Studio Altrove is a multifunctional decor store in Pune sewn with the joy of serendipity

MAY 24, 2024 | By Paakhi Baranwal
The bedroom is awash in a neutral palette with the varied shades of brown wooden accents. The wall finish is by Lepan, the bed is from Afday. The textiles, artwork and curtains are Altrove and the basket is from Edamame; Styled by Shreya Mantri; Photograph by Kuber Shah

The story of serendipity is always one to tell! From stumbling upon a building that once was her mother’s home for over a decade to carving her work studio in that very place — Shreya Mantri’s journey of designing her brand ALTROVE’s experiential store in Pune iterates simple joys of creativity and life. Shreya reveals, “The space sits directly above her (mother’s) former room!” Being a retail store, office as well as a multidisciplinary design studio, the versatile brand delves into decor, accessories and styling, whose pulse is proudly homegrown. 

At the studio entrance, decor from Altrone sits atop the tables from Ek Design Furniture. The lamps are from Mianzi and the mirror is from Casa Gold. The rugs are from CarpetLive, the rustic wooden flooring is by One Design District and the walls are finished in the hues of Asian Paints’ Morning Glory; Styled by Shreya Mantri; Photograph by Kuber Shah

Once a bare shell, the 1,350 sq ft space stitches together meticulous minimalism and maximal experiences, amplifying a lingering simplicity. This storyline of fortuitous beginnings — the redeveloped building with its expansive windows and open layout — reads like one that only required minimal edits. Replacing the dark-tinted windows, newer windows now allow natural luminosity, befitting the stroll-friendly layout inside that navigates the patrons around the store’s many corners. 

Shreya Mantri seated in the living room of her ALTROVE Studio; Photograph by Kuber Shah


The living room follows a neutral palette interspersed with natural elements. The furniture is from Afday, the plants are from Ugaoo and the kitchenette counter top is from Kalinga Stone. The textile and artwork from Altrove add to the homely ambience; Photograph by Kuber Shah

Curated shelves and New York-style doors

Sagaciously solving the puzzle of space limitations, for Shreya, her design ethos is her silver bullet. “My philosophy is ‘everyday evolution’. A space must evolve as we grow and as the years go by,” reveals the founder and designer who doesn’t want to be restricted by the constraints of perennial design as the brand grows. The charm is in the dynamics of evolving. Repurposing vintage furniture from her mom’s place, the threads of past and present entwine in this studio that is a happy happenstance of aesthetics, sentiments and decor. 

The deep blue-grey background of the office area sets it apart from rest of the space. The table is from Afday, under the Ek Design Furniture chair is a rug from Rugberry. The art and decor is all ALTROVE; Photograph by Kuber Shah

Paying homage to her years in the cosmopolitan city of New York and the classic apartment doors of NY, the creative preserved the office’s existing door. “We refined it by incorporating a glass panel and painted it all black, emblazoned with our logo in fine print.” The doors opens the world of Altrove, dressed with an assortment of pieces by the brand, curated across shelves and wooden-top tables. 

The display at the living room showcases various ALTROVE troves; Photograph by Kuber Shah

Segmented into two, the store’s left side features the office area against a distinctive deep blue-grey background, while the right side features a revolving medley of their textile collections. Contrasting tones of light and dark wood accents make up the corner kitchenette.

Textiles and artwork by ALTROVE: Photograph by Kuber Shah

The bathroom, which was a sweet challenge triumphed with astute re-designing, is adorned with gilded warmth and an elegant artwork, a rather striking turn-around from the shell that the designer was handed over. 

A beige Lepan lime wash adds a rustic charm to the bedroom; Photograph by Kuber Shah

Immersive exhibits for the home

The studio setting reminds one of an immersive art exhibit, replete with a faux living room and two bedrooms that let visitors envision what their space would be like if it was bejewelled with the pieces from  ALTROVE. 

The display unit adjacent to the second bedroom showcases the threads from Rugberry and CarpetLive, the warm tones of the wooden One Design District flooring and the fresh whites of the walls, highlights the elegant artistry of the rugs; Photograph by Kuber Shah

With a transitional design concept at the heart of it all and soft caresses of luxury emerging every now and then, each setting spells a distinct character. As Shreya divulges further, adjacent to one of the beds is a space where rugs creatively layer up on rods, visualised as an artistic display. “We opted for warm wood tones paired with fresh whites. Subtle oak finishes and beige Lepan lime wash were incorporated to introduce textures and a rustic charm,” says Shreya whose purpose was to let the decor pieces be the eventual linchpins of the ALTROVE store.

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