Hands presents GraphX, a new collection of carpets that captures both the allure of the past and the sensibilities of the present

DEC 10, 2020 | By Aneesha Bhadri
Pure bamboo silk is hand-tufted to create Array Black and White; Photographs courtesy Hands Carpets

When nature and luxury are brought together in design, the result is a winning creation that charms one and all. Hands’ latest launch GraphX combines the best of both worlds.

Made using botanical silk for the hand-knotted rugs and bamboo silk for the hand-tufted ones, the collection offers a plethora of custom made carpets in different hues.

GraphX reveals the dynamism between proportion, geometry and evolving patterns, giving visual coherence to design through graphics.

A retro creative points to GraphX’s contemporary vintage aura; Photographs courtesy Hands Carpets

The range embodies a certain contemporary vintage charm, as Ravi Patodia, MD of Hands, says, “A carpet must do nothing less than elevating the space to an extraordinary expression of elegance.”

Tangent Grey Blue is hand-knotted using botanical silk; Photographs courtesy Hands Carpets