Desai

“For me, the most amusing part was planning the apartment adding good connectivity, allowing the light to flow in, and designing all the pieces in the house, also the cactus was an afterthought as we had commissioned larger than life pieces there as a fear of it not fitting in, installation challenges, etc. But it did become the life of the house as it was installed,” shares Hameeda.

The ground floor main bedroom is muted and features wooden and cane accents; Photographs by Ricken Desai

Connecting the formal living and two balconies is the main entertainment zone, offering guests to mingle, with ample space, accommodating up to 50 people. 

The guest bedroom is dressed in grey hues with a tiled ceiling; Photographs by Ricken Desai

A bedroom, kitchen and utility room are found on the lower floor. As we traverse upstairs around the giant cactus, we step into the private area that features two bedrooms, a home theatre and two sea-facing balconies.

A wood and cane cabinet features decorative elements; Photographs by Ricken Desai

This luxury apartment is dressed in custom furniture by the designers’ studio Aandh, including the sourcing of artwork, collaborating with artisans and more.

Art accentuates the stone wall in the living room; Photographs by Ricken Desai

“Our goal is to always create a warm and inviting liveable space for a client but varies from client to client and space to space. We do not have a set signature style. We evolve with each project and get on to creating a totally different space,” conclude the designers.

Hameeda Sharma poses with the avant-garde cactus installation; Photographs by Ricken Desai